Link Love: First of 2015

Friday Friday Friday! TGIF to the max this week. My brain is sufficiently fried which means it’s perfect time for some easy reading. Plus we are a month into 2015 and I haven’t done a LINK LOVE post yet! Time to change that!

Before we get to that though, I thought it would be fun to share a high and low for the week…

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It’s All in Your Stomach?

Today I want to discuss something that I have seen a major increase in over the past few months. Particularly among the healthy living blog and instagram community…..stomach troubles. People complaining of bloating, cramping, gas (TMI), food babies, or just not feeling their best after eating a certain food or food group. This usually leads to some sort of self diagnoses, an elimination diet, and then cutting out a food or food group entirely. To me it seems like a cycle of unnecessary restriction for the sake of these unexplainable symptoms.

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WIAW: Workout Wednesday

This is the one day this week I actually DON’T have a final! So it’s a nice little break midweek. Today I wanted to share a workout with you all since it’s been a while since we’ve talked about anything fitness-y around here. Now that I am able to do more in the gym (more on that soon when I do an injury update!), I have been having some fun coming up with workouts to share with you all again.

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