How to Make Friends at the Gym

[Okay everyone, I feel silly even having to put a disclaimer on this post, but I know some people are sensitive. Know that this post is all in good fun. Just for a few laughs! So take a breath, take it easy, and take it with a grain of salt! :)  ]

How to make friends at the gym….

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Talk on your phone really loud! Better yet use speaker phone! Everyone wants to hear about you complain about your family, your job, and how you hate working out.

Stand right in the middle of the free weights area….this way no one else can use the equipment and we can all fawn over your amazing form and physique.


Hum, whistle, and rap along with your favorite music….LOUDLY of course! We all want to your voice to overpower what we’ve chosen to listen to.

Where the tightest workout pants possible! The constriction will send blood to your head and make you more focused during your workout. Plus, I’m sure there’s a camel out there that is happy to be toeless for your sake.

Use your iPad to take gym selfies. Duck face is optional but flexing is a must!

Be sure to stand really close to the person using the cardio equipment you’re waiting to use….Sighs of frustration and breathing down the person’s neck earn you bonus friend points!

Go around and ask others if they are done using a certain piece of equipment when they are in the middle of a rep. It’ll be major motivation for them to finish their workout quicker!

Drop your weights after each rep! It let’s people know “HEY I’M OVER HERE LIFTING WEIGHTS! Just in case you didn’t know!” It’s so considerate to alert people this way.


Offer unsolicited advice on form to everyone working their way through their individualized workout routine. Just because they didn’t ask for your opinion doesn’t mean they didn’t want it!

Don’t wipe down your machine. Leave your sweat and stink there as a badge of honor and inspiration for the next person so work just as hard.

Work out in barely there bottoms and too tight tops…all your goodies hanging out distract the rest of us from the difficulty of our workouts!

Don’t put any of your equipment back after you’re done using it….other gym goers enjoy the scavenger hunt-like challenge of searching for what they need!

Use the weight machines as lounge chairs to take a load off! Your rest is much more important to us than getting our own workout in!

Douse yourself in perfume and cologne…bonus if you couple that with no deodorant! Everyone loves the smell of musk and body odor in the morning.

Stare at the persons speed/intensity on the machine next to you. It’s really encouraging and motivating for them!

And FYI, silent but deadly is the preferred form of gas at the gym…

Best of luck in your friend-making adventures! ;) 

What are your biggest gym pet peeves?

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