Far Away Friends [giveaway]


Long time no talk, huh? I guess I just kind of got side tracked these past few days! But even with my absence, you all have remained incredibly active in your commenting, emailing, and checking in on me…and I really couldn’t be more appreciative.

I know this seems to be the only thing I talk about lately but I just don’t know any other way to express how truly grateful I am to have made connections with so many of you. Some people say online friendships aren’t “real” or “don’t count”….but that is far from how I feel about the people I have met through my blog. I feel like I know some of you better than I know people I have gone to school with for years. The commonalities we all share and the open minded, non judgmental community I have been introduced to through you all is truly awe inspiring.

Far Away Friends [giveaway]

Not to say I didn’t feel loved or supported before, but the way you all responded to my accident and how much you have all reached out to me over the past week has really blown my mind! I seriously feel like I have hundreds of best friends. My heart is full and my head still can’t really comprehend how much kindness I am fortunate enough to experience.

So I will say it again..thank you, friends.

Just another example of the generosity I’ve been experiencing lately…

Far Away Friends [giveaway]

Far Away Friends [giveaway]

[TJ’s Just Mango, flattened banana, Peeled tropical fruit, Whole Foods fruit strips]

Far Away Friends [giveaway]

[lemon almonds, dark chocolate nutty bites, COOKIE BUTTER FILLED DARK CHOCOLATE]

Far Away Friends [giveaway]

[Rip’s Big Bowl cereal mix, Flax and Honey twig cereal, Everything crackers]

My girl Haley surprised me with the most AMAZING care package today! Seriously girl, I cannot thank you enough! I will be smiling for weeks! Not only is the stuff you sent AMAZING…but just the gesture in itself is so selfless and thoughtful.

Why can’t there be more people like you all in the world?!

Since I’ve been treated to so many treats, messages, and love lately…I wanted to return the favor in a way with…


Remember the Thunderbird Energetica bars I raved about a few weeks back? The ones that tasted like mint chocolate icecream in bar form? The ones that inspired this recipe?

Far Away Friends [giveaway]


Well Katie at Thunderbird Energetica has graciously offered to give one lucky Healthy Helper reader:

-a Thunderbird Energetica water bottle

-a Thunderbird Energetica t-shirt


-an assorted box of their (AMAZING) bars


Far Away Friends [giveaway]

These bars are like nothing I have ever tasted before and the people that make them are just as incredible!

Here’s how to enter-

Mandatory: Leave a comment telling me something you are thankful for right now in your life.

Other means of entry:

-Follow Thunderbird Energectica on Twitter.

-Like me on Facebook. 

-Like Thunderbird Energetica on Facebook.

-Follow me on Twitter.

-Go to Thunderbird Energetica’s website and tell me which flavor sounds best to you!

-Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to the post

-Link back to this giveaway on your blog

(And make sure you leave a comment for each separate entry you do!)

You have until Tuesday night to enter!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


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  1. sarah says

    I am thankful to the blog world for sure. I have learnt so much from this community and have gained knowledge I’d never have found else where .

    Bloggers are AWESOME!

  2. Christine says

    The Hyper Hawaiian Crunch bars sound ridiculously good. I’ve never even heard of lava salt!

  3. gabby345 says

    I’m thankful for family. My mom has breast cancer and the extended fam has really stepped up to help out!

  4. Renata says

    I am thankful for my parents who support and love me unconditionally! And of course I’ll be sharing Thunderbirds with them too! :-)

  5. says

    Right now I’m thankful for my super supportive husband. He puts up all with all my races and CrossFit stuff and pushes me to be better all the time.

  6. katherine d. says

    i like the Almond Cookie Pow Wow…sounds great with quinoa in it!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Rebecca says

    I am simply thankful that I have amazing opportunities ahead of me, and that I am blessed to be alive after recovering from my eating disorder in early 2010.

  8. says

    I’m thankful to have just arrived at the beach for a week unplugged (hopefully, if i keep up the willpower) full of fun and relaxation

  9. says

    I am thankful for modern technology that allows me to keep in touch with my boyfriend and parents and siblings, even when we’re on different continents.

  10. says

    I’m thankful to have my sister here in LA visiting me for the week! It’s so nice to spend time with her and having company is ALWAYS a positive. (:

  11. Danielle says

    Right now i’m thankful for being able to live such a happy, healthy life. What more could you aks for?


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