Ya know that show on MTV, cribs? Well my friend, over at TeenageHealthFreak, inspired me to show you all my room and where I spend my time blogging to all of you. She recently let everyone have a look at her awesome room, so I thought it would be fun to do the same!

But before I get to that, let me announce the winner if the super squeeze pack giveaway!

CONGRATS to………Catherine!

Please send me your shipping info so I can get your nut butter bundle out to you ASAP. A big thanks to all of you that entered, keep reading cause there will be another giveaway coming up real soon!

Now, let me show you my room!


here's what ya see when you first walk in




makeup/ jewelry section


organization tip: my bracelet holder is actually a dish rack from Target. It makes a perfect place to put my bracelets on without getting them all tangled and lost.


my comfy bed



That picture leaning on the wall is a caricature I got done in NYC, it doesn’t really look like me though.


desk area where I am currently blogging from


flip flop necklace holders


My room has a kind of a beachy, california theme to it. I want to live in Cali someday so my room is perfect for me!

What do your rooms look like? Feel free to send me some pics.

What does your room say about your personality?








Friday was such a busy day for me. I am the activities director for student council and we had our first bake sale of the year to raise money for charity. I had to be at school by seven fifteen to run the sale as well as bake a bunch of stuff to sell. Here’s me with my two cakes:

Pink frosting because the money is going to a foundation for breast cancer since it’s breast cancer awareness month. We have one bake sale a month to benefit a different cause. Next month is Juvenile Diabetes and the month after that is AIDS.


Yesterday’s dinner was my first meal with “asian” flavors since I got back from China. After eating chinese food for 16 days in a row, I thought I would want to eat asian food again (just because I had had it so much, not because it isn’t good!). But last night my mom made  “clean eating” style moo shu vegetable wraps with sautéed chili pepper tofu, and I LOVED it.

It was so flavorful and I realized I still do like the flavor of soy, garlic, and ginger. Yay! 

On the side I had some okra and some other veggies.

This is only my second time having okra and my first time having it plain. Kath has described it as crunchy with a slightly slimy center and it never seemed that appealing to me. But after trying it for myself, I actually liked it. The taste reminded me of a mix between broccoli and zucchini.

Sadly, I have to work on homework ALL DAY today. But before I go, let me leave you with a video of Ella doing one of her favorite tricks.


Home Sweet Home

And how sweet it is. 

Ahh coming home last night at 12:30 at night, after a 36 hour day that began at 2:30 in the morning in China and ended after 10 hours of layover and 3 flights, being in my own home, in my own bed, felt like heaven. 

We traveled to Tokyo, Japan, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and then finally home to B-lo. The cool part about going to these airports was able to eat sushi in Japan (!) and I was able to eat at the French Meadow Bakery Cafe (who I have done a product review for…..awesome breads) in Minneapolis. So, aside from being the longest day of my life (literally), being able to have some awesome eats made up for it in a way. 

My last few days in China were fun, even though I am so happy to be home, here’s a little recap of my last day in Xian as well as my last two days in Beijing: 

On Sunday, our last full day in Xian we visited the wild goose pagoda and the city square. 






Scenes from a local park in the city square: 




Both were beautiful places to walk around. 

I was so happy to find a Subway for lunch and even bought an extra sub for dinner! I really liked the Chinese food but I had been having such an adverse reaction to it that I needed some simple american food (especially bread). 

Here’s a funny menu I saw while we were out on the town: 


On Monday we had our closing ceremonies at the campus and they forced us we sang the song we learned in music class for the staff and dean of the school. A little embarrassing lol. 

the Dean of the school giving his closing speech

my friend, Kevin, playing an original song

Then in the afternoon we headed back to Beijing to spend our final day in China. 

some of my friends and I getting ready to board our plane to Beijing

We visited the beautiful Imperial Summer Palace. 






This place was so picturesque and looked like it was straight out of a movie. Such a pretty place. 

My two week trip to China was truly eye opening and completely unforgettable. China is so different from the US and being there has made me so much more appreciative of the life and opportunities I have here. Many people there are a lot less fortunate than Americans and I feel as though I have developed a whole other level of gratitude for the freedoms and lifestyle our country allows us to live with. 

I can tell you that I love eating with chopsticks! So you will be seeing a lot more of those around the blog. Say goodbye to forks! Chopsticks are so much more fun in my opinion. Right Katie? 

Oh and check out what I had for my first breakfast back at home…. 



ONO!!!! Oh how I missed you! I served them in a bowl I picked up from a market in Beijing. It’s even got a holder for chopsticks built right in (or a spoon in this morning’s case). 

Well I am off to unpack and work on my store <there’s the link btw!!!
You can officially start buying products! 


PS. stay tuned for a whole bunch of product reviews over the next few days (I received a ton of products while I was away), including: amazing grass, zing bars, emmy’s organics, raw revolution, and navita’s naturals!