To California for Lunch?

Well sort of.

But first heres breaky.

 As always, absolutely decadent and divine.

 Today, after bringing our dogs to the dog park, my best friend and I went to a great local eatery called Quaker Bonnet.

a shot of the local Bubble Man, bringing bubbly fun to the masses since the beginning of time

 They have awesome sandwiches, soups, and hot (as in temperature :)) daily specials. Even though their food is great, their sides are sort of expensive so I brought along an Acai flavored Siggis and an orange from home.

 Let me just say, Siggis continues to amaze me. The best way for me to describe this flavor is wonderfully thick and creamy (well that’s a given) with a blackberry-ish taste but not very sweet. So unique and so delicious. I didn’t take any pics of my sandwich but just picture two piece of bread (cut the LONG way..its was hugeous!) piled high with freshly sliced avocado, sprouts, Julienne carrots, tomato, cucumber, crisp red onion, crunchy romaine, and spicy brown mustard. So good. I could have had another but it was just to darn big. May just have to have this for din tonight. The avocado was so creamy and delish that it brought me back to my vacay in San Diego where every sandwich, salad, and dish in general is served with piles of heart healthy CADO!

Here are some adorb pics from the dog park:

Ella's mode of transportation! :)

My friends dog, Beau


As if Ella didn’t have enough fun today, tonight we are taking her to her first taste of theatre. LOL. Actually she is just tagging along, as my parents and I enjoy the oldest Shakespeare festival in the US. Lucky for us the bard performs right down the street from us. Putting on two shows per summer, Shakespeare in the Park runs all summer long with shows everyday of the week. It is so fun….we go and see both shows every summer. Tonight’s show is Much Ado About Nothing, anybody ever read or watched this one? We always bring a big picnic and enjoy the wonderful performance under the bright moonlit sky.

I have to go start packing up because if we don’t get there early all the good spots will be taken. First come, first serve on the Shakespeare hill!

Good Morrow to you all (in an old english accent of course),


PS. Tried the Betty Lou’s Chocolate Spirulina Smacker for a snack, and despite looking like a small chocolate covered spinach patty (green from the Spirulina), it tasted like a dream! OMG so deliciously fruity and very buttery and smooth from the almond butter. Ahh love.

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