Foods of the Moment: Snacks & Supplements

Happy Friday, friends! Before I went away I received a number of fun products to try! Luckily I was able to sample them and test them out before leaving so I have a new round of Foods of the Moment for you. This one is focused on supplements and SNACKS—> my favorite. ūüėČ


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI use Essential Living Foods products everyday. Most notably their mulberries, raw jungle peanuts, and goji berries! Recently they came out with a new line of superfood supplements with a range of different uses.¬†One is for all around diet health, one for immunity, and the other to increase athletic performance. They’re meant to be mixed with liquid but after reading their ingredients I decided to use them as toppings for yogurt!

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What if…


…we put our words into action more often?

…we quieted that voice in our heads that says we aren’t enough?

…we strove for authenticity instead of perfection?

…we put blinders on in the checkout line when every magazine is screaming at us to change ourselves?

…we put away the scales and the measuring cups?

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The Dynamic Duo: Running & Barre

Hi friends! Popping in today with an awesome guest post for you all! It combines one of my loves (running) with a great way to stay in shape and injury free while doing it, barre. Maria from Healthy Tidbits is here to talk about her experience with these two forms of exercise and how they compliment each other when both done in moderation. Take it away, Maria! runningandbarre

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Lend a {Healthy} Hand #91: Kindness is Free

I have been the recipient of amazing kindness these past few weeks. Whether it’s a hand written letter, a long email, a short text check-in, or just a tweet….you all have been amazing! I feel so loved and supported. I can’t thank you enough for thinking about me, sending me positive thoughts, and brightening my day with a few simple words.

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