Post Secret Live

As I mentioned last week, I was fortunate enough to attend a Post Secret Live event. If you’re unfamiliar with post secret I’ll give you a little back story….


More than ten years ago Frank Warren came up with the crazy brilliant idea to ask strangers to send him a secret, one they’ve never shared with anyone before, on a post card in the mail. He then began putting them up on the web each week and sharing with the world. Frank realized he had tapped into something that had always been there, but now it could be used to leverage the kindness of strangers. Not before long, this movement caught on and went viral. Now a decade later Frank has received hundreds of thousands of secrets, has created two apps, written 6 books; and most importantly has created a world wide community of people that connect, relate to, support, and even SAVE each other through  secret sharing.

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Foods of the Moment: Krono Bar Giveaway

[Have you entered my Nuzest protein powder giveaway yet?]

Fun Food Friday! That’s what I am dubbing today because I have some new FOODS OF THE MOMENT to share as well as a giveaway from one of my favorite companies. You’ve seen these bars featured in my #barsoftheday posts on Instagram and I’ve raved about their major chunks of chocolate. For all you Quest bar lovers who love those ‘chunks’, Kronobars have more than you could ever imagine and they’re made of REAL, WHOLE FOOD.

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Four Ways to Unwind at Night

Welcome to a new week, friends! I thought it would be nice to start this final week of February (WHAT?!) with a little reeeelaxaaaation chat. Lord knows the week gets busy pretty quick! So it might be good to mindfully set some goals for letting ourselves unwind after a hectic day.

But before I get into that…I wanted to mention the blogging streak I had the last week! I blogged SIX DAYS in a row. Now I know that’s small beans to any of the big bloggers out there that post everyday or multiple times a day, but for me it felt pretty cool. And I am proud of the content I shared with you all. In case you’re catching up, here’s what went down…

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The Ultimate Clean Eating Grocery Shopping List

[Last day to enter my Wrawp Raw Vegan Flatbread giveaway !]

Hey everyone! Tackling a long asked for ‘reader’s request‘ post today!

I get a lot of questions about my typical grocery store purchases, how much money I spend on groceries, and how I manage eating healthy with a pretty busy schedule. So I thought it would fun to share some insight into what I buy for groceries and how I save money as a college student. cleaneatinggroceryshoppinglistBefore we get into the list itself, a few notes…

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