This week…..

This week I…..

Took a million and one pictures of Ella, partly to procrastinate doing my math project and partly because I simply cannot resist her cuteness……

downward dog anyone?

begging for food :)

Ate a bunch of random, but delicious, meals and snacks…….

salad with egg salad on top

Made my favorite stew (EDBV’s Sweet Potato Lentil Chili!) with the biggest, most ginormous sweet potato I have ever seen…….

a foot long tater

that huge potato turned into this amazing soup!

Took some funny pictures…….

I caught my mom, dad, and Ella (the black blob in the right corner) all napping this afternoon...haha!

Tried some awesome new products (compliments of Vita Coco and Barbara’s!)………..


Vita Coco sent me an ENORMOUS package of their amazingly delish coconut water! I cannot believe how generous they were with the samples. I probably got at least 5 of every flavor they carry…..I am rolling in coconut water heaven!

Here are some of the facts behind these  nutrient packed drinks:

  • 100 % natural, no sugar added!
  • 5 essential electrolytes (these are a GREAT alternative to sports drinks)
  • more natural potassium than 2 whole bananas
  • no fat, no cholesterol

And above all, flavor that’s out of this world!

My top three favorite flavor were tangerine (the slight citrus flavor paired so well with the sweet young coconut water), pineapple (can you say pina colada? this was even better than that though…..pineapple and coconut juice is a match made in heaven), and passion fruit (I have never had an actual passion fruit, but if they taste anything like Vita Coco has made them taste, then I already love them!).

Don’t get me wrong….I loved all the flavors. Each was very unique with just the right amount of sweetness as to not overpower the natural coconut taste. One thing that I really enjoyed was that the original, just coconut flavor was not as strong and overpowering as other brands I have tried. As you know I am not a big fan of straight up coconut, so the sweet, mellow flavor of Vita Coco was just perfect for my  taste buds!

I am so happy I have a huge stash of these Vita Coco’s because I am addicted….I have already had 2 today alone! :)

And as if a boatload of new drinks wasn’t enough, Barbara’s sent me 4 of their products to sample as well.

2 cereals: Cranberry Fiber ( a new variety) and the famous Multigrain Puffins (after trying these babies….I know what all the hype is about!)

2 snack foods: White Cheddar Cheese Puffs and Chocolate Chip Animal Crackers!

So far I’ve tried the two cereals and am very impressed. I have tried some Barbara’s products before and have always loved how they incorporate loads of healthy ingredients without sacrificing taste whatsoever.

I love cereal and am always using it for apple-cereal bowls….so trying these two new cereals was a breeze.

The puffins are slightly sweet and oh-so crunchy. They completely retain their crunch even after being in milk. Made from oats, corn, and brown rice….they are definitely fiber filled too!

The cranberry cereal on the other hand tasted exactly like fresh cranberry sauce. I loved the addition of the dried cranberries (chew and crunch all rolled into one)  and how all the flakes and grains in it had the same sweet berry taste.

the cute puffin Barbara's sent along with the goods!

Now that I have been introduced to Barbara’s cereals, I can’t wait to experiment with more. Thanks again Barbara’s! I can’t wait to get around to trying the puffs and cookies!


And wrote a post (THIS post) that was as random as a blog post can get!

What was your week like?



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      Hey Kat thanks for stopping by! The burgers are actually more grain based but i really like their taste actually…..just make sure you don’t cook them too long or they get really tough and chewy!

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