Beautiful Day

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Today was absolutely gorgeous! I woke up to an overcast and had a pretty pessimistic view about how the day would turn out. But shortly after breaky the clouds broke, blue skies were revealed, and the sun was shinin!

This morning I went to a fundraiser for the local food bank, The Empty Bowls project. My school participated by making bowls to be auctioned off for the event. I saw mine on display there as well as many other creative bowls. Feels good to do something for charity!

Had a wonderful lunch: salad with avocado, strawberries, kidney beans, cuc, carrots, onion, local salsa (the best!), tomatoes, and a bit of EVOO! So good! Sorry no pics…..but this lovely salad was served along side a feta and pear panini. Maja’ YUM!

But one of the best eats of the day came in the form of  BORA BORA BAR! My newest item of sampling.

straight from bora bora!

 There products claim to be “as pure as the place”…..and believe me they are, PURELY delicious! With three varieties Energy, Antioxidant, and Superfood, with 10 flavors in all. The company was generous enough to send me to two of the Superfood (Exotic Coconut Almond and Wild Pomegranate Pecan) and one Energy (Island Brazil Nut Almond).

Besides the flavors sounding amazingly appetizing…the taste is even better! So good in fact that the above pic only shows two of the bars I received because Iwas being a careless blogger  I was so excited to try these yummy bars that I forgot to snap a picture before snackin’.

I tried the Exotic Coconut Almond and immediately was transported to a tropical island, on the beach, with a fresh pina colada (non-alcoholic of course!). It was so tastey, sweet and perfectly coconuty. Very crunchy, full of great nuts and seeds, and pleasantly sticky! Sweetened with cane juice, honey, and agave nectar, these bars make for a perfectly low glycemic snack and are full of satisfying healthy snacks.

Along with my new treat I had a Green Monster smoothies and some carrots with almond butter!

Green Monsters are amazingly delicious and refreshing on hot Summer (well almost summer) days.

The Goods:


~one frozen banana

~2 large handfuls spinach

~6 fresh or frozen strawberries

~1/2 to 3/4 cup milk

~if you like a sweeter smoothie add a sweetener of your choice

The method:

~Throw all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth and creamaaay.

I topped mine with galaxy granola (obsessed!), Ezekiel cereal, and brown rice crisps and ate it in a bowl with a spoon. Like Cereal with extra creamy, thick, yummy, green? milk.

 Great way to get your greens in for the day!

good to the last drop

I was outside basically all day. I leave you with some garden pics. I hope they brighten your day just as much as they did mine. I’m off to (sadly) bid Lost farewell.




  1. Carinsa says

    Kaila~ I posted your url to my facebook account and highly suggested my friends to take a look. Does that count? If not, no biggie. Also, in your blog where it says, “to enter click here” ~ when you click enter it says that link can not be found. Not sure if you knew but you might want to take a look at it. Congrats on being chosen for the China trip! You are amazing!!

    Love you much and I love your blog. You remind me of Julie from Julie and Julia~ have you seen it? You’re doing a great job!

  2. Melissa says

    Yum – the exotic coconut almond bar sounds delish! Glad you had a beautiful sunny day, it was chilly here in SD. Can’t wait for your trip next week! There is an farmers market in Little Italy that will be perfect blog material :-)

  3. Alex says

    Great blog , very helpfull , I have become somewhat of a healthnut and am always looking for new ideas and recipies . Thank u :)

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