WIAW: Foods of the Moment

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Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week and one day away from Turkey Day for my fellow Americans! Are you getting excited!?

Today it’s time for another round of FOODS OF THE MOMENT! The posting series in which I share some of the latest and greatest products I’ve been able to try from the health food world. WIAW: Foods of the Moment

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CL Thursdays + a Foods of the Moment Giveaway

I am especially excited to share this week’s College Lifestyles article with you because it features a good friend of mine. You may know he as Julianna from Julianna Bananna, but I know her is one of the sweetest people on the planet! Earlier this week she sent me a surprise package of goodies make me feel better about my injury!

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Foods of the Moment: Bar Addict Edition

As you’re reading this, I am either in the midst of a long day at work or heading to see one of my all time favorite comics for one of his 4 shows in Buffalo this weekend! I am coming prepared with gifts and my best ‘biggest fan’ face ever. I am so pumped.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! These past few days have been non-stop, go-go-go, but it’s nice to be busy sometimes! Certainly keeps you occupied! Stay tuned for my next post for the EPIC pizza recipe I promised.

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WIAW: Foods I’m Loving Lately

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It’s been a while since I’ve done a ‘fun foodie purchases’ post or a ‘foods of the moment’ post so I thought WIAW would be the perfect opportunity to fill you in on some foods I’ve been loving lately. Some are staples, some are new to me products, but all are delicious!

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