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Hi friends! Glad to see how excited you all are about the Stella and Dot giveaway! My sister really appreciates the enthusiasm!!

Like every Wednesday, today is all about food….specifically a new meal program I was able to test out over the last few weeks! I was given a year-long subscription to eMeals, a site that offers over 50 meal planning programs for creating menus for you and your family each week.

It was actually perfect timing with Thanksgiving and everything because in preparing for the holiday the last thing my mom and I wanted to worry about was figuring out dinners for the week! Here’s a little bit about the program
Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 4.04.19 PM The website is really easy to navigate and everything is laid out really nicely so you can see exactly what type of plans are available: Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 4.03.52 PM I signed up for the clean eating meal plan as it seemed most similar to the way my family and I eat…and within a few days I received my first email with meal plan for the week! Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 5.35.15 PM From the email I printed out the recipes and got to work deciding on what to make first! Everything sounded delicious and there was a great variety! A few vegetarian meals, some with chicken, some with fish, and some red meat options as well! Great mix of one pot style meals and ones with different side options as well! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Next I printed out the shopping list and got to work on trying out some of the meals! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

For my first meal I chose to make the Maple-Dijon Chicken with Acorn Squash! It was super easy, only required a few grocery store purchases (basically just the chicken pieces and the squash!), and tasted delicious!

IMG_2829[served with some leftover kale salad from Thanksgiving!]

Perfect for a healthy, quick weeknight meal! My parents really enjoyed it too! And for my mom who loves planning dinners and doing shopping for the week all in one day, she thinks she’ll get a lot of use out of the E-meal program! It’s nice not to have to dig through cookbooks and magazines to come up with meals….just check your inbox each week for a slew of healthy, delicious meal ideas! Plus, you can’t beat the convenience of the itemized grocery list!

I think eMeals is a great idea for people looking to get more organized and structured with their eating! It can be catered to healthy eaters, traditional eaters, or anyone in between! Definitely worth checking out if you find yourself frazzled on a nightly basis with no plan or direction for what to make for you and your family. Another positive? You’ll save a ton of money (up to 1000 dollars per year!) because you’ll just be buying what you need at the store…not extra ‘on a whim’ purchases because you’re not really sure what you’ll be making. No waste and lots of variety! Win-win! If you want to try eMeals for yourself, they are offering 35% off right now with the code: Cyber35 (<—not an affiliate link or anything, just for your use at checkout!)

And now onto some other eats I’ve been enjoying….

IMG_2772[coconut mighty oats sample from Little Duck Organics with sliced brownie and cocoa powder, veggie Crunchies, and orange slices]

IMG_2776[salmon sushi, roasted veggies, and roasted hubbard/kabocha squash]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[catfish with sauteed veggies, tortilla, Japanese sweet potato, and roasted veggies]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[kelp noodle mac and cheese, sweet potato fries]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[pumpkin pie smoothie]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[greek yogurt, cottage cheese, cocoa powder, and chocolate amazing grass]

IMG_2794[southwest tuna salad, corn tortillas with cheese and guacamole]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[chopped pear with sliced frozen grapes and blueberries, topped with cocoa, chestnut flour, and almond milk]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[turkey and cabbage saute, tortillas with peanut butter and banana]

IMG_2801[cheesy salmon and pumpkin scramble, ezekiel toast with cream cheese, jam and cinnamon]

IMG_2804[a hodge podge baked bean and tofu dish I made to throw on salads for lunches...lots of peppers and fennel in their!]

IMG_2806[grilled cheese with raspberry jam]

IMG_2810[pumpkin-asian pear smoothie with corn puffs, ezekiel cereal, oats, dried fruit, and coconut]

IMG_2812[toasted pita with feta cheese, leftover turkey sautee salad]

IMG_2826[veggie-egg scramble, quinoa, sliced pear, and steamed veggies with black bean-tomato dip]

IMG_2849[TJ's english muffin with peanut butter and black berry jam, orange slices]

And one thing I REGRET eating….
IMG_2783[DO NOT BUY THIS! I had a sample from Expo East and I decided to try it in some almond milk...it was like goat cheese milk! YUCK.]

A few people commented on my Thanksgiving recap post and were wondering about a few of the recipes I used! Well the kale dip was not homemade unfortunately….Trader Joes helped me with that one (as well as providing the cheeses!!) and for the Lemon-Miso Glazed Turkey, I used this recipe I found from Eating Well! It turned out amazing! So lemony and fresh! The kale salad was from Oh She Glows…one of the best kale salads I’ve ever had!

Are you a meal planner or a spontaneous cook?

Have you tried a product lately that you thought you’d like but ended up hating?

Who still has leftovers from Thanksgiving? ;) Alton Brown says he keeps his for up to THREE weeks!! Crazy!

For all my fellow students out there, I’ll leave you with THIS…It’s pretty much perfect. Less than two weeks people…WE CAN DO THIS.


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[Disclosure: I was given a year subscription to eMeals for free, however all opinions are my own.]



  1. says

    That e-meals thing looks so awesome! I definitely need more inspiration when it comes to cooking so I’ll have to look into something like that!

    Thanks for the heads-up on the goat’s milk protein. Not sure that I would have bought it anyways but now I know not to!
    Emily recently posted…favorites: november 2013My Profile

  2. says

    I really like the idea behind the e-meals program! I always plan out my grocery lists and meal plans so I know exactly what I need and I can avoid most impulse purchases.

    And YES to the 33 stages of finals week! I still have 1 week of classes after this one and then finals but I’m already starting to freak out and I know there will be plenty of procrasti-cleaning in my future.
    Ashley recently posted…Post-Thanksgiving (No) BluesMy Profile

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