Honey Pecan Crusted Chicken

Food bloggers, do you ever hit a recipe that you just CANNOT WAIT to share? Hopefully some of you can relate, cause that’s exactly how I feel about this one. I teased it way back in early April during Easter weekend, and now I finally have time to share it with you.

Recently, Nektar Naturals approached me about trying some of their granulated honey. I’m a honey fan and we actually go through a lot of it in our house since that’s what my mom uses in her coffee every morning (coconut milk, honey, and cinnamon…in case you were wondering!). But I had never heard of or tried a granulated variety. I thought it sounded pretty cool because I figured it could replace other granulated sweeteners in baking recipes. Sometimes baking with liquid sweeteners can be tough….though I do prefer them nutritionally to stevia and regular table sugar.

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Foods of the Moment: Spring Food Finds

[Thank you so much for all the well wishes on my announcement on Wednesday! You all are so kind.]

Spring brings lots of newness! Fresh buds on the trees, beautiful flowers from the garden, and my favorite…LOTS OF NEW FOODS! Not only is spring a great time for fresh, seasonal produce, but a lot of companies tend to release new products in the spring as well. Makes for some exciting times for a healthy living blogger. I’ve been able to try lots of new (and new to me!) products over the last few weeks so I thought a Foods of the Moment post was definitely in order. foodsofthemoment

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WIAW: WH Action Hero

Have you ever applied for something or entered a contest with no real confidence that you’ll be chosen, hired, or randomly selected? It’s a long shot, but it’s worth reaching for. It gives a goal, something to hope on and dream about.

Well, this is how I felt when I heard about the Women’s Health Action Hero search about 6 months ago (before all this injury and health nonsense, mind you). Women’s Health put out a call to their readers asking for influencers across the nation that value health and wellness, love running, positively influence and connect with others, and are making a difference through their interactions on social media to apply to be a 2015 WH Action Hero. When I read the requirements, I decided to apply. I knew their would be thousands of applicants, but I thought I’d just go for it. You can’t accomplish what you don’t give a try!

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Recipe Redux #19: Smoky White Bean Puree

It’s Recipe Redux day again! I am struggling to come up with ways to start these posts. In reality, I’d just like to get right to the recipe because it’s so stinkin’ delicious! But I suppose it deserves a little intro of its own. :)

This month’s theme asked us to find something in our pantry that ‘needs a little love’ and make something creative with it! Here are the details…

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3 Health Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Did you know that I don’t even store music on my iPhone anymore? Nope, not a track. I had a bunch of playlists on there last year, but I decided they were taking up way too much room and that I really never listened to them. I love music, but the type of media that truly has my heart is PODCASTS. If you’ve been reading for a while, then you know I am a podcast connoisseur. Seriously, if you ever need recommendations, hit me up!

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