WIA[and tried]W

Today is a 2 for 1 special on the blog! Not only is it WIAW, but I also have a another fun installment of Explore Your Own Backyard! This summer has been the summer of trying new things in my city and last week was no different!


On Friday I set out for a short drive to visit my area’s only Pure Barre location! I have never taken any sort of barre class before so I as pretty excited to try out this new type of workout. And it fits perfectly with my exercise break since it is low impact and low intensity….exactly what I am working with right now!  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Manduka Yoga Mat: Pros and Cons

Happy Weekend everyone! I am considering this my last weekend of true freedom of the Summer since next week I start a new job with lots of weekend hours. So I am definitely soaking it up! What are your plans for the weekend?


As you know, I’ve been going on quite a few yogi adventures lately! Whether practicing on a paddle board or in the pouring rain, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to try out the latest and greatest yoga equipment to see what works best in which conditions.

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Explore Your Own Backyard: SUP Yoga

As much as I try to keep things light, fun, and positive here on the blog, sometimes ya just gotta be real and truthful about when things don’t go as expected or don’t meet the expectations you had for them. So this installment of Explore Your Own Backyard will be a bit different from the other ones as my experience this week with partaking in a new activity in my city was more negative. exploreyourownbackyard Last Wednesday I signed up to try something that had been on my bucket list for a few years now….SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga). Unfortunately the only thing I really got out of it was being able to cross it off said bucket list.

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The Importance of Sweat

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One the things I love about yoga is how every class is different. Sure there is a basic flow and foundation that is followed each time, but you truly never know what is going to come next. One thing you can count on in every class however, is….SWEAT. Buckets and buckets of it.

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NamaSTAY Yoga Spray and Towel Review

Another post for all my fellow yoga lovers out there! As I said in my last yoga gear review, I was having some trouble with slipping and sliding during my yoga classes. Well luckily, I got a pretty rad mat to help with that. But still, towards the end of class, having a towel handy is really helpful with being able to stay stable and strong in your poses.

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