5 and 1

So we ended our run in my tournament today in the semi-finals, rounding out the weekend with 5 wins and 1 loss. Too bad our 1 loss came today, during the single elimination rounds. Oh well, we came in 3rd overall and I think we had a great weekend as a team. I feel like the team is finally jelling together and playing as a unit. Good things to come for sure!

Well tournament days means lots of activity which means lots of food and water is needed. I always come prepared with healthy food for lunches and snacks for long days like today. Today I packed up a tuna pita sandwich, some lemony lentil soup in my thermos container (perfect temp when it was time to eat), raw veg with humalsa (humus and salsa mixed to make the perfect creamy and delicious dip!), some fruit, a small can of V8 (from a flight a while ago :) ), a GoRaw flax granola bar, and the best food of the day, a vanilla Siggis!

Just as creamy and delicious as the rest. This flavor brought me back to my childhood when I used to get this tart tasting vanilla yogurt….soooooo good! And I loved the specks of real vanilla bean in the yogurt. So now I have tried all the Siggi’s flavors that were available in my local store and I would have to say my fav flavors have been the Vanilla and the Orange Ginger, but truly I love them all!

Everything was eaten and enjoyed!

Today was a super long and tiring day….both from playing and being in the sun all day. Phew! When I got home I needed some maja’ fuel. Here’s what I threw together:

close up on the protein.....20 grams right there baby!

Above is a homemade lentil burger topped with fresh salsa and red onion, some broc. and green beans drizzled w/ EVOO, some 6 min.microwaved sweet potato chips (method is below) topped with cinnamon, and two Hearty Wasa Crackers with smears of Laughing Cow Cheese and fig/superfruit spread. Yum and super filling! Perfect meal after a long, hard day.

Here’s how to make the sweet’s I made (it couldn’t be simpler):

1.Take a good sized sweet potato (yam) and slice in to thin circles.

2.Take your chips and throw them in a microwave safe bowl and drizzle or spray with a bit of olive oil.

3. Pop in the microwave for 6 minutes.

all cooked up!

Presto! You will have soft, chewy sweet potato clouds for your enjoyment. I sprinkle mine with cinnamon and dig in.

I am now relaxing with Ella,

catching up on some blog reading,

and watching this really interesting documentary on John Lenin’s involvement in the anti-war movement in the 60’s and 70’s. It’s actually really cool and I love me some Beatles LOL!

Have a wonderful Sunday and sorry in advance to those who have to start their work we tomorrow! Remember only 5 days until the weekend :)


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