WIAW: Overnight Oats How-To

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I thought today would be the perfect day to share my go-to recipe for overnight oats since a lot of you have been asking about them! Also, since I featured my top 5 favorite cereals yesterday, it’s perfect timing to share a recipe that I use a lot of them as toppings in.

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WIAW: Workout Wednesday

This is the one day this week I actually DON’T have a final! So it’s a nice little break midweek. Today I wanted to share a workout with you all since it’s been a while since we’ve talked about anything fitness-y around here. Now that I am able to do more in the gym (more on that soon when I do an injury update!), I have been having some fun coming up with workouts to share with you all again.

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WI[Drank]W: Caffeinated Club

Exams are coming, people! Are you ready!? I’m getting there, but there is still a lot of studying to be done and I have to give one final push to the end of the semester.

Today I want to introduce you all to a new product that’s giving me the energy boost to do just that. For all you people out there that aren’t regular coffee drinkers (i.e. ME), but still would like a little pick me up during the day, this is for you.

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WIAW: Foods of the Moment

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Happy Wednesday! Half way through the week and one day away from Turkey Day for my fellow Americans! Are you getting excited!?

Today it’s time for another round of FOODS OF THE MOMENT! The posting series in which I share some of the latest and greatest products I’ve been able to try from the health food world. WIAW: Foods of the Moment

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