WIAW: Workout Wednesday

This is the one day this week I actually DON’T have a final! So it’s a nice little break midweek. Today I wanted to share a workout with you all since it’s been a while since we’ve talked about anything fitness-y around here. Now that I am able to do more in the gym (more on that soon when I do an injury update!), I have been having some fun coming up with workouts to share with you all again.

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Honor Your Inner Child

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The other day as I was driving to the gym I noticed two boys and girl running down the street, probably on their warm up for gym class. I couldn’t help but notice how they would start and stop running at random intervals. They’d sprint, then stop to catch their breath, and continue on at a slow jog. Just this simple act of starting and stopping when they felt like it got me thinking. It made me so nostalgic for a time when we weren’t constantly concerned with pushing ourselves…finishing things out…and competing with others.

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Link Love: Happy Halloween!

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So no…this post isn’t Halloween themed. But I thought since it’s a holiday it would be fun to celebrate with a little Link Love! Two in one month? I’m on a roll!

But before we get into all the good stuff, I thought I’d share a few pictures of myself from Halloween’s passed. :) Get ready to laugh!

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CL Thursdays+PopSugar Must Have Box

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I am so excited to share this week’s College Lifestyles article with you! This is the article I had the most fun writing all semester and I am sure you guys will love it.

Let’s face it, we all LOVE “Hocus Pocus”….am I right? Definitely the best Halloween movie out there. Even Buzzfeed named it ‘the best and most important part of Halloween‘. Well I was tasked with coming up with five “Hocus Pocus” inspired Halloween treats! I decided to get a little creative and come up with some healthy options to have amongst all the candy during this time of year. These snacks are PERFECT for a “Hocus Pocus” themed party or just some Halloween festivities in general!

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