Top 5 Recent Podcasts

And so begins the week from hell….4 midterms in a row….with a 5th coming next week! YIKES. But after this week I’ll be able to go back to my normal level of school stress. Top 5 Recent Podcasts

When I’m not studying or reading for school I like to keep my mind busy in other ways. And that’s what I want to talk about today!

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Link Love: First of Fall

[The winner's of my Expo East giveaway have been announced! Check to see if it's you!]

Now that we are officially in the fall season (as much as I hate to admit it!), it’s definitely time for another round of Link Love. Realistically I could be doing these more than once a month since I accumulate so many good things from around the web as the days pass. But I’d rather bombard you with all the awesomeness at once! Nice of me, right? Link Love: First of Fall

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Common Sense Recipes

[Pssssst....have you entered my huge health products giveaway!? Two winners will win 100 of the latest and greatest from the health food industry!]

It’s hard to be original nowadays. Every time you think you’ve come up with something unique, you look it up and it’s already been invented and can be found at your local Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Womp womp.

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What’s App? [Current Favorite Apps]

[Did you miss my weekend post? Check it out! Some simple things that we all need to be reminded of sometimes.]

Happy Monday! Time to get a little techy up in here!

But before I get into that I want to make an announcement…

Due to the lack of submissions for my Lend a {Healthy} Hand Design a Button Contest, I’ve decided to just hold a regular ol’ giveaway for the goodies from Expo East that were up for grabs!

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