WIAW: Currently

Time to do a little update on some things currently going on in my life…

Currently reading:  IMG_6663 Trying to get through this HUGE stack of magazines I have! Since I am not going to the gym any more, and that’s where I did most of my magazine reading, I have a bunch of monthly subscriptions to get through. They just keep piling up! Guess that means more reading walks are in store! :)

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Recipe Redux #10 Light n’ Clean Chicken Marsala

I don’t know if it’s more shocking that this is my TENTH month participating in Recipe Redux or that it’s already the 21st of another month! This summer is FLYING by….and I don’t like it. 

But what I do like, is this month’s theme! And you may actually be surprised that I liked it because it involved an ingredient that I don’t ever use!

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Explore Your Own Backyard: SUP Yoga

As much as I try to keep things light, fun, and positive here on the blog, sometimes ya just gotta be real and truthful about when things don’t go as expected or don’t meet the expectations you had for them. So this installment of Explore Your Own Backyard will be a bit different from the other ones as my experience this week with partaking in a new activity in my city was more negative. exploreyourownbackyard Last Wednesday I signed up to try something that had been on my bucket list for a few years now….SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga). Unfortunately the only thing I really got out of it was being able to cross it off said bucket list.

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Lend a {Healthy} Hand #70

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Big thank you to all who filled out my reader feedback survey earlier this week! That can definitely count as your #healthyhelp for the week if you haven’t been able to fit in anything else! :)

Time to reveal the results!

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The Importance of Sweat

[Have you entered my Chocolate Lovers giveaway yet!? Jocolat bars from Larabar up for grabs!]

One the things I love about yoga is how every class is different. Sure there is a basic flow and foundation that is followed each time, but you truly never know what is going to come next. One thing you can count on in every class however, is….SWEAT. Buckets and buckets of it.

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