Sunday Shares + Day 5 of TEN DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS



The daily spiel: To celebrate the ONE year anniversary of the Lend a {Healthy} Hand project, I will be hosting TEN DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS from companies who’s business model aligns with the ‘do good’ message behind the project! From now until next Thursday there will be a giveaway everyday on the blog! So get ready for some awesome prizes and do some extra#healthyhelp to get in the spirit! All giveaways in the TEN DAYS series will be open for 2-3 days and all winners will be announced on Friday, January 17th!

Did you miss the other days? Check them out!

Day One-OatWorks Care Package  

Day Two-Out of Print T-Shirt & Headbands of Hope Headband 

Day 3-NuttZo Original Crunchy and a NuttZo Hat 

Day 4-3 Month Subscription to Love with Food 

Today’s AMAZING sponsor is none other than my friend’s over at Amazing Grass!


Y’all know I am obsessed with their products (especially their seasonal flavors right now!). I STOCKED UP, remember? I use them everyday and am so impressed with how delicious and healthy their products are. Not only, does AG make awesome products however, they also do their fair share of giving back too! Here’s a little about their charitable efforts…

In 2013 we partnered nationally with Vitamin Angel giving a percent back during the month of July, AG team working with Coast Keepers picking up 156 pounds of trash from local OC beach (Huntington Beach), we partner with small 501c3’s around the US supporting health and wellness (5k’s, stroller struts, yoga) as well as some educational programs our Natural Partners like WFM & Sprouts support in educating families/parents/kids on eating organic, whole foods.  AG as a company is very supportive of their employee’s community service projects giving silent auction items for raffles, time off for service and during Christmas they gave us all the $100 to pay it forward, you can share some of those amazing stories.

They’ve also generously offered to give one my readers a prize pack FILLED with their Amazing Grass Amazing Meal line of products! Enter below for a chance to win….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In other news, I wanted to thank you all so much for all the well wishes in regards to my TV appearance! Seriously, you all are so nice and I can’t believe how kind and supportive this community is on a daily basis! 

Today I just have some random things to share with you all…pictures that have been hanging out on my camera, links that have been patiently waiting in my bookmarks tab, and any other randomness that seems fitting for this Sunday!

Scenes from the past week:

At home fitness fun from when the gym was closed during the blizzard…



This Bob Harper’s workout KILLED me! I was so sore for some reason for days after doing it! Love when I work muscles that haven’t gotten used in a while!


Added to my bowl/plate collection….

[scored this gem on clearance at target]

IMG_3612[ate cereal out of my 'cereal' bowl]

Go in some outdoor workouts….FINALLY! IMG_3686[first long run outside in what feels like forever!] IMG_3649

[also took a lovely afternoon walk on one of the sunny days we had post Polar Vortex]

Had a few surprises…

IMG_3621[found these Runner world issues at my gym! Don't worry, I replaced them with a few magazines I was done with!]


[my grocery store has ONE left on the shelf for the first time ALL SEASON! Apparently this tea is quite the hot buy!]

IMG_3689[Got this in the mail! I knew I made the Dean's List but it was so nice to get a little certificate to commemorate it with! Wasn't expecting it!

My current obsessions:

I finally jumped on board the Breaking Bad bandwagon! Thanks to Netflix I am already well into Season 3!! No spoilers please! Also, I am pretty sure I like Jesse more and more as I continue to watch. :)

Also, I am LOVING the Divergent series! I am cheating a bit by listening to the books on audio book....but still! SO good. I cannot wait for the movies to come out later this year! Just as riveting as The Hunger Games in my opinion!

 Links to love: (sorry for the lack of a full on LINK LOVE post this week! These giveaway posts have been a lot more time-consuming to put together than I realized...BUT SO WORTH IT!)

12 People Who Should Cancel their Gym Memberships<---all in good fun and FREAKING HILARIOUS!

5 Reasons Why Amy Poehler Should be Everyone's Role Model<---she's definitely one of mine!

Thigh Gaps, Bikini Bridges, and Other Things you Shouldn't Worry About<---LOVED this! It actually inspired my blog post for tomorrow! Can't wait to share!

15 Things You Have to Forget About to Get Ahead

8 Things to Remember when Everything Goes Wrong<---such good reminders

16 Books to Read this Year Before they Hit Theatres

Hope your weekend is going well!

PS: For those of you wondering about that Q and A post I promised you, don't worry! It's still coming! In fact I will probably break it into two parts this upcoming week! So stay tuned to learn a little bit more about me! And feel free to submit more questions if you have them! I have a new email address especially for the blog now: kaila [at] healthyhelperblog [dot] com !! So email me there!


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Todays’s Healthy Help: Shared my umbrella with someone on my way out of the grocery store!

Never too early to start Lending a {Healthy} Hand for next weeks round-up! Tell me what you’ve done to help someone else lately!


  1. rachel says

    i’ve been trying forever to do a yoga headstand but i flop everywhere! and congrats on the dean’s list! not surprised you’ve made it though, you’re smart :-p!

  2. Katie says

    Congrats on making the Dean’s list! Wow!
    I’ve never tried Amazing Grass before, but since going vegan I’ve been looking for a good protein powder…maybe this is it? :)

  3. says

    Ooh, I am so jealous – you can do the two yoga poses that I find the hardest and fail spectacularly at on a regular basis. Crow and headstand/handstand are my ‘ultimate’ yoga poses; the ones I would give anything to be able to do!

    Bob Harper’s DVDs are the best. I honestly don’t feel as though any of my other workout DVDs even come close in terms of giving me a proper workout (hmm, except maybe JM’s Killer Buns and Thighs Level 2, but that’s only if I add 10kg weights into the mix). I wish I hadn’t discovered his DVDs so late! I can’t find that one in the UK though – I’ve got all of the Kettlebell ones, plus Pure Burn, Super Strength. I hope they bring that cardio DVD out over here :)

    Jess recently posted…Black WeddingMy Profile

    • says

      Oh Jess you would totally LOOOVE this Bob Harper DVD. It’s really tough! The way he combines weights and cardio is impressive! If you ever want to order the DVD’s and use my address to ship them to and then we could do a little exchange, I’d be happy to receive them for you! Let me know!

      • says

        That’s such a lovely offer! Sadly US DVDs are all Region 1, and most DVD players in the UK won’t play Region 1 imports – I’m not sure why, but I did order Jillian’s Yoga Meltdown when it was US only (thankfully it’s available over here now as well) and discovered that my DVD player wanted nothing to do with it…it took me ages to figure out why! Thanks so much anyway though – I’m going to keep checking Amazon to see if that one becomes available in a UK-friendly format :)
        Jess recently posted…Charity Begins At HomeMy Profile

  4. says

    I can’t believe I’ve never tried any Amazing Grass products! I always look at them when I’m shopping but never seem to stray from the products I already know and love. That definitely needs to change! xoxo
    Emily recently posted…time for loveMy Profile

  5. Alinga B says

    My help wasn’t to a ‘person’ but to an animal. We have just started fostering dogs and our first two pups went on their transport train up North on Saturday! :)

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