Sunny Sunday?

Not so much. After a torrential down pour last night, we had six inches of water in our basement…..darn sewage system :(. Well after a day spent cleaning in horrible filth, we had a relaxing night watching the movie The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. It was Heath Ledger’s last performance before his death and he was really good in it. Although the movie was a bit strange (freaky?), it was a really cool concept and definitely worth seeing.

My weekend was really fun and I can’t wait till everyday is the weekend because starting next Monday I am on VACATION!

Here’s some tidbits from my weekend:

Sushi and the theatre was enjoyed on Friday night:

I saw a great play called the Exonerated, a true story about 7 individuals sentenced to death row on false criminal charges. So good! I live having so much theatre locally. Great start to the weekend.

I enjoyed the farmers market outside of our house on Saturday and got my favorite (local!) salsa…..its absolutely amzaing!…….and some crispy fresh apples.


busy bee's making fresh honey

A-Maz-Ing Salsa

baby chicks!

Also received some coupons from LightLife food company to samples three of their products. Super excited! I always see their products at Wegmans but have never tried them. Heres what I bought for my first sampling:

Can’t wait to try for lunches and quick meals!

I made an awesome smoothie today, a little different from my typical icy treats. I ran out of banana’s so I had to get a little creative.

In the mix:

~one orange

~a handful (or two) of frozen blueberries

~2/3 cup milk

~four large strawberries sliced

~ 1 cup loosely packed spinach

~ lots o’ ice ( I like it really cold)

Blended and topped with a bit of mesquite powder (my new love)! Delish. Love the color too!

I had this with a new found favorite snack mixture: humus mixed with salsa~ tastes like a gourmet creamy dip but soooo easy. Try some with some raw veg and crackers. Oh and with this I enjoyed a Raisin Spice Heart Thrive (tasted just like an oatmeal cookie) deeeelish!

Some of my artwork from art class was featured at a highschool art show yesterday and here’s some of the stuff that was shown:

My mom wants to hang them in the kitchen ( oh moms) :)

For anyone who reads Clean Eating the new issue just came out and it is fabulous!

Yummy looking salmon with blackberry sauce...

Tons of great recipes for summer! I love how versatile there ingredient lists are. Highly recommend this mag :)

Quick reminder: Make sure to enter my giveaway here! I will be picking a winner Tuesday at 8 EST. Tell your friends!

Have a wonderful afternoon…. I am off for a run!


Ps: this post was written on my new Dell Inspiron Mini Net-book! We got it for when I go to China so I can stay in touch…plus its  pretty handy for on the go blogging!

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