CL Thursdays+ a Favorite Things BIRTHDAY Giveaway

WE WERE HIT! Winter has certainly arrived (early!) and there is over 90 inches of snow in my area right now. Not cool for this girl who hates the cold and the snow. I’ll say it again, I need to move somewhere without seasons. It’s happening for grad school. And can you believe this is the second time a major winter storm has happened on my birthday!? Crazy!

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CL Thursdays + an Old Factory Candle Giveaway

Well this week’s CL Thursday is not going to go as planned. What I wanted to share with you was the following….

Most of you are entering, in, or have already been through college so I think you’ll be able to relate to this week’s College Lifestyles article. College is a wonderful place for learning about yourself, the world, and your future career. But it’s also the perfect environment to pick up some rather ‘bad’ habits. This week I sat down with a counselor to discuss some of the habits from college that stick with you and harm your health. She has some great tips on how to counter them!

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CL Thursdays + a Foods of the Moment Giveaway

I am especially excited to share this week’s College Lifestyles article with you because it features a good friend of mine. You may know he as Julianna from Julianna Bananna, but I know her is one of the sweetest people on the planet! Earlier this week she sent me a surprise package of goodies make me feel better about my injury!

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What’s App? [Current Favorite Apps]

[Did you miss my weekend post? Check it out! Some simple things that we all need to be reminded of sometimes.]

Happy Monday! Time to get a little techy up in here!

But before I get into that I want to make an announcement…

Due to the lack of submissions for my Lend a {Healthy} Hand Design a Button Contest, I’ve decided to just hold a regular ol’ giveaway for the goodies from Expo East that were up for grabs!

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CL Thursdays+A New Workout!

[Want to win some Expo East products? Find out how HERE!]

Popping in for another quick CL Thursday┬ápost! I can’t believe this is my first article of October! Can’t wait to share some other good stuff with you this month…think healthy Halloween treats, yoga moves to remedy a day of sitting, tips easing midterm anxiety, and a great way to make your dorm room the perfect environment for a workout. CL Thursdays+A New Workout!

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