Sweat then Snack 3.0 [Resistance Band Giveaway]

Time for another round of SWEAT then SNACK. The posts where I share a new workout with you all, plus a protein rich recipe to refuel afterwards. Today there is extra fun in store because I have a giveaway for you as well!

Aurorae sent me a set of their new resistance bands! I typically don’t use resistance bands when I train (because I’ve never really had access to them in the past!) so I was excited to see how they could change up my workouts.

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Five Fitness and Health YouTube Channels

Back to the real world, friends! The holidays are almost through, can you believe it? It seems like they came and went so quickly and now we’re already moving on to 2015!


Recently I’ve really gotten into watching YouTube videos! I’ve never been that into YouTube aside from the occasional viral video viewing, but now that some of my favorite bloggers and social media celebs have started their own channels, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people behind the screens. I mostly watch health and fitness channels at this point but I am always looking to expand my subscriptions and see what else is out there. Today I thought I’d share some of my favorite channels as of late.

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WIAW: Workout Wednesday

This is the one day this week I actually DON’T have a final! So it’s a nice little break midweek. Today I wanted to share a workout with you all since it’s been a while since we’ve talked about anything fitness-y around here. Now that I am able to do more in the gym (more on that soon when I do an injury update!), I have been having some fun coming up with workouts to share with you all again.

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Fitness & Nutrition While Injured

[Did you win my seasonal Larbar giveaway? Go check!]

Last week when I discussed some tips on how to get through an injury, I asked you all if you’d be interested in hearing about what I’m doing for fitness during this time off.


[This is in no way a recommendation on what you should do for fitness and nutrition when injured. I am not a health professional (yet ;) ) and am just sharing what I’ve been doing lately.]

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