Chocolate in the Raw

I have the most awesome review for you all today! If you like CHOCOLATE, healthy eating, raw foods, dessert, and/ or yummy treats…anyone of these things…… will love this post.


I got a huge package of raw chocolate truffles from Uli Manna ( wondering about there unique name? find out its origins here!). This company makes everything from “handmade, vegan, raw chocolate truffles, raw chocolate brownies, raw chocolate-dipped date rolls, nutritive cacao spreads, hot chocolate mixes, to superfood treats” ! I was lucky enough to receive 6 (yes 6!) packages of mini raw chocolate truffles. These are the varieties I received:

I tried each flavor and ranked them by which I prefered the most.

1. Cacoa Nib- you know I love crunch, so this being my favorite was a given. I have always loved cacao nibs and on the outside of an incredible truffle made them all the more enjoyable. Completely addicting.

2. Coconut-totally tropical…love the chew and sweetness of the coconut in contrast to the soft, bitterness of the chocolate…..tastes like an uber healthy Mounds bar :) (except 10 times better) 

3. Dark Cacao-simple, rich, and completely delish, loved the powdery raw cacao on the outside

4. Honey Nut-sweet and salty<-love this flavor combo…..the roasted honey flavor this truffle boasts is great!

5. Hemp- nutty flavor and crunchy from the hempseeds

6. Mayan- spicaaay….an interesting flavor combo with chocolate,  an experience with chcocolate I have never had , but really enjoyed

spotlight on the fav's

Don’t get me wrong I liked each one of the flavors I was sent, but their were some that just stood out from the rest. Aside from the different coatings and flavor combos each truffle had, the one thing they all had in common was their perfectly soft and rich chocolate consistency. They are so melt-in-your mouth delicious and I love the bitterness of that the raw chocolate provides.

I had fun taking some glamour shots of the chocolate goods:

These are great for anyone who loves dark chocolate (the only kind I like). They are amazingly rich and creamy, and instantly fulfill any chocolate craving you could ever have. I have already used them as a topping for a bowl of desert yogurt, ONO, and with peanut butter on top of toast (a must try! simply amazing.); but of course they are awesome on their own as well.

Hungry yet? Go get some!!! I think these truffles would make great gifts (I know I would love to receive these) and you would be able to introduce someone to a great tasting treat that’s amazingly healthy, too. Raw cacao is FULL of antioxidant power.

Well after my SAT prep class this morning and my chocolate feast, I had to get ready for my tournament game that I had tonight. This weekend my 16 and under team is playing up in an 18 and under tournament….so it will definitely be an intense, challenging weekend. Here’s dinner:

Needed lots of fuel for my game. A feta-turkey panini on Ezekiel corn tortillas (love these things!!!), vanilla siggis, brocoli w/ drizzled EVOO, and raw veg with humalsa, did the trick!

I had a great day today. I don’t know particularly why but I was just in a great mood all day. Just goes to show you how great the world around us really is. That I could have a great day without having to do anything particularly exciting is fabulous. I love ending my day in a great mood knowing that tomorrow will bring even more happiness and adventure.

Here’s to the start of the weekend!



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