Heaven To Me

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One of the things I love about Twitter is that it connects me with tons of inspirational, influential people that I otherwise wouldn’t have ‘met’ or had the chance to interact with. Tony Posnanski (otherwise known as the Anti-Jared) is a really cool blogger who I followed for a few years now. Aside from writing some really cool articles that take a new spin on the world of health and fitness on his blog, he also is a pretty fun tweeter! He’s always coming up with the best hashtags and often they start trending around the country. Silly things like #RuinARomanticMomentIn4Words or #AwkwardGreetingsIn5Words! I always can look to his tweets for a laugh and a smile.

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Redefining Compliments

You look great.

How often do you hear this? Either on the receiving end or just in everyday conversation. It seems to be everyone’s go to compliment. Especially if you’ve recently lost weight, toned up, or got in shape. Never mind how you got there….maybe you were sick with the stomach flu for a week, maybe you’ve been KILLING yourself non stop at the gym, maybe you’ve been skipping meals. Regardless, you’re being told you look great. So it’s all worth it right?

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4 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back

In my time away earlier this summer, I learned a lot about myself. The motivations behind my behaviors, the reasons I choose certain coping mechanisms, and some of the ways I get in my own way.

In some regard, we all hold ourselves back in some way. Whether it’s our insecurities, our self doubt, or our own unrealistic expectations for the world around us.

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