Lend a {Healthy} Hand #90: REB Brand Clothing Giveaway!

[Did you catch my BIG NEWS from earlier?]

Well, it’s been quite a while since my last Lend a {Healthy} Hand┬áround up! That’s not to say you all haven’t been doing a lot of good in the world. It just means we have an extra packed week of #healthyhelp to share. Fine with me! :)

This week’s round up is especially important to my family and I because I am doing a little favor for my dad who just got involved with a new business. He’s quite the entrepreneur and is always seeing what he can dip his hands in next!

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Link Love: Freebie Friday!

HAPPY FRIDAY! This is an especially happy day because I have a huge round up Link Love to share with you all as well as a giveaway from one of my favorite companies!

Thunderbird Bar has been making a ton of positive changes lately (more to be revealed soon!) and to celebrate they wanted to kick off the tradition of Freebie Friday. Every few months I’ll be hosting an awesome opportunity for two of you to win some of their amazing bars. You know my love for them already and I love that I am able to introduce more of you to their deliciousness. Enter below….

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WIAW: Plant-Powered Families Cookbook Giveaway

Though I’m not vegan myself, I do love vegan food! Vegan, plant-based living incorporates my favorite foods into every meal and I love the lifestyle’s focus on whole, real food. Recently I was sent a copy of the newest cookbook from vegan goddess herself, Dreena Burton!

If you’re not familiar with Dreena, you’re missing out. She’s a fellow blogger and everything she makes is simply mouth-watering! Yes, her cookbook is vegan, but her food is so good that it will appeal to people from all different dietary practices.

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WIAW: Swanson Vitamins Giveaway!

A few month’s ago I shared my experience with Swanson Vitamins. As a refresher, Swanson Vitamins is an online retailer for all the top healthy living products on the market. They carry everything from snacks to supplements and have some of the lowest prices I’ve ever some across. In addition, they also have their own in-house line of products that are even CHEAPER than the top brands they carry.

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