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I hope you have a few minutes HOURS to kill…because I have some fully loaded Link Love to share with you all today! So many good finds from around the interwebs! So sit back, relax, and ENJOY! Lots of laughs, thoughts, and nods are about to ensue! :)

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Tweets of the Week  Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 4.19.19 PM Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 7.46.12 AM Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 9.58.53 PM A Few Funnies 

[appropriate since it SNOWED this week]

On my ‘To Make’ List  Protein Banana Bread   ‘Bagel’ with Cauliflower Parsnip ‘Cream Cheese’—>so unique! Vegetable Pot Pie  Apple Pie Oatmeal Cookies  Creamy Curried Kale and Chickpeas 

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Todays’s Healthy Help: Sent a classmate my notes for the semester since she’s struggling to keep up!

Never too late to start Lending a {Healthy} Hand for this week’s round-up! Tell me what you’ve done to help someone else lately!

Live…Don’t Just DO.

Last week when I discussed some of the personal struggles I have going on right now, I highlighted some goals I am working on to refocus and recenter myself. One of those included slowing down and trying to be more mindful in my everyday life. Not an easy task, but it’s something I really think is important for me to attempt in order to quiet my mind a bit and ease my anxiety. As I attempt to work on this everyday, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, having a lot of realizations, and trying to relate all those thoughts and feelings to my own life.

Sometimes I find myself coming up with really important thoughts about living life to the fullest, but then struggling to actually APPLY them to my own life. It’s so easy to think up and offer advice to others, but harder to actually absorb it and implement those sentiments into your own mind. It’s like I rationally understand the things I need to work on and even how to work on them, but cognitively ‘getting’ something is much different from following through with action. But I’m working on it…I’m only human, and I really am trying my best.

Today I wanted to share some of the thoughts I’ve been thinking lately (guess I should link up with Amanda’s Thinking Out Loud series!). Hopefully they will resonate with some of you and I believe getting them out of my head and down on paper (or rather the computer screen!) will help reinforce them for myself as well. Get ready for a some stream of consciousness-style sharing….

So often I notice that people are just going through the motions. Not truly living…just DOING. Constantly going and going for the sake of productivity, while in the mean time completely forgetting their intentions to begin with.


We’ve become slaves to our to-do lists. As if crossing the next item off will make us a better humans and will give us that sense of fulfillment we all crave so much. Instead, of doing things with true meaning and acting with purpose, we just rush from one thing to the next. Life is speeding by and we’re working so much to perfect it that we end up missing most of it.

Speaking of rushing, we need to slow down. Our minds, our bodies, our everything. Resting is so underrated and I’m not talking just physical rest. Emotional and mental as well. Shutting off our brains and truly relaxing is uncommon nowadays but it is so important for our sanity and well being.

Try to take some time each day to sit…without movement, and just BE with yourself, with the sensations you’re feeling, and with your mind and body. (Try to) Clear your mind. <—believe me, I know it’s hard

Take time to absorb what’s around you. Put down your phone and look up at the sky, at the trees, at the PEOPLE around you. You’ll learn a lot more from them than you ever will from being ‘plugged in’.

Take out your earbuds and listen to Earth’s music. I’ve never realized how much I enjoy the sound of birds chirping.

Be big. You deserve the space you take up in the world. And don’t be afraid to breathe deeply….instead of just mindlessly sipping the air. You deserve that life-giving oxygen as much as the next person.

And don’t be afraid to speak out….to speak LOUD. Literally AND figuratively! Let your voice and thoughts be heard…they matter. And so do you.

Above all else, be gentle with and compassionate to yourself. Doing all these things and making a pointed effort to really LIVE everyday instead of just existing is really hard. Believe me, I am going through it right now…and it’s challenging. But it can make such a difference in the level of enjoyment you have in your life and can help you make the transition from simply ‘doing’….to really LIVING.

Hope some of these thoughts resonate with you all and that this wasn’t too random to follow! I see so much passion, potential, and goodness in you all and I thank you for inspiring me daily to try to be the best version of myself. Thank you, friends.

No questions today….just feel free to share any thoughts you want to get out into the world at this very moment! 


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Todays’s Healthy Help: Picked up some trash around the neighborhood as I took Ella for her afternoon walk.

Never too late to start Lending a {Healthy} Hand for this week’s round-up! Tell me what you’ve done to help someone else lately!