She's Back!

I have a special guest appearance from someone who hasn’t been on the blog in a while…..ELLA!!! 



is that a smile I see?


She’s been camera shy lately, but today she let me snap a few glamor shots. :) 


Here’s my ‘fit from this morning, that I headed off to school in. 


I love wearing skirts and dresses…..I’m much more comforatble in those than jeans or sweats. 

For breakfast I tried out a new product sent to me buy Rokit Fuel as a potential supplier for my opensky store




When they first contacted me, I wasn’t exactly sure what their products were all about. Is it a energy gel, a powder, what? Then when I finally opened the package, I realized it was like a packet of oatmeal with all sorts of yummy mix-ins! 


The directions said add enough water right to the packet just to moisten the contents and then squeeze it into your mouth. But I wanted to try it as an actual bowl of oats. I added about a half cup of water and then heated it up in the microwave. 


I was so happy with how flavorful the oats were. I tried the Stud Muffin mix this morning and the Pumpkin Chocolate a few days ago. 


Rockit Fuel products are supposed to provide lasting energy and this breakfast definitely lived up to that claim. It kept me satisfied till lunch perfectly. I think these would be perfect for on the go eating, whether it be hiking, travel, or just a quick snack at work or school. 

I ate the Pumpkin Chocolate mix using the method they suggested. I liked both ways of eating the packets…..the package directions reminded me of a muesli while the microwave method was like a nice, hot bowl of oats. 

all cooked up

The flavors were really defined in each of the varieties they sent. All the ingredients tasted really fresh and went well together. I especially enjoyed the dark chocolate chips in the Pumpkin Chocolate mix. 

I added both products to my store and even have a special offer for you all! 

The first 5 people to use the code THIRTYHELPER at the checkout of my store will recive 30% off of their purchase. So if you have had your on on something for a while, now is the time to go and get it. There are only five available discounts so get yours fast. 

That’s all for me tonight….someones getting sleepy. 


Time to catch some z’s 


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