WIAW: BodyCrunch Giveaway!

Hey all! On to my 3rd day of classes! I can’t believe school has really started. I’m already neck deep in reading and writing. The professors don’t like to ease you back into it I guess!

With that said, I wanted to make a few announcements. I think for this semester since I have my internship as well as a really full course load, I am only going to be posting 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). This could be more some weeks, but for now I am going to dedicate myself to at least 3 days! Usually I have set posts for Wednesdays and Fridays (WIAW and Lend a {Healthy} Hand), but since I’ll only be posting 3 days a week, I am going to switch things up and not necessarily follow a schedule. Don’t worry, Lend a {Healthy} Hand isn’t going away! BY ANY MEANS! It just might go every other week or every two weeks depending on submission level and other topics I want to cover on the blog! Hope you’ll understand!

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WIAW: Summer Celebration Nakd Bar Giveaway!

You know what’s been missing around here for WIAW for a few weeks now? An AWESOME giveaway for you all to go with all of the yummy eats for the week! Well, like I mentioned last week, it’s time to remedy that. And today’s giveaway is especially appropriate because it’s all about celebrating summer flavors and foods! With summer drawing to a close we have to take advantage of all its wonder for as long as we can!

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WIAW: Fun Foodie Mail

[I can't start this post without acknowledging the loss of Robin Williams on Monday. He was truly one of my heroes and it pains me even more to think that his death came as the result of mental illness. Yet another instance that proves are nation needs to put forth more effort and funding to treating these stigmatized diseases. In honor of Robin, I am asking that everyone make a special submission to the Lend a {Healthy} Hand project this week. For a man who gave so much joy to others, let's cheer each other up by sharing how we've helped others in our own lives lately. Leave your #HealthyHelp in the comments.]

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Eggs & Bacon Oatmeal Breakfast Pizza

I love a good challenge. Whether it’s trying a new workout, taking on a new job, or going out of my comfort zone…it always gives me a rush of endorphins and a sense of accomplishment for pushing outside of the box.

Coming up with a new recipe is no different! Especially when I am given certain criteria to meet and parameters to fit in!

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WIA[and tried]W

Today is a 2 for 1 special on the blog! Not only is it WIAW, but I also have a another fun installment of Explore Your Own Backyard! This summer has been the summer of trying new things in my city and last week was no different!


On Friday I set out for a short drive to visit my area’s only Pure Barre location! I have never taken any sort of barre class before so I as pretty excited to try out this new type of workout. And it fits perfectly with my exercise break since it is low impact and low intensity….exactly what I am working with right now!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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