A Look Inside

!Hola Chicas! (and chicos if there are any dudes out there!!)

How has the start of your week been? The weekend was awfully busy for me and I had the best intentions of posting , but sadly SAT prep consumed most of my days A Look Inside The big day is this Saturday….wish me luck!

Today, I thought I’d share with you all a look inside muh fridge! I have seen tons of other bloggers feature their cabinets, groceries, purses, and closets and I’ve always enjoyed those posts….so I thought it would be fun to share with you all the typical stuff you would find in the Healthy Helper’s refrigerator!

We recently upgraded to a HUGH JASS refrigerator which was very exciting for me….because I can fit more delicious food of course!

SO now, I invite you….take a look inside.

A Look Inside

On the top shelf you would find:

  • big tub o’ greens, yogurt (plain greek and regular), eggs, soy milk (for my mamas coffeeee), and containers of my various baked goods (right now I have scuffins and banana bread for snackin’)

Middle Shelf:

  • Condiments (mustard is a must!), nut butters ( I think I have about 6 jars hiding back there right now…I am waaay to big of an impulse shopper :/), flavored yogurts (brand of the week=Chobani), skim milk, and my favorite drink powder….original Amazing Grass!

Bottom Shelf:

  • most commonly used veggies (like carrots and brocolli), leftovers of any kind (we have turkey chili and tomato-butternut squash soup at the moment)

Next we have a full to the brim fruit drawer (apples have another home because they simply do not fit lol!):


A Look Inside

oranges and grapefruits....gotta get that daily vitamin C!

We also have a second veggie drawer that holds all of our sandwich and cooking veggies like spinach, kale, lettuce, pepper, and zuchinni!

A Look Inside

AND of course, no stocked fridge would be complete without a JUMBO container of……HUMUS!

A Look Inside

Two pounds worth for this family!

We actually have a whole other refrigerator in our basement to hold the over flow from this one and we have storage areas for our non perishables, so this peek inside definitely didn’t cover all of our food!

So, what are some of the staples in your refrigerator?

Check out my dinner from tonight….it was a good one for sure!

First I roasted up a Japanese Yam (these are the kind I had in China and this one was just as delicious as I remembered!), using my new method.

A Look Inside

A Look Inside

love that purple skin!

Then I paired it with a huge salad monster topped with black beans, red onion, carrots, a few plops of my tomato-butternut squash soup, and some humus-tomato dressing! It was fabulous.

Do you like hot toppers on salad? I like putting warm, thick soups (like my tomato b-nut) on salads….it adds some variety and makes a pretty good dressing too!

After dinner for a little sweet snack I had a big bowl of organic frozen blueberries (the were so SWEET for not being in season!!!!) topped with a few handfuls of raisins, a tablespoon of carob powder, and a cup of milk. It was such a good combo…the chew from the raisins mixed with the cold from the blueberries was a great combo and I loved how the milk became like a chocolate milk from the carob!

I am definitely having this one again! Its really been a great start to the week….I won my first blog giveaway ever (thanks Paije!), so that made it extra fantastic! I hope yours was just as great!

Later today, stay tuned for my tomato-b-nut  soup recipe!

A Look Inside


  1. says

    Your fridge looks so nicely organized compared to ours. The produce drawer is overflowing, all my bread is in the meat drawer because it doesn’t fit anywhere else and we have hardly any meat, and there are so many containers of yogurt. And don’t even get me started on the excessive amount of condiments…

    I’m taking the SATs on saturday too! Good luck!

  2. says

    Omg…I am just SO in love with your huge fridge. Jealous! XD I also love your huge haul of Chobani yogurt!

    Good luck on your SAT this Saturday; I took mine last January!!! You’ll do great girl!

  3. says

    Every time I see “Hugh Jass” it makes me giggle. Your fridge is so awesome! You refrigerate your nut butters? Is there any advantage to doing that over just putting them in the cupboard? Love the whole drawer of oranges – it actually reminded me that we have a whole bag of oranges sitting in our fridge. I’ve gotta get eating those! :)

    Good luck on the SAT! I never had to take it because Michigan schools make you take the ACT, but I’m sure you’ll do amazing!

    I like putting warm brown rice on top of my salads, but I’ve never tried soup before!

    Glad you had a great day! :)


  4. says

    I’m studying for the SAT too!!! My day is in May, but I have a College Algrebra CLEP Test that I am taking on Monday. I know how you feel!!! GOOD LUCK on your test!!! I know you will do great! :D

    Nut Butter and Banana Bread are definitely some of my staples! Have you tried the Banana Bread with some Nut Butter yet?! It is SO GOOD! You have to try it! :D


  5. says

    I love seeing what’s in other bloggers fridge’s. Don’t know why :P
    Does your family eat healthy with you?
    Because my family eats just about the opposite of me. Almost all the stuff in the fridge is mine haha.

  6. says

    I always have tons of yogurt, eggs, soymilk, MUSTARD!, and produce in the fridge…oh yeah and TONSSS of hummus!! (I’m the only one who eats it but I eat…A LOT!!!) loved this post!


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