DIY: Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Happy Labor Day to all my fellow Americans! Hope you’re enjoying your time off!

With that blog reader survey I put together a few weeks back, I got a ton of feedback requesting I do more DIY style posts! So here’s one in a series of many to come!

I am a huge popcorn lover and often include it in my night time snack a few days a week. But the microwave kind just doesn’t do it for me…I like the FRESH stuff. So I make it myself! How you ask? Well you’ll be amazed at how simple it is! But before I get into my easy tutorial, I wanted to talk about some other popcorn pleasantries I’ve been enjoying lately. In fact, this popcorn was sort of the inspiration for this post!

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Lend a {Healthy} Hand #74: Read it Forward

[Last day to enter my BodyCrunch giveaway! Get yo butt on that!]

For this week’s Lend a {Healthy} Hand round up, I have the pleasure of introducing you all to another ‘company that cares‘. As you know, I am a big proponent of companies that give back through the sale of their products and care more about making the world a better place, than their profit margins.

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WIAW: BodyCrunch Giveaway!

Hey all! On to my 3rd day of classes! I can’t believe school has really started. I’m already neck deep in reading and writing. The professors don’t like to ease you back into it I guess!

With that said, I wanted to make a few announcements. I think for this semester since I have my internship as well as a really full course load, I am only going to be posting 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). This could be more some weeks, but for now I am going to dedicate myself to at least 3 days! Usually I have set posts for Wednesdays and Fridays (WIAW and Lend a {Healthy} Hand), but since I’ll only be posting 3 days a week, I am going to switch things up and not necessarily follow a schedule. Don’t worry, Lend a {Healthy} Hand isn’t going away! BY ANY MEANS! It just might go every other week or every two weeks depending on submission level and other topics I want to cover on the blog! Hope you’ll understand!

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Tips for Embracing a New Day

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