How to Stay Active During the Winter

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In the summer and spring I tend to stick to just a few different activities….mostly biking, walking, and running. I just love being outside, so I take my workout outdoors whenever possible. However, when it comes to winter, motivation can be lacking and the weather itself can actually stop you from being able to do your normal activity.

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Hey everyone! I know it’s odd for me to be posting on a Thursday, but I had to pop in to share an awesome promotion I recently came across.

This month I am collaborating with Stayfree®  on a few posts and they are offering up a month of FREE YOGA to anyone who buys their products.

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Reframe Your Fitness

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Now that I am in the thick of studying for my NASM PT certification, I’ve really been delving into the textbook and picking up a ton of new information.

Aside from all the technical stuff, anatomy, and exercise science basics, I’ve been learning a lot of really practical information about fitness in general. One chapter that really stuck out to me was one in which the recommendations for weekly exercise were given. I had been aware of these in the past, but rereading over the exact guidelines that are put out by the American Heart Association got me thinking about our society’s relationship with fitness.

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Sweat then Snack 4.0 [Peaches and Cream Mugcake]

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Happy Monday, friends! I have to kick-but things to share with you today that are sure to get your week started on the right foot. First, an energizing workout and second, an easy snack recipe that’s sugar free, gluten free, and easy to make! In fact, I promised you guys this recipe MONTHS ago, so it’s about time I follow through. :)

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Goal Setting in 2015

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February already?! Where the heck did January go? I’m pretty sure I’ll be saying that all year.

I’m a little late to the whole resolution setting game…but better late than never, right? Besides, I’m not really one for setting resolutions. I like the idea of ‘intentions’ or overall goals. Resolutions seem so restrictive and potentially disappointing if you don’t meet them. Plus, it’s pretty hard to pick something to work on for the whole year! Small goals and changes you can make on a daily basis work for me much better. So I am putting a few ideas out there for things I’d like to focus on, possibly attempt, and accomplish in the New Year. I wanted to share some of that with you all today.

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