Move-It Monday: Making it through a workout!

Happy Monday everyone! Today is especially ‘happy’ because I have the day off for President’s Day! Shoutout to all my fellow students who I know are enjoying the little break! And for all of those heading off to work….I’m sorry. ;)

But maybe I can lift your spirits a bit with a post that’s been inspired by my NASM CPT studies! Reading up on all things fitness has got my mind whirling with ideas that I want to share with you all. The more I learn the more info I find myself wanting to implement in my own life and share with others. Pretty sure I’ve been talking people’s ears off with the latest ‘cool thing’ I read about in my textbook! Studying is so much easier when you actually are INTERESTED in what you’re learning about.

But enough study talk, today I want to share my go to tips for getting through a workout when you’re not mentally into it or are losing interest midway through!



1. Use visualization! Think about how good you’ll feel once your workout is complete and try to drum up those feeling of accomplishment that you get from the surge of endorphins a sweat session provides! Recalling those positives emotions may be just the right amount of incentive and motivation you need to bust through the rest of your routine.

2. Focus on the time! Seems counterintuitive, right? But hear me out! Breaking the workout into time segments, counting down different components, or considering the fact that an hour (or however long you plan on working out)  is a really short time out of your day can help you put things in perspective and stay motivated to finish strong. Also, setting small time goals for yourself can make the workout go by faster! Plus you’ll feel mini bursts of accomplishment for making it to that next time goal! Another way I use time is by telling myself, in an hour from now or in however much time I have left, I’ll be done and be off doing something totally different!

3. Distract yourself! My favorite ways to get through a mentally tough run are by listening to one of my favorite podcasts. I choose one that is about the length of time I plan on running and just tell myself that I am heading out to listen to one episode of my podcast. It makes me focus on the entertainment rather than the run! Music can be great as well! If I’m at the gym, I take FULL advantage of the TVs and always bring tons of reading material! Currently I am drowning in my magazine subscriptions, so I use the gym as a way to ‘catch up’ with my fun reading. Play games with yourself if you find yourself watching the clock and tell yourself that you won’t check the time or distance again until you finish the article or chapter you’re currently reading! It works!

4. Keep your eye on the prize! I know it’s bad to use food as a motivation…but let’s be honest, it’s sometimes pretty freaking awesome to think about! So if you know you’re not feeling a workout, plan it so that you have a delicious meal or snack right after! Thinking about something like food, or an activity, that you enjoy and can take part in right after your workout can motivate you to give it your all in the present!

5. Pump yourself up! It may be cliché, but repeating mantras, affirmative statements, or motivating phrases can really make a difference in your attitude and physical capabilities! Giving yourself a little pep talk mid workout is just as motivating as having a personal trainer or friend to keep you going! So just go for it….pull out all those YOU ARE STRONG YOU ARE CAPABLE YOU CAN DO THIS phrases! Heck, even channel The Help if you need it! :)

[Aibileen is the best!]

6. Plan your day! I use my workouts to go through my to-do lists, think about what I need to get done for the day, and to plan the week ahead. It’s a great time when you’re not distracted with other things to really get organized and be productive! Plus, once you realize how much there is to think about in regards to your schedule, work, or school, you’ll be practically done with your workout! Multitasking at its finest!

7. Change things up! Whether that means trying a new route on your run or challenging yourself with a new interval workout on your favorite machine at the gym….mix things up and try something new! It will break the monotony of your typical workout regiment and make the time fly by. Other options include: trying a machine you’ve never used before, doing your workout in reverse (start with weights if you usually start with cardio and vice versa), or heading to a group exercise class that your gym just started offering!

Check out these two workouts I came up with if you’re looking to add some variety…


cardioblastbookendcircuit.jpg[let me know if you try either of the two out!]

And if all else fails and you’re really not feeling a workout….THAT’S OKAY! There is always tomorrow and a few less than stellar workout attempts are not going to hurt you in the long run. In fact, listening to your body when it’s really not in the mood for moving can save your from potential burn out…mentally and physically.

So there ya have it! Some motivating tips to get through you wintry workout this week!

What are your go-to motivators to get moving?

How do you change up your fitness routine when you’re feeling bored?

Go-to PUMP ME UP song!?


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  1. says

    Your treadmill workouts are the only ones that can ever motivate me to get on the damn thing, so I’m always excited when you post a new one! I don’t tend to get bored with what I’m doing, unless we have a spell of terrible weather and I’m stuck on a treadmill for days on end…I’m trying to think of a good ‘pump it up’ song of mine that is remotely family-friendly ;) I’m still enjoying some cheesy metal by Airbourne – Born to Kill, Raise the Flag and Ain’t No Way (But the Hard Way) are my three favourites at the moment.

    Jess recently posted…My Top 5 Social Media TipsMy Profile

  2. says

    Great tips that I definitely need today! I like listening to podcasts on my long runs as a good motivator to get out the door (especially if it’s an interesting topic/show that I have been wanting to listen to)
    I also listen to some music while I get dressed & I take a brief look at motivational pics on pinterest. That gets me moving!
    Crystal recently posted…Marathon Monday: Calgary Marathon on June 1 (Week 16)My Profile

  3. says

    Love all these tips! There are some days when I really do need an extra push to get through my workouts. My favorite songs always get me going, and I also like to break my workouts into smaller segments and spread them out during the day so I don’t get bored AND I’m staying active throughout the day!
    Ashley @ AlmostVegGirlie recently posted…Getting Healthy: Part 1My Profile

  4. says

    These are all great! Splitting a gym session into 15-30 min segments makes the time fly by.
    Also, maybe you’re the only one that will appreciate this but I tend to stare down the clock on the treadmill so I turn on You Made it Weird and since Pete will go down crazy tangents I dont look at the clock until he gets back on topic or references his notes.
    Ashley @ Brocblog recently posted…Valentine’s Day TreatsMy Profile

    • says

      Oh I most certainly can appreciate that! LOL I am SO sad though bc I am fully caught up on You Made it Weird episodes so now I have to wait every week for a new one to come out! :( Boo.

    • says

      Oh I most certainly can appreciate that! LOL I am SO sad though bc I am fully caught up on You Made it Weird episodes so now I have to wait every week for a new one to come out! :( Boo.

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