Friday Favorites: Pin It Party #3

[UGH does not even begin to cover it! So many blog problems, so much frustration. But we're back now and I will fill you in on the fiasco later. For now, enjoy this very late post!]

Happy Friday, friends! A few weeks ago, Lindsay announced that she’d be hosting another Pin It Party! I’ve participated the past two times and I thought it would be fun to do it again! It’s such a fun way to share some old posts that need a little love and catch you all up on gems you might have missed. In the spirit of Five Things Friday and Friday Favorites. I’m going to be sharing a few posts from 5 different categories. So get ready to do some reading and clicking! Friday Favorites: Pin It Party #3

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How the Five Pillars of Yoga Apply to Life

[The winner of my iFit Active band giveaway has been announced!! Is it you!?]

Another new week, another yoga class, and thus another blog post idea! I swear, if you ever have writers block….GO TO YOGA! At my studio at least, the teachers are ALWAYS saying the most inspiring words and really making you think. Similar to my post about ‘detoxing your mind’, the class I took last week got me thinking about a lot of things as well.

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WIAW: Foods I’m Loving Lately

[Have you entered my Thunderbird Energetica/Gather bar giveaway!? It runs until Saturday so enter for your chance to win!]

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘fun foodie purchases’ post or a ‘foods of the moment’ post so I thought WIAW would be the perfect opportunity to fill you in on some foods I’ve been loving lately. Some are staples, some are new to me products, but all are delicious!

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