WIAW: Take a Hike with Larabar

Thanks to LÄRABAR for sponsoring today’s discussion.

It’s WIAW and today I have some fun news from one of my favorite companies to share with you!

If you didn’t know, National Take a Hike Day is coming up! Three days before my birthday actually. So on November 17th, LÄRABAR is encouraging people to get outside, lace up some hiking shoes (sneakers are fine!), and enjoy the beautiful foliage that fall has to offer! Did you know the whole idea of LÄRABAR  happened on a hike? They sent me an awesome LARAbag full of LÄRABAR products and gear for getting outside!

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Recipe Redux #13: Easy Butternut Squash Soup

Well this month’s Recipe Redux theme resulted in a FIRST for me! Usually I have a hard time coming up with something to make, and I’ll admit I was at a loss to begin with, but by the time October got going, I found I had not one, but TWO recipes that I could share! It was hard deciding which one to share (let’s face it, you’ll be getting the other at some point too!), but I am happy with my decision and can’t wait for you all to try this perfect fall dish. A few of you have inquired about this recipe over the past few weeks as it is, so that definitely played into my decision to share this one first! Recipe Redux #13: Easy Butternut Squash Soup But before I get to the recipe itself, I should probably fill you in the theme of course!
October 2014 – Theme

Spooky Spices: You know they are lurking there: Way in the back of your spice drawer. There lie the herbs, spices, or rubs that are getting dusty because you’re afraid to use them… you simply don’t know what to do with them! Well, pull them out and show us a recipe you created to deliciously conquer that fearful spice. (Or maybe the recipe was a flop – and the spice still give you nightmares?!)

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Top 5 Recent Podcasts

And so begins the week from hell….4 midterms in a row….with a 5th coming next week! YIKES. But after this week I’ll be able to go back to my normal level of school stress. Top 5 Recent Podcasts

When I’m not studying or reading for school I like to keep my mind busy in other ways. And that’s what I want to talk about today!

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Link Love: First of Fall

[The winner's of my Expo East giveaway have been announced! Check to see if it's you!]

Now that we are officially in the fall season (as much as I hate to admit it!), it’s definitely time for another round of Link Love. Realistically I could be doing these more than once a month since I accumulate so many good things from around the web as the days pass. But I’d rather bombard you with all the awesomeness at once! Nice of me, right? Link Love: First of Fall

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