WIAW: Foods of the Moment

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Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week and one day away from Turkey Day for my fellow Americans! Are you getting excited!?

Today it’s time for another round of FOODS OF THE MOMENT! The posting series in which I share some of the latest and greatest products I’ve been able to try from the health food world. WIAW: Foods of the Moment

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WIAW: Mom’s Chicken Noodle Soup

[This post is sponsored by the Grains Food Foundation.]

You all are in for a treat today! A healthy spin on one of the ultimate comfort foods.

With the weather temperatures starting to drop, all I want is warm, nourishing foods. What’s better than homemade chicken noodle soup? Whether you’re sick, want to warm up, or are just hungry for something delicious….it’s the perfect season for it! WIAW: Moms Chicken Noodle SoupToday I am sharing my mom’s spin on homemade chicken soup. She changes things up a bit to make a bit more hearty and healthy. Instead of typical white flour noodles that are used in chicken noodle soup, we swap them out for whole grain brown rice!

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WIAW: Take a Hike with Larabar

Thanks to LÄRABAR for sponsoring today’s discussion.

It’s WIAW and today I have some fun news from one of my favorite companies to share with you!

If you didn’t know, National Take a Hike Day is coming up! Three days before my birthday actually. So on November 17th, LÄRABAR is encouraging people to get outside, lace up some hiking shoes (sneakers are fine!), and enjoy the beautiful foliage that fall has to offer! Did you know the whole idea of LÄRABAR  happened on a hike? They sent me an awesome LARAbag full of LÄRABAR products and gear for getting outside!

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