WIAW: Plant-Powered Families Cookbook Giveaway

Though I’m not vegan myself, I do love vegan food! Vegan, plant-based living incorporates my favorite foods into every meal and I love the lifestyle’s focus on whole, real food. Recently I was sent a copy of the newest cookbook from vegan goddess herself, Dreena Burton!

If you’re not familiar with Dreena, you’re missing out. She’s a fellow blogger and everything she makes is simply mouth-watering! Yes, her cookbook is vegan, but her food is so good that it will appeal to people from all different dietary practices.

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Spicy Kale Lentil Burgers

A healthy, vegan burger recipe that’s full of intense flavor! They’re spicy yet savory, crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside, and very nutritious. Lentils and kale combine to make one superfood filled patty!  

In all the baking I’ve done, I’ve never really used a flax or chia egg. I don’t know why, but I always reach for egg whites instead. Sure they make for tasty recipes, but they don’t help my vegan readers very much.

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NYC Trip Recap

Hey friends! I AM BACK! After a whirlwind 3 days in NYC, I have a lot to share.

Even though I was only there for a short period of time, I got a lot in! Saw some amazing sights, ate some amazing food, and just had a really great time getting away for a bit.

Be prepared. This post is long and picture heavy! But I hope you’ll enjoy reliving my adventure with me. :)

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WIAW: Truly Organic Foods

Happy WIAW! I’m still in NYC, but I wrote up my WIAW before hand so I wouldn’t miss the party! Sharing some fun new products I’ve been able to try recently before getting into today’s full day of eats.

Truly Organic Foods is no stranger to the blog. I actually reviewed for them a few years back. But now they’ve totally redone their site, added new brands to their marketplace, and come out with their own line of products. I was given the opportunity to try some more of their products and I wanted to have a whole post focused on everything I received. It’s quite the mixture of foods and I’ve slowly been making my way through all of them!

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WIAW: Let’s Catch Up!

I can’t believe June is already HALF OVER. This summer is going by far too quickly in my opinion. But it seems that’s always the case when you have a break from school, am I right?

Today’s WIAW is nothing fancy. No product reviews, giveaways, or recipes. Instead I wanted to take the time to catch you all up on what’s going on in my life, what’s coming up for me, and some exciting things that have been taking place. Let’s consider it a sort of virtual coffee date! I’m gonna list it out, since I have a lot to share. :)

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