WIAW: Day Trippin’

Merry Christmas everyone (or those of you celebrating)!

Whether you’re reading this on Christmas Eve, the day of, or in between spending time with your family, I hope you have a wonderful holiday and that it is filled with great memories to fuel the new year coming up!

Since the holiday’s are made for family and fun, I am going to keep today’s WIAW post fairly wordless! My full Christmas Eve and Christmas Day recap will come later this week…but for now I will just treat you all to a totally FOOD centered post in case you’re looking for a little break from the festivities!

Last week I mentioned I went on a  little day trip to Boston for some business (more on that in the new year!), so I had to pack some food for my travels…plus I was able to make a quick pit stop at Whole Foods before boarding the plane for home later in the day! SCORE.

travel1[selfies while bored before my meeting, packed breakfast of an egg/pita sandwich+yogurt+pear, my trusty FitMark bag for carrying all my travel essentials] travel2

[sunrise from the plane over Boston, walking the streets of one of my favorite cities]

IMG_3247[simple salmon salad packed up for lunch!] travel3

 [so many delicious looking things at Whole Foods...isn't their produce so pretty?!]wfpurchases

[my purchases: freeze dried pumpkin, no salt added garbanzo beans and black beans, whole wheat lavash, zucchini millet bread, 4 amazing spice mixes, and Cafe Mocha Amazing Grass]

A quick trip, but very rewarding in numerous ways… :)

And now for some more eats from the past week!


[my Lucky Black-eyed pea Curry with a toasted feta topped corn muffin]


[kefir and cottage cheese with cocoa and Chocolate Peppermint Amazing Grass]IMG_3208

[finn crisp crackers with black bean dip, sour cream, and cucumbers]IMG_3214[haddock, sauteed veggies, roasted veggies, herb tortilla, and a sweet potato with peanut butter]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[tuna saute salad, corn tortillas with guac and salsa] IMG_3248

[chopped pear, frozen grapes, pomegranate, chestnut flour, cocoa, cinnamon, and almond milk]





Yup I eat two bars at a time…no fear of the healthy fats, carbs, and protein here!

IMG_3256[salmon saute salad, corn tortillas with apple butter and feta]


[crackers with bean dip, sour cream, and cucumber, blueberry chia bar, peanut butter]IMG_3275

 [salmon sushi, roasted kabocha, roasted veggies]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

[turkey saute salad, pita with tomato paste and feta] IMG_3278

 [orange and cocoa smoothie]


[overnight oats with soft serve]IMG_3293[red velvet protein bites, Crunchies veggies, and grapefruit wedges]

IMG_3312[toasted millet bread with orange]

Talk to you soon!

Are you Whole Foods obsessed like me? I try to find one whenever I travel to a new place!

Do you pack food for trips or rely on airport restaurants and kiosks?

Be honest…do bars really fill you up? They are waaay to tiny to make any sort of dent in my hunger! So I either have to eat multiple at once or eat them in addition to a snack!


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