DIY: Homemade Microwave Popcorn

Happy Labor Day to all my fellow Americans! Hope you’re enjoying your time off!

With that blog reader survey I put together a few weeks back, I got a ton of feedback requesting I do more DIY style posts! So here’s one in a series of many to come!

I am a huge popcorn lover and often include it in my night time snack a few days a week. But the microwave kind just doesn’t do it for me…I like the FRESH stuff. So I make it myself! How you ask? Well you’ll be amazed at how simple it is! But before I get into my easy tutorial, I wanted to talk about some other popcorn pleasantries I’ve been enjoying lately. In fact, this popcorn was sort of the inspiration for this post!

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Piping Rock Health Products

Happy Weekend, friends! I am currently shedding a tear as it is the last weekend of summer. What a bummer. But this semester does have some good stuff in store, so I can’t be too sad. And you all certainly shouldn’t be sad because two of you are winner’s of my Nakd bar giveaway! That’s right! The winner’s are announced so head on over there to see if you won!

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WIAW: Fun Foodie Mail

[I can't start this post without acknowledging the loss of Robin Williams on Monday. He was truly one of my heroes and it pains me even more to think that his death came as the result of mental illness. Yet another instance that proves are nation needs to put forth more effort and funding to treating these stigmatized diseases. In honor of Robin, I am asking that everyone make a special submission to the Lend a {Healthy} Hand project this week. For a man who gave so much joy to others, let's cheer each other up by sharing how we've helped others in our own lives lately. Leave your #HealthyHelp in the comments.]

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