Foods of the Moment: Krono Bar Giveaway

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Fun Food Friday! That’s what I am dubbing today because I have some new FOODS OF THE MOMENT to share as well as a giveaway from one of my favorite companies. You’ve seen these bars featured in my #barsoftheday posts on Instagram and I’ve raved about their major chunks of chocolate. For all you Quest bar lovers who love those ‘chunks’, Kronobars have more than you could ever imagine and they’re made of REAL, WHOLE FOOD.

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Foods of the Moment: Bars and Butters Edition

Time for another round of Foods of the Moment! I like that you guys enjoy these posts and get excited about being introduced to new products. I personally love finding new foods and food combinations to try on blogs, so I feel free to give me some feedback on if you like this posting series.

First up though, I have a fun giveaway for you all featuring some products I tried last year and LOVED. Wrawp Raw Vegan Flat Breads! Read my full review here.

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Foods of the Moment: Simple Snacks

Hi friends!¬†Hope your New Year’s celebrations were fun and festive! I am a bundle of excitement over here because, on Tuesday I got the final word on my injury. In case you missed my Instagram announcement, I am 100% HEALED! My doc even remarked that you would never even have known I broke my knee. That’s how well it healed! In addition, because I maintained my strength and fitness throughout the injury, I don’t even need physical therapy. The doc said, I pretty much have been doing what PT would have suggested anyways. So I am totally clear to do any and all activity I please. I’ve already tested the water with running (totally pain-free) and I am excited to slowly (slowly being the key word) build up my endurance and speed again. And I cannot wait to get back to yoga next week! My body is CRAVING it.

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WIAW: Foods of the Moment

[Last day to enter my Favorite Things Giveaway! 11 winners will be announced tomorrow!]

Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week and one day away from Turkey Day for my fellow Americans! Are you getting excited!?

Today it’s time for another round of FOODS OF THE MOMENT! The posting series in which I share some of the latest and greatest products I’ve been able to try from the health food world.¬†foodsofthemoment

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CL Thursdays + a Foods of the Moment Giveaway

I am especially excited to share this week’s College Lifestyles article with you because it features a good friend of mine. You may know he as Julianna from Julianna Bananna, but I know her is one of the sweetest people on the planet! Earlier this week she sent me a surprise package of goodies make me feel better about my injury!

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