Four (More) Health Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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I like to update my podcast playlists every one in a while just to keep things fresh. Of course I have my old stand-by favorites, but it’s always exciting to start listening to a new podcast that really speaks to you.

Today I have 4 health focused podcasts that I incorporated into my listening schedule and I think you’ll find them fascinating. Not only are they great for information, but the hosts of these shows are down to earth, easy to listen to, and make it seem like you’re sitting down for an in person conversation with them.

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Superfood Peanut Butter Bites

A host of superfoods all in one small bite! These Superfood Peanut Butter Bites are perfect for a boost of energy in your day. They are vegan, gluten-free, no added sugar, and CHOCOLATE-COVERED. Healthy snacking doesn’t get any better!

When it’s consistently in the high 80s every afternoon (Believe me, not complaining at all! Love the hot weather!), I crave something cool, creamy, and energy-boosting in the afternoon. The heat definitely contributes to that afternoon slump we sometimes get. The yawns start happening, fatigue sets in, and it feels like it might be time for a nap. I for one, do not have time for naps and I know a lot of you are super busy too! So what’s a girl to do?

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Foods of the Moment: Kalot Superfood Giveaway!

This is one of those Foods of the Moment posts that I am especially excited for because it features a giveaway from a company who I feel like I’ve watched ‘grow up’ over the years! My friends at Kalot Superfood (formerly Kolat Superfood Fusions) have recently rebranded, redesigned their packaging, and come out with some amazing new products. I am so proud of Jess and her team and to help them celebrate I am going to giveaway two jars of their AMAZING nut butter to one lucky reader. 

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Heaven To Me

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One of the things I love about Twitter is that it connects me with tons of inspirational, influential people that I otherwise wouldn’t have ‘met’ or had the chance to interact with. Tony Posnanski (otherwise known as the Anti-Jared) is a really cool blogger who I followed for a few years now. Aside from writing some really cool articles that take a new spin on the world of health and fitness on his blog, he also is a pretty fun tweeter! He’s always coming up with the best hashtags and often they start trending around the country. Silly things like #RuinARomanticMomentIn4Words or #AwkwardGreetingsIn5Words! I always can look to his tweets for a laugh and a smile.

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