The ADULT Onzie+An Elliptical Interval Workout

We’re talking Onzie’s on the blog today! No not that kind… THIS KIND! Fashionable, unique workout and yoga gear from Onzie! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Onzie is a company that specializes in creating fitness gear that combines the traditional attributes of yoga attire with functionality and fashion! They have tons of cool patterns and designs and most of their gear looks like it could be worn for a night out instead of a morning in the gym….it’s that cute!!

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Fashionable Fitness+Burpee Countdown Workout

Happy Weekend, friends! Hope you’re having a relaxing, restful few days! I am so happy to be done with classes but not quite ready to get back into study mode for exams next week….rude awakening is in my future come Sunday night! But for now I am enjoying my time chilling out and not having so much pressure piling on. Today I have some awesome fitness focused things to share…so read on!

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Ten Days of Giveaways: Day 2

Hi all! Just a quick pop-in from me today to share the giveaways from TWO awesome companies that are hosting DAY 2 of TEN DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS on the blog!


The daily spiel: To celebrate the ONE year anniversary of the Lend a {Healthy} Hand project, I will be hosting TEN DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS from companies who’s business model aligns with the ‘do good’ message behind the project! From now until next Thursday there will be a giveaway everyday on the blog! So get ready for some awesome prizes and do some extra#healthyhelp to get in the spirit! All giveaways in the TEN DAYS series will be open for 2-3 days and all winners will be announced on Friday, January 17th!

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