Exercise Break [What's Working & What's Not]

As of yesterday, I’ve officially accomplished one full week of being exercise free.

Exercise Break [Whats Working & Whats Not]

I have a lot of pride in that…but I can tell you it hasn’t been easy. You don’t realize how much you appreciate something until it’s no longer in your life. And even though I am telling myself this is only temporary, and that my love for and desire to exercise will be even stronger once I feel it’s ready to go back to it….everyday is a struggle to stay on track. I have to admit, some days I feel like just getting up and going running. Especially when the weather is as gorgeous as it’s been. But instead, I remind myself that I can still enjoy outside without having to exercise in it. All day long I feel like I’m having inner dialogue with myself. But if that’s what it takes to maintain my streak, then I’m all for it!

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Liebster Love!

How’s your Tuesday going? 

The Liebster Award has been going around the blogworld for what seems like YEARS now. And finally I was awarded with one to fill out for myself! Lucky me…I LOVE surveys! So big thank you to Laura from Fitness Lulu for nominating me!

Liebster Love!

I’m sure you know what the deal with this tag is already, but here’s the details just for clarity’s sake Liebster Love!  

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Would you rather…

Hi all! Still holding strong with the no exercise commitment. I hope to do a post sometime soon about how I am filling my days instead of worrying about fitness and activity. Now that I am not doing it, I am realizing how much of my day it really took up! Lots of time for other interests now.

Today’s post is just for fun! Clare did this cool ‘would you rather’ survey the other day and I thought I’d fill it out too! Good way to get to know me a little better!

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Nutrition Tips to Embrace and Ignore

New week, new month! 

Thank you so much for all the amazingly sweet comments on my last post! My sister appreciated all the well wishes and is still riding the high from her marvelous wedding!

Today on the blog we’re talking nutrition. Let’s get into it….

Everyday we’re hit with nutrition tips from everyone from Dr. Oz to consultants on the Today Show to bogus internet articles that are written by the latest health guru. But not all of these tips, tricks, and suggestions are legitimate. Not only that, but they aren’t necessarily right for every person.

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