Foods of the Moment: Krono Bar Giveaway

[Have you entered my Nuzest protein powder giveaway yet?]

Fun Food Friday! That’s what I am dubbing today because I have some new FOODS OF THE MOMENT to share as well as a giveaway from one of my favorite companies. You’ve seen these bars featured in my #barsoftheday posts on Instagram and I’ve raved about their major chunks of chocolate. For all you Quest bar lovers who love those ‘chunks’, Kronobars have more than you could ever imagine and they’re made of REAL, WHOLE FOOD.

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Pumpkin Spice Protein Cookies [Nuzest Protein Giveaway!]

[WINNER of my Swanson Vitamins giveaway announced!! Check to see if it’s you!]

Ever since I broke my ‘bean baking’ virginity with these Ginger Spiced Bean cookies, I have been scratching my head looking for an opportunity to do some more experimenting. The texture that beans give a baked good is like none other. Dense, slightly cakey, and so yummy. Ever since making those cookies, I’ve been dying to experience that texture heaven again!

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Swanson Vitamins Giveaway

If you’ve noticed, on instagram and in my WIAW posts, I’ve been enjoying some really fun new food products lately! Well that’s all thanks to Swanson Vitamins, and today I am giving you the chance to do the same. :)

Recently I was given the chance to work with Swanson Vitamins, an online healthy product retailer that has AMAZING deals on any health food product or supplement you could want. I’ve heard people rave about Swanson in the past, so I was excited to see what type of experience I’d have with them. I am happy to report, I am very much impressed!

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Sweat then Snack 3.0 [Resistance Band Giveaway]

Time for another round of SWEAT then SNACK. The posts where I share a new workout with you all, plus a protein rich recipe to refuel afterwards. Today there is extra fun in store because I have a giveaway for you as well!

Aurorae sent me a set of their new resistance bands! I typically don’t use resistance bands when I train (because I’ve never really had access to them in the past!) so I was excited to see how they could change up my workouts.

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WIAW: Gather Bar Giveaway!

Hi friends! Well, the semester has started. Is it bad to admit I already feel stressed? I am taking a bunch of upper level courses this semester including one from a notoriously strict/tough professor. I’m a little intimidated to say the least.

Speaking of school, would you all be interested in another ‘Day in the Life‘ post…but SCHOOL edition? My schedule is really wonky this semester and it has totally thrown off my eating! I’m still trying to figure everything out and adapt, but it’s definitely a challenge. I could also share more about the classes I’m taking, if you’d like. Let me know in the comments!

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