Bangin’ Blogger Tricks

I’ve always said one of my favorite parts of blogging is the community you get to be a part of and how many awesome connections with like-minded individuals you are able to make. Aside from learning great tips on healthy living, fitness, and everyday life…over the years I’ve also discovered a lot of random (but cool!) stuff from fellow bloggers.

Today I wanted to share with you a few tips and tricks from all different areas that I’ve picked up from various bloggers. Some have to do with cooking, some have to do with blogging, and some just are pretty darn handy for everyday life! But the one thing they have in common? I still use them all today!

Bangin Blogger Tricks

The Easy Way To Write HTML Without Knowing Code via Katy

Katy is a blogging GURU! Seriously, anything you need she’s got an answer for! A few weeks ago when I was trying to put some text HTML on my sidebar, I was having trouble figuring out how to exactly write the HTML. I am no coding expert so this proved to be tough. Katy gave me the great advice of using ‘the cheaters way’ to write HTML code.

If you’re a blogger then I’m sure you’ve seen the ‘text’ option when writing your posts in WordPress. Well lo and behold, when you click that button you get all the HTML coding for anything you’ve put in that post. So in my case I needed the coding for a picture. All I had to do was upload the picture into a fake draft post, click text view, and the HTML was waiting for me! No knowledge of coding needed! Bangin Blogger Tricks Bangin Blogger Tricks Bangin Blogger Tricks Spoonable Frozen Yogurt via Heather

I have greek yogurt at least twice a day! I LOVE IT. I like it really really chilled though! I’d eat it frozen if I could, but let’s face it, freezing yogurt results in a solid, frozen block of what should be creamy deliciousness. Or at least I thought…. Heather shared this tip a few weeks back on her blog…it truly is the KEY to perfectly spoonable, ice cream-like greek yogurt! All you have to do is wrap a container of greek yogurt in a dish towel before placing it in the freezer and in a few hours…you have perfection! Like the consistency of a freshly opened carton of ice cream! Bangin Blogger Tricks Easy Sprouting Method via Lindsay

I have been big into sprouting for about a year now! My favorites are mung beans and lentils, but I’ve also tried quinoa and chickpeas! I was pretty intimidated when I first got the idea to start sprouting things, but I was totally relieved when I realized how easy it is to do thanks to Lindsay’s easy tutorial! Bangin Blogger Tricks All that’s needed is a ball jar, a paper towel, your sprouting legume of choice, and water….oh and patience! Here’s the method I’ve come to use:

  • place lentils in jar and cover with water until they are full submerged
  • place paper towel over the jar and twist on the outer rim that is usually used to secure the top
  • let soak overnight
  • in the morning, drain water from the jar and rinse the lentils
  • repeat this process in the morning and at night for about 2-3 days (or however long you want your sprouts to be!)
  • once done sprouting make sure to dry your sprouts extremely well before storing

Bangin Blogger Tricks Sprouts are good for about 5-6 days in the fridge!

Plantain Bread via Michelle and Lori Bangin Blogger Tricks I was turned on to the magic of plantains by the plantain queens themselves…Lori and Michelle! Ever since trying their INCREDIBLY SIMPLE plantain bread recipe, the bread has become a staple in my house! Even though I change up their original recipe a bit, it is still so easy and results in a cakey, delicious alternative to change things up from normal bread!

Every 4 weeks or so I pick up two plantains from the store, place them in the VItamix with a cup of egg whites+cinnamon+baking powder, give it a whirl, and pour my batter into 6 circles on a parchment paper lined baking sheet! This results in what I like to call, Plantain Pita Bread. It tastes SO good toasted with a little cheese and jam on top! Try it!

Sneaky Instagram Selfie Method via ???

I can’t remember exactly where I saw this one first but it’s pretty awesome! If you have an iPhone you can take a selfie without holding your phone by plugging in your earbuds and using the little volume button to snap a picture! Instant tripod/self timer style photo without having to by any extra equipment! Here’s an example…

Bonus points if you can name those two people!!!

Planting Kabocha Seeds via Sarah

Bangin Blogger Tricks

I’d love to have a huge, flourishing veggie garden someday, but for now, city living has restricted me to three pots in my backyard. But I make do and have had some great success with my green beans this year. One thing I’ve always thought of growing is my beloved kabocha squash. But I figured it takes a lot of work and that I don’t have the proper environment for doing it. I was wrong. And Sarah proved it to me by doing the simplest thing possible….just taking the seeds from a freshly cut kabocha and planting them! How did I not think of that!? For some reason I thought some special had to be done to the seeds before they could be planted….WRONG.

So I used an empty pot that was once home to my spinach plants and buried the seeds in the soil. Less than two days later…I had sprouts!!   Now I can’t say for sure whether I will get a full-grown kabocha like Sarah since i planted so late in the season. But just knowing that it’s possible for me to grow my own makes me so excited! Thanks for everything ladies! I learn so much from all of you!

What’s a tip or trick you’ve learned from the blogging community?

Any products you use daily that you were introduced to through bloggers?

What’s your favorite food you tried because of seeing it on blogs?


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  1. says

    I totally agree that bloggers are so great to turn to for learning all kinds or tips and tricks!:) I’m glad you liked the yogurt trick! Even though I’m vegan and don’t eat Greek yogurt anymore, the trick still works with yummy vegan yogurts like almond,coconut and soy!:) I love Whole Soy Co.’s plain yogurt with vanilla extract and Amazing Grass Cacao stirred in before freezing!:) Lots of cinnamon on top, of course!:)
    Heather @ TheSoulfulSpoon recently posted….:*Garden of Life’s Kind Organic Vitamins Giveaway Winner*:.My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Brittany!! I don’t know exactly if it matters when you plant the seeds! I planted mine pretty late in the planting season and they seem to be growing! So fingers crossed for sure.

  2. says

    Okay what kind of magic makes this yogurt trick work?? All this time I’ve been chipping away at overly-frozen containers of yogurt. It’s so funny how a simple little trick can add a whole new treat to your repertoire.
    Ali recently posted…Friday Finds 8-8-14My Profile

  3. Zoe Diaz-McLeese says

    I definitely have learned a lot about HTML just by looking at my posts in the HTML version on blogger! I definitely want to try that plantain bread, looks so yummy!

    La Vie en Zoe

  4. says

    Thanks so much for sharing these! I’m really excited about the greek yogurt one because I found a cookie dough greek yogurt recipe a couple weeks and have been meaning to try it. *-* Pinning for future experimentation!
    Farrah recently posted…OMS-III (shortcoats)My Profile

  5. says

    This was such a fun post! I have always wondered about sprouting lentils and things like that! Also, the selfie… so cool! I don’t know if I’ve learned many tricks from the blog world, but I have learned how to make overnight oats.. love those!
    Allie recently posted…First Look PicturesMy Profile


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