WIA[and tried]W

Today is a 2 for 1 special on the blog! Not only is it WIAW, but I also have a another fun installment of Explore Your Own Backyard! This summer has been the summer of trying new things in my city and last week was no different!


On Friday I set out for a short drive to visit my area’s only Pure Barre location! I have never taken any sort of barre class before so I as pretty excited to try out this new type of workout. And it fits perfectly with my exercise break since it is low impact and low intensity….exactly what I am working with right now!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Jade Yoga Mat Review

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You all know, I LOVE MARSHAL’S. So many good deals on stuff that would otherwise be way overpriced. But despite my love for their deep discounts, there are some things that just shouldn’t be purchased there. Case in point….YOGA MATS. No matter how alluring their pretty colors, cool designs, and 15 dollar price tags are. When it comes to getting good quality equipment for a sweaty yoga practice, Marshal’s simply doesn’t cut it. Now that I’ve been practicing yoga daily, I learned that lesson the hard way. My Marshal’s mat pretty much turned into a slip and slide during my practice. IMG_6281

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My Afternoon at the Power Institute

Happy Spring everyone! Can’t believe it’s the first official day (especially considering the weather outside!)! But, seriously I can’t believe it because I’ve had my dates all screwed up this week. For some reason I thought Thursday was the 21st of March instead of the 20th so I was all ready to post this month’s Recipe Redux recipe today!

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New Shoes, New Approach

Time for a little fitness update around here!

[whenever I get new shoes, I think about this song!]

Last week I decided it was time for some new running shoes. I can always tell when my shoes lose their traction and tread because my legs start to feel heavy, my calves start to get sore, and my Achilles tendon swells…happens every time. So I knew it was time to replace the Saucony Wave Kinvara 4′s I’d been wearing since mid summer (I was introduced to them through a FitFluential campaign! Reviewer turned buyer!). I really liked these sneakers and decided to get another pair of them! I find I run best with a light pair of shoes…not minimalist by any means…but just lighter and with less bulk than a lot of other shoes. My feet don’t need a whole lot of support or special specifications and I’ve found this model really works for me! Especially since being redesigned this past year, they’ve really contributed to some great runs for me!

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A Tasty Teaser



One of my favorite creations to date!

Cocoa Mint Protein bars!!!! Not only are these babies vegan, full of whole grains, and have no added sugar…but they are DELICIOUS as well.

But unfortunately I am being a bit of a tease tonight because I am not sharing the recipe for them until tomorrow…they needed just one more tweak!

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