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I am 20 something, senior in college with a love for fun fitness, delicious food, and motivating others to live their best life possible! My interest in healthy eating and active living started as a child and since then has grown  into a huge passion of mine. As I’ve changed throughout the years my love of good food, exploring new places, moving my body, and nourishing myself have never wavered.


I love expressing myself through writing (something this blog has helped me discover) and finding people who share similar interests and values as me through this online community is what keeps this blog alive.

Some of my other interests include: hiking, travel, acting, public speaking, volunteering, baking, gardening, horseback riding, running, listening to audio books, comedy, being outside, checking things off my to-do lists, using my bike as my car, skiing, dreaming of warm weather living, taking long walks with my dog, eating outside, practicing yoga, discovering new podcasts, and trying to maximize each day’s potential to the fullest!


I am also a self professed bar addict (food bar, that is!), runner, veggie lover, whole food eater, crazy cake maker, wanna-be yogi, and mom to the cutest pup on Earth!

I am also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and a NESTA Fitness Nutrition Coach. Feel free to reach out to me for guidance in your health and fitness endeavors. I’d love to give you some training tips or workout ideas!


What started as a way for me to try some of the newest health products on the market has quickly transformed over the past 5 years into something I am truly proud of. You can expect tasty recipes, helpful fitness information, my daily musings as a college student, and some insight into the life of a young person trying to lead a happy (and healthy!) life.

I am affiliated with FitFluential, Fit Approach, Idea Fit, I’m Fit Possible, and Girls Gone Sporty, where I serve as an ambassador for each.

I love chatting with all of you! So feel free to leave comments or shoot me an email at  kaila@healthyhelperblog.com !

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  1. Candace Davies says

    Awesome blog Kaila! I look forward to reading your upcoming posts. Happy Mother’s Day to your Mom, and have a great day.

  2. says

    Hey Kaila, I’m glad you started blogging, and it looks like you have enjoyed many of the same products as us :) We look forward to reading your blog!
    XOXO Court & Whit ♥

  3. says

    I just discovered your blog. I love finding other teens interested in healthy eating/cooking and exercise! I too strive to eat a clean diet. I look forward to reading your blog and encourage you to check out mine!

  4. David says

    Kaila-I commend you for your passion for health and fitness and am inspired by your motivation to share it through your blog but, more importantly, the way you live your life day-to-day. Here’s to a making a difference and sharing that love. Best of luck

  5. says

    Hey, I just found the blog! I love reading healthy living blogs written by other teens. I know so few health conscious teens around me, so it’s great to have this community!

  6. says


    When I bet on your granola at Chocolate-Covered Katie’s blog, I didn’t realize that you’re a teen too! I just opened my box yesterday night, and I immediately started snacking. :) I especially love the walnuts and the crisp texture. Thank you SO much the the added goodies as well. I’ve been dying to try the Blueberry Muffin Larabar, but I can’t find it where I live. I’ve also never tried Cashini butter or Cashew butter! Your granola is not going to last very long in my house.


    P.S. If your recipe isn’t a secret, would you share with me? :)

    • says

      I’m glad you liked it Sami! The recipe is actually in my recipes tab….but I changed it a bit because of Katie’s giveaway I made it vegan and healthified it a bit! I will send you the revised version that I used for your batch!

  7. Kit-Kat says

    I love you! I am a big walker/runner/biker vegan loving 20 year old (who looks so much younger due to past disordered eating history). I also love dogs to pieces (had two collies) and an even bigger horse nut.
    I am a big food and health finatic, and I think we could become huge friends!
    —Kit-Kat (Katie)

  8. Christina says

    Hey Kaila-

    I’m reading your application for Eckerd right now! Thanks for giving me the address to your blog. This is AWESOME! Keep up the good work and I’ll talk with you again soon!


  9. Morgan says

    I always read healthy food/living blogs and today while I was reading chocolate covered Katie’s, I came across your blog somehow I am and am so glad I did! I had no idea about the community of teen bloggers that like the same things as me! Seriously I don’t know anyone personally my age that is interested in healthy nutrition. They wouldn’t have any idea what a larabar is or even like almond butter for that matter! I don’t feel so alone now!

  10. says

    Hey i’ve just come across your blog! Like someone else said the community of teen bloggers is so hidden! When you find it you cant believe that all these other girls think exactly like you!! My blogs only just being made but hopefully can work it up to a standard like yours! Hahaha :)

  11. says

    The new ‘about’ page looks brilliant – love the picture of you standing by the water and just embracing life :)


  12. says

    So happy to meet you today girl and find out more about you from Fit 2 Flex! :) I am following along now! Enjoy your Saturday! They sound like busy days for you!

  13. says

    I love finding healthy, positive bloggers! I’m now a follower, and I’m looking forward to reading your old and new posts!

  14. says

    Hey girl :) Glad I found your blog! I love it-you’re so positive and it’s great to see other teens who are ‘owning’ how they’re living their life. Can’t wait to read more of your posts! :)

  15. Jenna Register says

    Kaila, you’re amazing. I love your blog. And I think it’s wonderful that you care for your body and your life the way that you do. If we don’t care for our own bodies, how can we show respect to anything else?
    I think it’s great how successful your blog is! And you’ve done a really great job on it!

  16. Lena says

    Hi, Kaila!
    As I mentioned to you before, I love, Love LOVE your blog site! It totally reflects your charming and outgoing self. I am delighted that we “met” through a connection and communication with the company that I work for: COCONUT SECRET in Mill Valley, CA. Wishing you all success with your new college studies and ventures in creative writing as you also explore the wide world of healthy eating and culinary arts. It’s my pleasure to share and spread the word about your blog. All the ebst!
    Lena in Mill Valley, CA.

  17. Junior says

    Hello, Kaila!! Greetings from Brazil!! My name is junior, and I loved your blog. Have you tasted our food? What did you think? Kisses!!

  18. Kloe says

    HI Kaila!

    What a gorgeous little corner of the blog world you have here.
    I love finding other bloggers who are just as passionate about fitness, healthy living, healthy eating and experimenting in the ktichen as I am!

    I’m looking forward to following your blog :)

    Kloe x

  19. Virginia L. Rinkel, CGI Sec. says

    Kaila, Met you at the NPWE show in Anaheim, CA in March.
    E-mail me if you want to have a sample of product to blog on here. Thank you.

  20. says

    I was just perusing your site and noticed your comment about being in a mental funk of late. I was sad to read that, as I have family members who deal with physical and mental issues, and have seen what a struggle they go through. (my own daughter deals with hashimoto’s and lyme).

    From a practical point of view, I have learned that while we may be doing many things ‘right’ in a health way, a few insidious things can be undoing much of the good nutrition we take in and exercise we do, and effect us physically and emotionally as well. To cite one simple example (from Dr Jerry Tennant’s book “Healing is Voltage”): Coffee & tea block zinc; without zinc we don’t produce enough stomach acid; without proper stomach acid we don’t digest the foods we eat properly, and we don’t break them down into the amino acids needed for making new cells; without making good quality new cells, we can suffer mentally and emotionally; ie. without zinc we cannot make serotonin, without serotonin we won’t sleep well, and we’ll get depressed. Worse yet, with poor stomach acid some proteins we eat may be absorbed by the body and used to make new cells- (which is not supposed to happen- the body should break all proteins we eat into amino acids from protein and make new cells itself) – when this happens, our body views the new tissues/organs as ‘foreign invaders’ and starts attacking them (us), ie. what many would call ‘auto-immune’ diseases.
    Iodine is needed to keep pathogens in the body under control…and it’s used to regulate our metabolism and temperature.
    Iodine absorption is blocked or drastically reduced if we have fluoride in our system…and blood tests for low T4 or low T3 cannot ‘see’ this, because they see the T4, but don’t know that instead of tyrosine and 4 iodine molecules as is normal, we have tyrosine and 4 fluorine molecules instead….and this Fake T4 which doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, but it does take up a ‘seat on the bus’…in fact you may have all the seats filled with no ‘paying’ passengers…thus flouride is preventing many from having energy, from having the resistance to fight bugs, etc.
    Iodine is blocked by flouride….which is in most of the drinking water in the united states…and many of us drink it everyday….cook with it….etc….so most of us are likely iodine deficient.

    Any rate, I could not hold back from sharing something that might be of help to you….Tennant’s book explains a lot more, and very simply as well. You don’t need to publish this, but I didn’t know how to just send you a personal email.
    best regards….

    • says

      Thank you for all your insight George! I really appreciate you taking the time to share that info with me! It’s definitely very interesting. I am doing a lot better recently in terms of feeling in a funk and I am hoping that I continue to improve! Thanks for reading.


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