A Ton of Heart


Heart thrives that is…lol. After sampling the Healthy Baking Company’s Heart Thrives a few weeks ago.. I knew I had to get my hands on more.


A Ton of Heart

Two dozen more to be exact (plus 6 free for being a first time buyer..Check it out!). I was so excited to try out their new flavors I got. I ordered the raisin spice, apple, apricot (which I was sent to sample but was beaten to the punch by my mom who ate it before I had a chance to try), and lemon poppy seed (my favorite of the sampling bunch). Even though I had a snack before my game this afternoon, pumpkin pie yogurt, a lemon ginger GNU bar, and some raw veggies with humus, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to try my new treats. I delved into the apple flavor and was just as impressed as I expected to be. Like fresh apple pie in cookie-esque form. Good things these thrives are heart healthy because I have a feeling they will be consumed in a hurry. :). The package they came in said they could be frozen and thawed for later snackin’…..that won’t be necessary in my house.

Good thing my HEARTy ( get it? ) snack didn’t ruin my appetite for dinner. Tonight’s menu featured Salmon and Artichoke Quesadillas from Clean Eating magazine (a favorite at my house). These were soooo good. All I can say is yum.

A Ton of Heart

not the actual issue the quesadillas recipe came from

I can’t post the recipe because it’s from a magazine, but maybe you’ll be able to get an idea of what was in it from this pic.

A Ton of Heart

Aww whom I kidding you can’t really see anything from that pic. Well just know the ingredients included grilled salmon, artichokes, dill (what a great flavor this gives the dish), spinach, chopped tomatoes, laughing cow French Onion cheese wedges, salsa and yogurt (for toppings), and whole wheat tortillas. The only thing we did differently from the recipe was that we chose to panini are quesadillas instead of grilling them in a pan…..we did this only because we really filled ours up and the panini maker squashed them down a bit (also added more crunch and grilled texture…yumm). These are a definite keeper in my book and have such a great variety of flava in them.

A Ton of Heart

 I highly suggest buying a Clean Eating book….not only for this recipe but for ALL of them…..they are delicious, healthy, and have something for everyone’s taste. Great buy!

Look who was trying to get on in some delicious dinner action: 

A Ton of Heart

Who, me?

Oh, for all my Losties out there…wasn’t last nights episode crazy….plot twists at every turn! I just can’t think how they are going to end it……we shall see Sunday  I guess.

On the agenda for tonight is: Modern Family finale (hilarious), filling out some forms for my China trip (!), playing with Ell-bell, some school work, and relaxing before my early wake up call tomorrow for a mandatory meeting for the aforementioned China trip. Busy, but fun night!

Hope you have a wonderful night as well!


PS. Heres a battle wound I got during my game today:

 A Ton of Heart


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