How I FINALLY Recovered From My Injury

October 26th, 2014. The day that’s been plaguing me for more than 9 months now. That was the day I fractured my knee cap. That was my initial injury. I healed fully and got back to running in Janiary 2015. However, I ramped up my speed and mileage too quickly and ended up producing bone marrow edema by the end of the month. Since then I’ve been battling with daily pain and trying to heal this pesky injury in every way possible.

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Fashletics Fitness Jewelry + Workout

It’s been a while since I’ve had a primarily ‘fitness‘ centric post on the blog. I am happy to remedy that today! I am a personal trainer after all so I love learning about fitness, coming up with new workouts, and taking part in it myself. Since I’ve been able to get back to a healthy, maintainable workout routine, I’ve had fun experimenting with new forms of exercise, helping others find what works for them, and creating fun routines for you all to try.

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NYC Trip Recap

Hey friends! I AM BACK! After a whirlwind 3 days in NYC, I have a lot to share.

Even though I was only there for a short period of time, I got a lot in! Saw some amazing sights, ate some amazing food, and just had a really great time getting away for a bit.

Be prepared. This post is long and picture heavy! But I hope you’ll enjoy reliving my adventure with me. :)

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Lend a {Healthy} Hand #89: Run 10 Feed 10

Wooo! 11 more round ups till we hit 100. How momentous!

I’m really excited about this week’s round-up because I can finally share a little more about my participation in the Women’s Health Action Hero program and how my role will allow me to do a lot of good for others.


As a part of the program, the Action Hero’s participate in WH’s annual Run 10 Feed 10 event! The race series is all about raising money and awareness for the major hunger problem in America. The concept is a simple one. RUN a 10K and FEED 10 hungry people in your hometown.

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The Dynamic Duo: Running & Barre

Hi friends! Popping in today with an awesome guest post for you all! It combines one of my loves (running) with a great way to stay in shape and injury free while doing it, barre. Maria from Healthy Tidbits is here to talk about her experience with these two forms of exercise and how they compliment each other when both done in moderation. Take it away, Maria! runningandbarre

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