Bucket List

What originally started as the 101 in 1001 challenge has transformed into my bucket list. I don’t think your goals and hopes for the future should be limited to a specific time frame…these are things I hope to accomplish throughout my life: 

(this list is a work in progress!)

  1. Go to Europe
  2. Increase my readership by 10 times
  3. Go to College on somewhere warm
  4. Get into a Pre-med program
  5. Eat a plantain
  6. Buy a Vita-mix!
  7. Live somewhere with a Whole Foods and/or Trader Joes
  8. Plant my own vegetable garden
  9. Get my IB diploma
  10. Grow another inch (fingers crossed!)
  11. Be in a wedding
  12. Climb a mountain
  13. Go cross country skiing
  14. Have a blogger meet up
  15. Go to the next Healthy Living Summit
  16. Meet one of my favorite bloggers
  17. Try Great Harvest bread
  18. Make my own Ezekiel bread
  19. Give my blog a face-lift (semi completed)
  20. Bake Ella a dog friendly/human friendly cake for her birthday
  21. Go white water rafting
  22. Go to a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium
  23. Take a pottery class
  24. Learn to hip-hop dance
  25. Sing in front of an audience
  26. Read The China Study
  27. Go to San Francisco
  28. Study abroad
  29. Have a pen pal
  30. Meet the owner of one of the companies I’ve reviewed for
  31. Learn to play the piano
  32. Go to a concert (T. Swift June 21!!!)
  33. Be featured in a Health magazine
  34. Be in studio audience of the Ellen show
  35. Adopt a kitty
  36. Volunteer at the SPCA
  37. Donate blood
  38. Run a half marathon (completed as of 8/6/2012!…on my own, not an official race but I am counting it!!)
  39. Do a try-a-tri
  40. Sleep under the stars (no tent)
  41. Walk across Abbey road
  42. Be in a musical
  43. Make my own jam
  44. Go horseback riding
  45. Win a debate
  46. Go skydiving/bungee jumping (whichever comes first)
  47. Ride in a helicopter
  48. Go blueberry picking
  49. Redo my recipe page
  50. Give a stranger a hug
  51. Give someone a random present
  52. Recycle more!
  53. Buy a hybrid car
  54. Buy a dehydrator
  55. Eat an entirely raw meal
  56. Learn to make raw sushi
  57. Make Katie’s fudge babies for my friends
  58. Fall in love with an undiscovered health product
  59. Make a bouquet from flowers from my own garden
  60. Make my own jewelry
  61. Get a garmin forerunner
  62. Buy a fancy-shmancaay camera
  63. Learn how to use Windows Live Writer
  64. Volunteer at a soup kitchen on Christmas Eve
  65. Buy a homeless person a meal
  66. Teach a child to read
  67. Become a better swimmer
  68. Watch all the Oscar winning best pictures of the year
  69. Visit the Mall of America
  70. Host a dinner party
  71. Host a murder mystery party!
  72. Move out of New York State
  73. Go see the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade
  74. Inspire someone to lead a healthier lifestyle
  75. Tell a close friend about my blog
  76. Meet a guy who shares the same interests as me (wouldn’t hurt if he was cute too! ;) )
  77. Make my own recipe for spaghetti sauce
  78. Make vegan cookies
  79. Celebrate my 1 year blogging anniversary
  80. Buy a pair of stilettos
  81. Post an Operation Beautiful note
  82. Take part in a Women’s/Human Rights campaign
  83. Visit the Amnesty International headquarters
  84. Trace my family history
  85. Visit Italy, France, and Ireland (where my family is from)
  86. Make my own crackers
  87. Try Kombucha
  88. Buy a new pair of running sneakers
  89. Make a perfect panini
  90. Try goat cheese
  91. Be in a national commercial
  92. Write a song
  93. Meet Samantha Brown from the Travel channel
  94. Become more self confident
  95. Fly an airplane
  96. Participate in the Amazing Race
  97. Go to the Ted Talks expo
  98. Give a Ted Talk
  99. Graduate from college
  100. Get another animal
  101. Ride a horse on a beach
  102. Visit Hawaii
  103. Live in Texas for a while
  104. Walk the El camino de Santiago
  105. Visit all the natural wonders of the world
  106. Live in NYC
  107. Run in Central Park
  108. Do a Color Run
  109. Do a Dirty Girl run
  110. Ride 100 miles at once on my bike
  111. Meet Jillian Michaels
  112. Complete a Tough Mudder race
  113. Compete on a Ragnar Relay team
  114. Study abroad in London
  115. Write an article for Thought Catalog
  116. Send Mike and Tom a snack to review
  117. Live in on the Top 20 Cities for Twenty Somethings
  118. Go to Kashmir
  119. Meet a real buddhist monk in a predominantly Buddhist country
  120. Meet Pete Holmes or Chris Hartwick
  121. Pick a place on a map and just go there. 
  122. Go to the original Whole Foods in Austin, TX!
  123. Learn to play the Ukulele
  124. Visit the Greek island of Ikaria
  125. See Pete Holmes live
  126. Participate in a live You Made it Weird podcast taping
  127. Go to a taping of  The Pete Holmes show


  1. says

    101 in 1001 sounds like so much fun. As the compulsive list-maker that I am, I’ve already started a list of 18 things I want to do before I turn 18 and so far… I’m almost done one of them, which is watch all six seasons of Lost… LOL Good luck with your list.

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