The Sky's the Limit

I am going to interrupt my coverage of the China trip for a very exciting announcement!! You may have noticed the “Something Exciting Is Coming” badge on the side of my blog for quite sometime and the link to a count down which has now taken its place. Well, it is finally time for me to reveal what all the secrecy was about.

On August 10 I will be lunching my online store through OpenSky!!!

What this means for me:

I will be able to connect with all of you on a whole new level by being able to share with you the products I love and use everyday. Many of the products you have seen on the blog will be available in my store for easy purchase. My store will be a place full of healthy, efficient, and excellent quality products that I use myself and have found to work (and or taste…..yes there will be food!) great  through product reviews.

What this means for you:

Not only will you all be able to access the products that I often feature on the blog in an easy  and safe environment but you will be able to buy products that you know are of the utmost quality because I have carefully tested and still use all of the products that will be featured. Buying through the me will eliminate harsh mark up prices and give you opportunities for discounts and sales that would otherwise be unable if you were buying straight from the company.

What You Can Expect:

I will never (never, ever) feature any products in my store that I myself have not used and/or still use. Only  products that I have given a positive review to and products that I truly love will be featured in the store.

Swanson Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

Tofu Xpress

I am so excited for the launch and I hope all of you are as enthusiastic as me. I am excited to get YOUR feedback on the products that I have learned so much about and I think my OpenSky store will be a great opportunity to expand our community and connection with one another.

I look forward this new endeavor and I hope you all will join me!

Thanks for your continuing support!


PS: Here are a few pics I was able to upload! I have taken over 500 so far but I am still having trouble uploading, so this is just a little sneak peek of my wonderful adventure.

Tianmen Square

Temple Of Heaven

Forbidden City

Great Wall tomorrow!!!!

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