It’s WIAW but…

There are more important things to discuss before I get into that stuff.

Today (or yesterday if you’re reading this on Wednesday) is of course 9/11. A day that our country will never forget…a day that will live in infamy. I don’t think you can talk to one person who didn’t have some sort of connection with the tragedy that occurred eleven years ago. I myself have family members that serve in the military, friends in NYC, and of course a general sense of empathy for my fellow Americans….so this day has always affected me deeply.

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My Saturday’s Spent…

Happy LONG weekend everyone! (or at least to those of you who have one…I am sorry to those who don’t!) I will never understand why colleges choose to start school a week before Labor day! Why not just wait the extra week to start since we’re all going to get a day of anyway?! But hey, I am not complaining about a day off! Its gonna sound pretty pathetic…but I needed it after this week!

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Unofficial Family Day

First day of classes as a college student done. Boom. 

[cliché first day of school pic]

I already took a quiz and have three homework assignments! Ha! Talk about starting the semester off with a bang! But I am actually loving it! All my classes are in the morning so I basically only have a half a day of school everyday! Perfect for me since I am definitely a morning person!

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Mantra Roundup!

Big thank you to all of you who contributed to the #Makeitthrough Mantra project! (if you don’t know what I’m talking about check out this post…) I feel like we got a really great variety of positive mantra’s that can be used in a ton of different trying situations.

I know I will definitely be referring to this list in times of stress and sadness…I hope you’ll do the same!

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