WIAW: Take a Hike with Larabar

Thanks to LÄRABAR for sponsoring today’s discussion.

It’s WIAW and today I have some fun news from one of my favorite companies to share with you!

If you didn’t know, National Take a Hike Day is coming up! Three days before my birthday actually. So on November 17th, LÄRABAR is encouraging people to get outside, lace up some hiking shoes (sneakers are fine!), and enjoy the beautiful foliage that fall has to offer! Did you know the whole idea of LÄRABAR  happened on a hike? They sent me an awesome LARAbag full of LÄRABAR products and gear for getting outside!

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Sweat with Swoob 2.0

Hey friends! After last week’s major blog fiasco (the site was down for over TWO DAYS!) I am thankful for a new week and the chance to get on with my regular sharing with you all. Without getting too technical…my hosting company sh*t the bed. Excuse my language, but I was MAD. And in the end, I was the one who fixed it….they were no help at all! Thanks you to some blogging friends for keeping me sane during the downtime! I was one refresh of my browser away from a meltdown. But that’s in the past now and I have lots of fun to share with you today!

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CL Thursdays + a HUGE Vitalicious Giveaway

I am especially excited for this week’s CL Thursday post (by the way, last week’s link is now fixed!) because I had the opportunity to chat with one of my favorite bloggers for  professional interview!

You may know Jen from her blog, Peanut Butter Runner….but there is so much more to her than meets the eye! She is an amazingly hard worker, active in tons of different activities, and still finds time to have fun and stay fit. My interview is a great conversation with her and I think you’ll learn a lot! You even get the inside scoop about her upcoming book release.

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Dabbling with Detox

WAIT! Hold on! Before you freak out, NO I am not going on a detox diet, juice cleanse, or anything of the sort. I feel like whenever the word detox is used, it’s automatically associated with restriction, diets, and only consuming liquids. I’ll admit that when I see the word, my mind goes to those places as well. If you know me, I am not one for juice cleanses, or diets in general. I believe in nourishing your body with real food from the earth. Simple as that. But what I’ve learned recently is that ‘detox’ doesn’t have to be a taboo word. In fact, detoxifying foods can be some of the healthiest foods for you to incorporate into your diet!

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