WIAW: Take a Hike with Larabar

Thanks to LÄRABAR for sponsoring today’s discussion.

It’s WIAW and today I have some fun news from one of my favorite companies to share with you!

If you didn’t know, National Take a Hike Day is coming up! Three days before my birthday actually. So on November 17th, LÄRABAR is encouraging people to get outside, lace up some hiking shoes (sneakers are fine!), and enjoy the beautiful foliage that fall has to offer! Did you know the whole idea of LÄRABAR  happened on a hike? They sent me an awesome LARAbag full of LÄRABAR products and gear for getting outside!

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WIAW: Healthy Snacking & Hidden Veggie Muffins

Musselmans provided me with the samples in this post at no cost to me. All opinions, recipes, and photos are my own.  Fall is apple season of course and I plan on doing my fair share of apple eating this season. Fresh off the tree, in baked goods, in pie, and in applesauce! It’s all so good, fresh, and sweet. What are you favorite varieties? I am partial to empires, fujis, pink ladies, honey crisps, and crispins! But there really are SO MANY out there and during apple season I am always discovered new kinds to sample! Isn’t it amazing that modern agriculture can produce so many new, unique flavors and textures for an old favorite like apples? Musselman’s is all about apples obviously and they are celebrating this time of year by encouraging kids, adults, and EVERYONE to start snacking healthier by incorporating applesauce into your diet.  WIAW: Healthy Snacking & Hidden Veggie Muffins If you’ve ever tried to do a recipe makeover before, then I am sure you know how applesauce can be great substitute for typical baking ingredients. I was lucky enough to receive of their kits with some unsweetened applesauce, some Big Cup applesauce, a cute backpack, recipe cards, and a handy list that shows how you can substitute applesauce for things like oil, butter, and even sugar in some cases! WIAW: Healthy Snacking & Hidden Veggie Muffins The recipes they sent along looked delicious! WIAW: Healthy Snacking & Hidden Veggie Muffins But I have to say, all this apple talk inspired me to make my own recipe! I wanted to do something that put a new twist on healthy snacking.

WIAW: Healthy Snacking & Hidden Veggie Muffins I came up with what I like to call…hidden veggie muffins! Not only are these muffins made with applesauce of course, but they contain veggies that you can’t even taste. How’s that for boosting the nutritional value? They are also gluten free, low carb, sugar free, and high in protein!

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WI(Made)W: Savory Pumpkin Pasta

[Have you entered my HUGE Expo East giveaway contest yet!? Details HERE.] Since the last Recipe Redux contest I entered ended with my recipe being chosen as the winner (still so shocked!), I knew I had to enter this next one! And once I saw the challenge, I got even more excited because it involved one of my favorite foods…PASTA!

WI(Made)W: Savory Pumpkin Pasta “How Do You Celebrate National Pasta Month?” Recipe Challenge

October is National Pasta Month and the National Pasta Association wants to find out which pasta recipe fits into your healthy lifestyle. The Pasta Fits Campaign is encouraging ReDux members to feature pasta as the perfect foundation to a healthy recipe as it boosts energy, satisfies hunger and can be paired with vegetables and lean proteins to create delicious meals.

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WIAW: A fun contest for you!

Last week I mentioned that I was thinking of holding a contest for someone to design a new button for the Lend a {Healthy} Hand project. A few of you expressed interest so I thought it would be a great opportunity to giveaway some of my goodies from Expo East!

Here’s the current button:

WIAW: A fun contest for you!

If you’re not familiar with the LAHH project, go HERE.

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