WIA(Saturday)+a Simply Choices Giveaway!

Wednesday once again! Only one more Wednesday after this one left in my semester! Thank god. It’s been a rough one. But summer is so close, I can taste it!

Speaking of taste, today is obviously all about food here on the blog! Lucky for you all, I managed to capture a FULL day of eats on Saturday! I usually just show a random collection of meals from the past week, but every once in a while I act like a proper WIAW blogger and get a full day!

But that’s not all I have for you today….

I am apart of Simply Choices Blogger Wellness program, so every month I get a nice delivery of goodies to share with you all! Well, this month’s shipment was MAJOR.IMG_5139

4 boxes FILLED with their Simply Protein Crunch! So what does that mean? A giveaway for you all of course!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

4 winners will receive SIX bags of either Banana Caramel or Raspberry Coconut Protein Crunch<—-my two favorite flavors!

Enter below….

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And now onto Saturday’s eats



pumpkin pie smoothie with corn puffs, ezekiel cereal, oats, dried fruit, dried pumpkin, and coconut flour//pumpkin yogurt with cottage cheese and peanut butter

Post Gym Snack:


nakd cocoa delight and apple crunch bars

Lunch: wiawlunch

tuna saute salad//toast and protein buns with feta//pureed lentil soup

Afternoon Snack: wiawsnack2

matzah//smoked string cheese//orange//tomato juice with whey crunchies (don’t knock it till you try it!)

Pre Dinner Dessert :) :


self explanatory. ;)



coconut protein pancakes//japanese sweet potato//blueberries//peanut butter//steamed veggies//black bean dip

Night Snack: IMG_5350mixed cereal//yogurt with cottage cheese, cocoa, and amazing grass//carrots with peanut butter//dried plums and apricots//sliced apple

Other delicious food from the week…


shipment of fresh produce from Frieda’s: starfruit, pepino melons, baby fennel, and jiacama


 almond cookie thunderbird bar//apricot cranberry krono barOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

turkey-purple cabbage salad//tortilla with frozen banana and peanut butter OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

tortillas with tomatoes and cream cheese//raspberry coconut Simply Crunch


pear and blueberry powerbowl with whey, cinnamon, and whey crunchiesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

more ahi tuna spring rolls with veggies and thai peanut sauceOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

tuna sushi//roasted kabocha//roasted broccoli


10 spice vegetable soup with cashew cream from the Oh She Glows Cookbook


chopped greek turkey burger//toasted pita//tzatziki


chopped turkey salad//crisps and crackers with pb and banana


toasted scuffin//mozarella cheese//powerbowl with watermelon amazing grass and whey crunchies OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

cheesy tofu nuggets and onions//roasted kabocha//roasted green beans and broccoli IMG_5356

nakd strawberry crunch bar//cashew kits organic bar


egg whites with salsa and spinach//pita pizza

What’s your FAVORITE food as of late?

How many meals and snacks do you typically have everyday?

Have you tried Simply Choices products before?


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Todays’s Healthy Help: Picked up coffee creamer for my dad at the store!

Never too early to start Lending a {Healthy} Hand for next week’s round-up! Tell me what you’ve done to help someone else lately!


Fourth Blogiversary: Bar Bonanza Giveaway!

Hellooooo, friends! As you can see from the title, April 14th marks a BIG anniversary for the little ‘ol blog! That’s right…..we’ve been going for FOUR YEARS strong!

I really can’t believe it. It’s hard to imagine I’ve been consistently writing and documenting my life for four whole years. Numerous trips, tons of holidays, countless product reviews, the challenges of school, kitchen triumphs and mishaps, and a whole lot of memorable moments!

It’s amazing the transformation this blog has made and I am really happy with how it’s grown and changed as I have. What started as a way to get introduced to new healthy living products, has truly become an outlet for my creativity, my self-expression, and a gateway to an incredible community of like-minded individuals.

This blog has been a source of pride for me. A source of confidence. And the constant feedback and interaction I get from you all is so appreciated. I’ve ‘met’ (online and IRL) so many amazing people who have really made an imprint on my heart and soul.

This blog has allowed me to grasp hold of how much potential humans have for kindness and compassion. While, it’s also brought plenty of heartache, judgement, and criticism, I’ve been able to take something away from every experience I’ve had with it. I’ve learned important lessons, been able to acknowledge my own indiscretions, and truly come into my own in my search for my voice.

A few things I’ve taken away from blogging for over 4 years…


-You can’t please everyone. And at a certain point you have to stop trying.

-Don’t get caught up in the politics, the negativity, or the falsities. And if you find that you have, reflect on those decisions and move past them as soon as you can. Start fresh.

-Don’t be afraid to vulnerable and open. People are so receptive and encouraging…especially when they can relate.

-Take pride in what you write and write about things you’re truly passionate about.

-Speak your mind, but do so with respect and courtesy of others opinions.

-Learn to accept constructive criticism. But don’t subject yourself to outright cruelty.

-PicMonkey is a life-savor.

-Admit when you’re wrong.

-Coding, wordpress, and the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff is HARD. One of these days I am going to sit down and learn the ins and outs of computers.

-Give to back to the community what you take. Supporting other bloggers and readers is so important.

-You’re going to make mistakes. With your grammar, your writing, your over sharing, your under-sharing, and your self expression. But you’re only human and in this vulnerable place, you can only do your best to be authentic.

I’ve truly learned an immense amount. More than I can put into words. But one thing is for sure. After 4 years, I still look forward to every post I write, every comment I receive, and every interaction I have with all of you. And if that keeps holding true…than you can bet I’ll keep blogging for the long haul.

As a special thanks to all of you who have been supporting me since the beginning or have joined in along the way…I am holding one of my BIGGEST GIVEAWAYS EVER!


Featuring my favorite thing……BARS!!! Specifically bars from FOUR of my favorite brands! How appropriate right!?

Up for grabs…



larabarprize.jpgthunderbirdprizeSince there are SO many ways to enter and FIVE different winners….this giveaway will run all the way until next Saturday! That way you have plenty of time to enter and give yourself the best possible chance of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much to Larabar, FiberLove, Thunderbird Energetica, and Nakd for sponsoring my big anniversary giveaway!! Just a few examples of the some of the AMAZING companies and people who this blog has also allowed me to connect with!

Good luck to all who enter and here’s to another year of fun and blogging!


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Todays’s Healthy Help: Helped a lady wrangle her dog who pulled it’s leash out of her hand!

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