Major Link Love Coming

More like a Link Love DUMP (dump being used in the most positive of ways of course!) in fact! I have A TON of cool stuff to share from all across the web! I have to admit…I’ve been holding out, and it is finally time to share everything I’ve been bookmarking, pinning, saving, reading, and noting for the past week or two.

Let’s get right down to business…


Garlic Kale Spread

Homemade Ketchup

Chickpea Pancakes 

Cilantro Infused Corn Tortillas 

Yogurt Covered Blueberries 

Banana Oat Breakfast Cookies 

Simple Indian Curry 

Whole Wheat Biscuit Vegan Vegetable Pot Pie 

 Dill Pickle Roasted Chickpeas


[Okaaaay, so maybe this belongs in the "funnies" section of this post....but I couldn't resist!]

I have been loving these circuit workouts lately! I combine them and change them up a bit for a killer workout at the gym!

Total Body Endurance and Total Body Complex from Midwest Fit

My Food and Fitness Diaries ‘No Equipment Full Body Workout’


[gotta love the Mean Girls references]



Thought Catalog- this site is so random, yet so COOL at the same time! They are always posting ingenious, thought provoking articles on literally any subject imaginable! Some of my faves recently:

32 Moments that Make a day Awesome

20 Feelings and Situations Everyone Hates (and 20 MORE Situations and Feelings Everyone Hates)

Julianna’s VLOG about College Fears-I could totally relate to ALL of this!

Health Tips from Jack Sh*t 

[Is it bad that I legitimately want this?]


Hope you enjoyed your weekly dose of link love! I think it’s just what the doctor ordered to get us through to the weekend.



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Today’s Healthy Help: Just some simple things today, held the door open for a few folks, picked up someones towel that they dropped at the gym, and went with my mom to the grocery store when she wanted some company (Haha, you never have to ask me twice to go grocery shopping!).


  1. says

    YAY! I love your link-love posts.
    I really want to try making homemade ketchup. It looks so yummy and, even though I buy Annie’s organic ketchup, that would be even healthier. And I love the picture and quote about dreams. I truly believe that we can make anything happen, it just takes passion, dedication, and hard work. (:

  2. says

    We have one of those walking treadmills in my workplace.. and I think the max speed is 2.5mph.. I feel like I get more exercise standing up from my desk and wandering around than I would from that.. lol.

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