WIAW: Elevate Me Oatmeal Giveaway and Review!

I think I have a sugar high…because the sweetness of the comments on my race recap post totally overwhelmed me!

Okay, that was totally corny. But in all seriousness…you all are too kind. Thank you for all the congratulations and support! I still feel like I am riding a high from the race! Hey, I’ll take it. Gotta love those feel good emotions!

Today is WIAW of course. The best foodie day of the week! And I have lots of great pre-race eats to share with you all!

But first…a new product (AND GIVEAWAY!) to share!

One of my favorite parts of going to exhibitions like Expo East is all the new products and new product releases from my favorite companies that I get to try. There is nothing better than having a company that you already love and support, come out with new flavors of their products…or better yet, totally new additions to their brand!

That’s exactly what happened recently with one of my favorite protein bar companies…Elevate Me! These are my solution to the whole ‘quest bar craze’. I prefer protein bars with real, whole food ingredients! And this company makes them! Oats, nuts, whey protein, and fruit…nothing else!

Well, not only has Elevate Me totally rebranded and redesigned their packaging (which looks GREAT if I do say so!), but they’ve created a line of instant oatmeal that follows the same principles that their bars are created with.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe oatmeal cups contain wheat free oats, pieces of Elevate Me’s energy bars, raisins, cane sugar, maple and brown sugar and chia seeds.

Right now they come in 3 flavors: Tropical Fruit Chia, Very Berry Chia, and Cocoa Coconut Chia!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am not a huge fan of the fact that they added brown sugar as I think their bars are sweet enough without any added sugar and I don’t have a huge sweet tooth to begin with. But the oatmeal cups really aren’t overly sweet at all which leads me to believe that the amount they added is pretty negligible! All the flavors taste great and I LOVE how high in protein and fiber each of them are! They definitely pack more a of a nutritional punch than a typical bowl of oats….over 10g of protein per cup!


All the flavors have a healthy dose of good fats as well and I love that the addition of chia seeds and the energy bar crumbles gives them a really unique texture! Love the dried fruits as well! The oats are a little thinner than a typical bowl of rolled oats, but I actually prefer them like this! My favorite way to enjoy these oatmeal cups was with some plain yogurt, frozen fruit, and nuts on top! The yogurt provided a great contrast to the fruity, sweet flavored oats!

Do these sound like something you’d want to try? They are so convenient for a healthy breakfast or snack when you’re pressed for time! Plus they’re much more satisfying than a regular bowl of oats because of all the extra, healthy ingredients!

Now’s your chance to try Elevate’s new oatmeal for yourself! Enter below for a chance to win a WHOLE CASE (12 cups!) of Elevate Me’s Energy Oatmeal!

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IMG_4854sprouted lentil and cabbage salad//tortilla with frozen banana and peanut butter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcrab salad//tortillas with laughing cow and jam

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAspaghetti squash with veggies and a chopped up turkey burger//toasted everything bagel//roasted veggies

IMG_4849mahi mahi//sauteed veggies//homemade tortilla//japanese sweet potato//a little kabocha//laughing cow//steamed broccoli//black bean dip

IMG_4842grilled cheese//orange slices

IMG_4837snickerdoodle larabar//berry cheeky nakd bar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsprouted lentil salad//corn tortillas with apple butter, humus, and cucumber

IMG_4833corned ‘bean’ and cabbage burgers//sweet potato and peanut butter//roasted veggies

IMG_4885sweet potato//peanut butter//shredded cheese//toasted scuffin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAitalian-crab stuffed mushrooms//roasted veggies//orange slices

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAturkey-veggie salad//toasted pita with humus and cucumber

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAmiracle rice (sample left over from Expo East!) mac and cheese with veggies//toasted ezekiel bread with feta//roasted veggies

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcheesy quinoa and broccoli burritos from Oh She Glows cookbook

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApanckaes//japanese sweet potato//peanut butter// blueberries//roasted broccoli and parsnips

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApear power bowl with cafe mocha amazing grass, cinnamon, and whey protein crunchies

A few things to wrap up this post…

-A couple times a year I like to take a prolonged break from exercise. Usually when I start to feel like my workouts are not serving their purpose of making me feel good and more of a burden and anxiety provoker than anything else. I feel like I am entering one of these phases right now, and that means it’s time to listen to my body and ease up. I am not sure if this will be a full break, but I will be cutting down on my workouts and taking it easy for the next little bit. Don’t know how long this will last, but I am just gonna roll with it until I feel like myself again. So you may see a little less fitness posting around here for the next little bit! Hope you don’t mind the absence….but I gotta do what’s right for me!

-Saw this little notion at the store the other day and I thought it was a  good thing to think about…

IMG_4844Basically I take the meaning to be, accept where you are right now and do what you can with the tools you have in front of you. There is always time for progress, improvement, and getting to places that others are at. But sometimes the best thing is to just appreciate yourself for who you are RIGHT NOW. So judgments, no criticism. Just all out appreciation for what YOU have and what YOU can do.

See you all soon!


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WIAW: Feelin’ Fruity!

HELLOOOOO INTERNET! It’s amazing what even a day away from social media, blogs, and internet connection can do for ya! I like to unplug sometimes….but I have to admit, it’s pretty nice being connected too! :) I like interacting with you all! The reason I was unplugged most of Tuesday will be revealed this weekend…but know it was for a really cool opportunity up in Canada and I have a lot to share with you all!

Before I get into the foodie deliciousness of today’s WIAW, I wanted to thank you all for all the words of advice and encouragement on my half marathon thoughts post. Writing is so cathartic for me, and just getting my thoughts out really helped. That coupled with all your kind words makes me feel much more positive about the whole thing! Getting pumped for Sunday!

And now for some WIAW fun! Starting with 3 new products I’ve been fortunate enough to try! All super fruity, sweet, and nutritious!

Big Slice Kettle Cooked Apples  bigsliceBig Slice apples are the new, hip alternative to your typical boring apple sauce! These apples are kettle cooked and left whole. Meaning they have a deliciously soft texture like the insides of an apple pie. Plus they come in a ton of different flavors….16 to be exact!

There are 3 different varieties: Pure, Fit, and Luxe! The Pure line is the most simple with just a few basic fruits mixed together. I loved the Blueberry Pomegranate and the Cherry Vanilla! Both had such strong, pronounced flavors and paired really well with the fresh apple taste!

The Fit line promotes energy, power, balance, and beauty and comes in unique flavors like Pineapple-Passion Fruit & Fiber and Raspberry Hibiscus with Green Tea Extract! The Pineapple-Pasion Fruit combo was so sweet and tropical, while the Rasberry-Hibiscus was reminiscent of a fruity tea! Yum.

And last but not least, the Luxe line showcases more indulgent flavors that are decadent AND healthy! These are the only ones that have some added sugar…but for a healthy treat they are pretty darn great nutritionally! The Cinnamon French Toast was definitely my favorite out of this line…it tasted like apple pie filling mixed with a cinnamon roll! Such a cool product and so much better than the boring, pureed texture of apple sauce! These are great for topping oatmeal, yogurt, or pancakes with! And if you’re looking to bring out the flavor even more….warm them up! Oh so good.

Thanks Big Slice!

Matt’s Munchies mattsmunchies.jpg Can you believe Matt’s Munchies was one of the FIRST companies I ever reviewed for?! We’ve both some along way since then! Matt’s has added some new flavors and I was super excited to test those out as well as remember how much I liked the originals to begin with!

Matt’s Munchies are unique fruit snacks that are thin and flat….like mini pieces of a fruit roll up! But these are MUCH better than a typical sugar filled fruit snack! Matt’s Munchies are no sugar added (aside from a bit of cane sugar in the chocolate varieties!) and are made with 100% REAL whole fruit! The Tangy Apricot and the Mango Acai are the two flavors I had never tried before and they did not disappoint! The mango tasted like my favorite dried mango (in other words…ADDICTING!) with a great hint of berry flavor from the acai. Tangy Apricot was delicious as well! Tasted like turkish apricots but a little more zesty!

Aside from these two, I’ve been making my way through the other flavors and falling in love all over again! I can’t believe how much the flavors taste like their names without any added ingredients! The Apple Pie seriously tastes like apple pie even though it’s only got bananas and apples in it! And the addition of flaked coconut in the Island Mango adds great texture!

Overall, these are a great addition to snack and are SO FUN to eat! Food shouldn’t just taste good…but it should be fun too! I love chewing on these little fruit snacks, sucking on them, or  chopping them up and using them for toppings! So many possibilities.

Thanks Matt’s Munchies!

Eveva Whole Foods

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEveva Whole Foods sent me some of their awesome whole food, nutritional mixes all the way from Australia! Love trying products from down under :) Eveva focuses on creating convenient products that can be taken on the go to get in some key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The completely natural fruits and vegetables in their three nutrition supplement products—Food Fix, Fruit Fix and Green Fix—support all of your body systems and provide your daily needs of omega-3, folate, protein, and vitamin C to name a few.

I tried all three varieties mixed simply in water as I wanted to get the real taste and consistency of all the products. The Fruit Fix wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting but I really enjoyed the fresh taste of it….it reminded me of a citrus tea flavor! It mixed really well and made my drink like a flavored water!

The Green Fix definitely tasted GREEN….sort of like a mix of wheat grass and kale! So if you need a little sweetness to get in your greens I definitely recommend adding this one to a smoothie or some juice! But with all the amazing greens, sea vegetables, and super foods in this mix, I had no trouble chugging it down! You just feel healthier when you drink something so nutrient dense!

The Food Fix was like a perfect combination of the fruit and green mixes with added protein! It has a slightly sweet, slightly grassy taste and made my water a lot thicker than the other two. The chia seeds, yellow pea protein, and brown rice protein add a great dose of healthy fats and protein to this mix making it great for drinking post workout and it’s mildly sweet taste make it the perfect addition to a smoothie or glass of almond milk!

Overall, three great products! Definitely convenient when you don’t have access to fresh, whole foods and perfect for upping your energy naturally!

Thanks Eveva!

IMG_4811nakd berry delight bar//jocolat chocolate mint bar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsalmon sushi//roasted broccoli and parsnips//okinawan sweet potato with laughing cow//orange

IMG_4806part of a snack plate featuring a chocolate-peanut butter simply bar

IMG_4804coconut curry tofu//roasted broccoli and brussels sprouts//roasted kabocha

IMG_4794elevate me blueberry-cranberry-goji bar

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApower bowl//shredded cheese//pancake muffins//scuffin

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAturkey burger//toasted pita//tatziki sauce//steamed veggies//black bean dip//pear//laughing cow

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsalmon salad//english muffin with peanut butter and jelly

IMG_4767soupy pumpkin oats….just the way I like ‘em!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAgarnet yam//peanut butter//scuffin


tuna salad//tortilla with banana and peanut butter OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcauliflower-feta pizza//roasted kabocha//tangerines

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcabbage and baked bean salad//tortillas with cucumber and bean dip

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERApeanut-salmon kelp noodles//roasted veggies//toast with feta and tomato

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsprouted lentil-cabbage salad//black rice tortilla with cream cheese

IMG_4735seafood medley//spaghetti squash with marinara and nutritional yeast// roasted veggies//corn bun with feta

IMG_4717close up cereal shot!

IMG_4708rice cakes with peanut butter and carrots//banana butterscotch simply bar//sliced apple//yogurt with cottage cheese, cocoa, and amazing grass

IMG_4715turkey cabbage salad//cinnamon raisin millet bread//garlic basil millet bread

A lot of people have been commenting lately on how thin I slice my apples….wondering what my trick is! No slicer or special knife! Just a regular life and some killer knife skills! Haha! Kidding….but there really is no secret! I just like my slices nice and thin and have learned to cut them like that really easily!

What’s your favorite fruity snack? Right now I am obsessed with my power bowls!!

Do you prefer fresh or dried fruit? What’s your favorite of each? I love both! Apples are my favorite fresh and apricots are my favorite dried! 

What’s the longest you’ve ever unplugged from technology? Definitely the few weeks I was in the Philippines last year!

REMINDER: Make sure to submit your #healthyhelp for the week! Leave a comment with one thing you’ve done for someone else recently! 


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