WIAW: Catching Up

Hey everyone! How are you doing? This week is just FLYING by. In fact the whole summer is. July is practically over and once August hits, it’s all down hill from there. I am NOT ready to go back to school. Definitely one of those people that really enjoys time off.

Come to think of it, this is my last real summer. With senior year coming up and not knowing what I’ll be doing next year, this is potentially my last summer vacation. Woah. That realization just hit me like a ton of bricks! Gotta soak it up as much as I can.

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WIAW: New Foods!

One part I love about being more flexible with my food choices is that it allows me to be more open to trying new foods! Lately, I’ve been trying tons of ‘new-to-me’ products and it’s been really fun to explore my likes and dislikes. Luckily, most of the things I’ve been trying I’ve enjoyed very much. Today I wanted to share two foods that were totally and completely new to me that I ended up loving! I’ve been incorporating them into my diet almost everyday now. 

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WIAW: Plant-Powered Families Cookbook Giveaway

Though I’m not vegan myself, I do love vegan food! Vegan, plant-based living incorporates my favorite foods into every meal and I love the lifestyle’s focus on whole, real food. Recently I was sent a copy of the newest cookbook from vegan goddess herself, Dreena Burton!

If you’re not familiar with Dreena, you’re missing out. She’s a fellow blogger and everything she makes is simply mouth-watering! Yes, her cookbook is vegan, but her food is so good that it will appeal to people from all different dietary practices.

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WIAW: Truly Organic Foods

Happy WIAW! I’m still in NYC, but I wrote up my WIAW before hand so I wouldn’t miss the party! Sharing some fun new products I’ve been able to try recently before getting into today’s full day of eats.

Truly Organic Foods is no stranger to the blog. I actually reviewed for them a few years back. But now they’ve totally redone their site, added new brands to their marketplace, and come out with their own line of products. I was given the opportunity to try some more of their products and I wanted to have a whole post focused on everything I received. It’s quite the mixture of foods and I’ve slowly been making my way through all of them!

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