WIAW-Simple Truths

Truth is…

I am waaay early for this WIAW party!

(I will have NOOO problem with this months theme Jenn!)

Truth is…

I hope you don’t mind my random interspersing of eats between all my random thoughts for this post!


Truth is…

Its okay because I feel like I haven’t blogged in days! Lack of inspiration, plus lots of planning to do for an upcoming event at school are to blame.


Truth is…

I saw my first bumble bee of the year yesterday! That means spring/summer are OFFICIALLY underway in my book!


Truth is…

Sometimes ya just need a mental health day. That day would be today for me Winking smile.


Truth is…

I am SO excited to bake with these!


[Matt’s Munchies fruit snacks!!!]

I know what you’re thinking…aren’t they for snacking or eating straight up? Well ever since I discovered I can make different varieties of my banana-date oats bars by making pastes out of different dried fruits, I have been going wild with making new flavors! Look for a review in the next few days!

Truth is…

I really want to get a Recipage up and running! It just seems so time consuming though…maybe best left as a Summer project?


Truth is…

I am bought some protein powder for the first time today! I have some recipe ideas inspired by the Elevate Me! bars I bought while I was at Whole Foods. I am no protein powder guru so I need your opinion…are you team soy or team whey? I went with whey for my first purchase!


Please feel free to share your favorite protein powder filled recipes with me!

Truth is…

I saw some runners from Canisius (my soon to be college!) at the park yesterday and I couldn’t help but feel a little connection…ya know, a little school pride as they went by. Feels good!

Truth is…

Spring break is next week. I cannot wait. It’s the last big break before the home stretch to graduation. I am uber jealous of all you seniors who get out of school in the next few weeks…I have to wait all the way until May 18th Sad smile Boo to the highest degree.


Truth is…

I probably looked like a cookie hoarder coming out of Wegmans with all these goodies today! But despite the strange looks people were giving me, I did have a good reason! They were all for a school event that I am hosting tomorrow.


[50 bucks worth of cookies right there!]

Truth is…

bread/pita/tortillas/ANY grain type product is automatically more delicious when toasted. Fact.


[feta-apple pita crisps!]

Truth is…

Ella is going to be three in less than 2 months!! AHHH! She is growing up too fast!!


Truth is…

This is one my most random collection of thoughts. If you made it all the way through…CONGRATULATIONS!

What’s one of your current simple truths?


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  1. sarah says

    I like hemp , whey and brown rice protein powder the best!
    I use them for tons of things. But something I make practically every day , sometimes more than once, is protein frosting. Mix protein powder+soy milk+honey/maple syrup+almond/peanut butter together. It makes an awesome dip or spread!

    I LOVE blending up different dried fruits into bars- cherries are a recent fave:).

    Hope all your planning for your school event is going well!

  2. says

    Happy WIAW! I’m loving this months theme, too. :)
    As always, I love your eats!

    It actually doesnt take a lot of time to get a Recipage up and running! I prefer whey protein. I cant wait to hear what you think of it!

  3. says

    Of course, everything looks delicious! I would have never thought to use those dried fruit snacks in baked goods. Why? I have no idea. It’s brilliant! I’m going to have to try that. You’re right, EVERYTHING is better toasted. My little red toaster is one of my most-used kitchen appliances!
    And school will be over before you know it. Seriously. You’re going to be graduated and off at your dream school in the blink of an eye. (:

  4. says

    all your eats look yummy, as usual!

    next week is my spring break too and i am SO excited!! i definitely need a break! and consider yourself lucky – i don’t graduate until June 15th, so i’m super jealous of you! :)

    happy wiaw!

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