What I’m Loving Lately

Happy Weekend, friends! Popping in today to share a peek at some things that have been making me smile, making me happy, and making life great lately!

Garden growth 

My veggie garden went from this…

What Im Loving Lately

To this! In a matter of only a couple of weeks! Gotta love when Mother Nature cooperates and gives your plants what they need! Sunshine…and plenty of rain (we’ve been having a ton lately!). What Im Loving Lately

Bold patterns and bright colors 

What Im Loving Lately


Still loving my patterned leggings from Onzie and the bright coral top just reminds me of summer! It’s from American Eagles new fitness line…but I got it from Marshals for way cheap.

This new book 

What Im Loving Lately

My Age of Anxiety by Scott Stossel! THIS IS SO GOOD. I have a feeling I’ll be done with it pretty soon and will definitely do a full blog review. But if you have any interest in the roots of anxiety and how it has been influenced by history and culture, definitely pick this up! I can’t put it down!

Fun foodie deliveries 

What Im Loving Lately Clif sent me a box full of their newly redesigned Mojo bars and their new flavors from their Kit’s Organic line!

I am a HUGE fan of their Kit’s Organic line so I was really excited to try the new flavors. The Kit’s Organic bars are fruit and nut bars similar to larabars but a little bit bigger and more dense. I love their texture! My favorite out of the new flavors is a tie between the Lemon Vanilla (like a lemon shortbread cookie!) and the Cherry Pumpkin Seed (this reminded me of the Cherry Pie flavored larabar….but better!). The Apricot had too many small sesame seeds for my taste but the flavor was still really good….especially if you like dried apricots! I had the same issue with the sesame seeds in the Coconut bar, but the coconut flavor was still delicious. Very tropical and rich!

The Mojo bars are more similar to Kind bars than a standard fruit and nut bar and they reminded me of these amazing sweet n’ salty bars I used to have as a kid! Even though Mojo has its own separate line of Sweet n’ Salty bars, I still found these Fruit & Nut and Dark Chocolate varieties to have that great taste combo. I really liked the pairing of salty roasted nuts with sweet dried fruit and chocolate! The whole bits of nuts and seeds added great texture and I love that you can see the actual ingredients that go into each bar. You definitely know you’re eating WHOLE foods with these babies! Also, these bars are low glycemic and a really great source of fiber.

Thanks Clif! Great tasting, healthy products as always! Also, I appreciate the book and extra boxes of original Clif bars you sent along as well! So generous!

What Im Loving Lately

What Im Loving Lately

Sunfood sent me a plethora of their superfood products to try out! I’ve tried a few Sunfood products in the past and have always been impressed with their freshness and high quality! This time was no different.

I was sent goji berries, mulberries, vanilla powder, cacao nibs, and a Berry Adventure trail mix (I have yet to try the beauty enzymes!). I love goji berries and mulberries and was happy to find that these two dried fruits were perfectly soft and chewy! Not hard or dried out at all! I’ve been loving them for topping oatmeal and smoothies with.

The vanilla powder tasted like the smell of a freshly lit vanilla candle. A little bit goes a long way and it adds the most amazing vanilla taste to ANYTHING you put it in! Perfect for baking, flavoring yogurt, and topping powerbowls with! I can tell you that stuff is not going to last long!

I also really enjoyed the trail mix perfect mix of crunch and chew between the dried fruits and the cashews and a nice mix of sweet and sour with the goji berries (sweet) and the golden berries (sour)!

The cacao nibs have been great for feeding my bittersweet chocolate addiction. Not only are they nice and crunchy but they add such great, rich chocolately flavor to everything! Great topping for smoothies and yogurt!

Thanks Sunfood!

Cuddles with Ella 

What Im Loving Lately

Whenever I take a car ride with Ella she hops up on my shoulders and just perches there the whole way. It is so precious! She’s been especially snuggly and cuddly lately. Not complaining at all! I am always up for more puppy love.

New podcast finds 

What Im Loving Lately

Makin it with Riki Lindhome! Love this, girl! Riki is a musical comedian and actress. She interviews up and coming actors all the way to well established performers about how they ‘made it’ in show business! It’s really interesting to hear the different paths people have taken to make it big! Plus it’s produced by my favorite podcast network, Nerdist.

Last Comic Standing 

What Im Loving Lately

Summer TV is notoriously lacking in good programming! Seems like all the TV networks go on break. So I was happy to see NBC bringing back Last Comic Standing! I am a big fan of comedy, so having a dose of free stand up each week is awesome! I love watching all the up and coming comics try out their stuff. Always good for laugh!

Power yoga dates with my mom

What Im Loving Lately

No better way to spend an afternoon than sweating it out with your best friend! What Im Loving Lately

Sharing quotes on Instagram 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been having some fun with sharing daily quotes! I love quotes…they always help me get through the rough parts of my day. Here’s a few thoughts I’ve shared recently…

What Im Loving Lately What Im Loving Lately What Im Loving Lately What Im Loving Lately What Im Loving Lately What Im Loving Lately What Im Loving Lately

Tell me something you’re loving about life lately!

Any fun new books you’ve read?

What are you plans for the long weekend? (If you have one!)


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  1. says

    Super, super interested in that book. I’ll be looking forward to your review. (:

    And I’ve always been a fan of Clif’s Mojo and Kit’s bars– I actually prefer their taste and texture to regular Clif bars. I can’t wait to get my hands on those new flavors!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xoxo
    Emily recently posted…lessons in etiquette #2: interviewsMy Profile

  2. says

    I love Kit’s Organic bars! The chocolate coconut reminds me so much of a brownie and I actually prefer it to the Larabar version of the same flavor. And I love the new flavors I’ve tried, especially the lemon.

    I remember Last Comic Standing from a few years ago! It was a super interesting show. I actually prefer some summer programming to regular season shows — there was a cool show awhile ago where a group of people had to take care of different age ranges, from babies to older adults and I’d love to see that come back.
    Ashley @ AlmostVegGirlie recently posted…Getting Healthy: One YearMy Profile

  3. says

    I struggle with anxiety, but I’m not sure I want to read about it. Just not sure that would help with my issues at all. It turn to books for more entertainment and escape. I just did a post about the books I’ve been reading lately. Yes … I’m over 40 but love the YA stuff.
    JenB recently posted…Reading Recap – Teen TrilogiesMy Profile

  4. says

    I’m a fellow I’m Fit Possible Ambassador and found your site through Facebook! Thought I would stop by and say hello! :)

    BTW, your puppy is SUPER cute!!!! I have a fondness for cute dogs – and mine makes frequent appearances on my blog! :P


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