Half Marathon Musings

Hey all! I didn’t really plan on posting again until WIAW but I just felt like I needed to get some thoughts out! So excuse this word vomit. I am pretty much writing this for my own sanity….but if you feel like reading and offering me some advice or insight, feel free! If not, head on over to yesterday’s post for a fun weekend recap, a KILLER treadmill workout, and my participation in this week’s Spill it Sunday with Arman!

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough (ha!), my first official half marathon is less than a week away! I am super excited yet the closer I get the more nervous and apprehensive I become as well. It’s like all my old insecurities about racing begin to resurface as soon as I have a race in sight. I’ve talked about these struggles in the past….the ones that led me to leave my high school cross-country team and just run for the pure joy of it (a decision I’ve never regretted!). But I really do enjoy racing! And after getting back into it (sort of!) this past fall with that 15k I did, I have been looking to do a bit more racing on the regular.

I don’t think it’s the distance per say that has me nervous, seeing as I’ve run it a few times before (including a trial run a few weeks ago!), but something about the competition aspect and not living up to my personal expectations. I guess I just put too much pressure on myself that I really shouldn’t. After all, it is just for fun and since I’ve never technically ‘raced’ this distance before, I have nothing to compare it to and shouldn’t be worried about beating a certain time.

But I have to admit….I am. Also, I have to confess…I didn’t train for this race properly AT ALL. When I first signed up, I looked up training plans and asked other runners for advice on training. I had all the intentions in the world of sticking to a prescribed plan and really taking my training seriously. But that sort of fell to the way side. I won’t make excuses but I will say that I think it’s because I don’t really like running short distances and I hate being confined to a plan. Exercise for me is something that I like to be spontaneous and enjoyable. So based on how I am feeling from day-to-day is how I determine what activity I’ll be doing that day. The thought of sticking to a schedule and having to run on a certain day for a certain distance is just totally unappealing to me. Also, like I said, I have a hard time following a plan that calls for a 3 mile or a 5 mile run. When I go out for a run, I am just getting into the groove at that point! No way I could stop only 30 minutes into my run! Of course sometimes I enjoy a short run, but for the most part my favorite distance is around 10 miles.

So basically, I totally screwed up on the training front. I just stuck with my usual routine. Running 3-4 times a week (about 9-11 miles at a time) and running to the gym for cross training and strength on the other days. So I guess, only Sunday will tell how I actually do.

I will say that if I was planning on running anything longer than a half, I would have definitely dedicated myself to a more regimented training plan. Anything longer than 13.1 requires you to get those long runs in! Your body just can’t adapt to those longer distances without slowing adding in mileage. If I ever run a marathon someday, I know the training will be really mentally tough for me…let alone physically!

But right now, I shouldn’t even be thinking about the future or other races…I need to just focus on this one and focus on finishing.

I don’t really have a goal time per say…but I’ll put this out there…I would like to finish under 1:45. I’ve run my past 13.1 mile runs around this time so that’s what I am sort of basing my expectations on. But you never know what will happen on race day and with the ‘training’ (or lack there of!) that I’ve done, I don’t really know what to expect.

I am happy that the weather is looking pretty good for the day! It’s only saying a high of 24…but so far the forecast is showing some sun! I’ll take anything but rain!!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 8.21.02 PM

Another thing that’s making me a bit uneasy is the fact that the race has a 1 pm start time. Granted it works out well because I have about a 2 hour drive to get to the area….but running that far in the afternoon when I am used to running in the morning makes me nervous. Of course I’ve run long distance in the afternoon before, but I am a little unsure on how I should eat before hand and prepare. Like with everything else I do with running, I just plan on winging it. I’ll probably eat a normal lunch on the way there around 11 or 11:30 so I can be properly digested before hand. I have a pretty easy stomach when it comes to running, so while I won’t eat something too crazy, I am not going to stray too far away from the usual foods I eat.

I also finally made a decision about whether I would run the race with music or not. I was going back and forth between listening to a podcast or listening to music and I finally decided music would be the way to go. As much as I love podcasts for long runs, I think music will keep me more present and also help with motivation! Gotta love those heart pumpin’ tunes! I even made a playlist….check it out!!

Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 7.23.58 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-17 at 7.24.12 PM

The songs are in no particular order as I plan on just doing the shuffle thaaaang, but if you think of any songs I should add, let me know!

Sorry for the random stream of consciousness of this post! Just needed to vent and gets some thoughts out loud.

Any advice, suggestions, or tips for me?

Do you get pre-race/competition nerves?


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WIAW: The Air Diet

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Before I dive into the food frenzy that WIAW brings, I wanted to address a post I read last week that really rubbed me the wrong way. I have nothing against the blogger behind this post as I am not an avid reader of her blog, but when it came across my Twitter feed and I saw the praise it was getting I couldn’t help but take a look for myself. What I read shocked me….but maybe it shouldn’t have.

The post outlined a list of “health” foods that maybe should be considered “unhealthy”…a few that made the list:


-dried fruit



-real food bars (YOU KNOW how I like my bars people!)

And host of other foods that I would consider to be perfectly healthy! It’s one thing to make a list of foods that make false health claims (i.e. sugar filled cereals that claim to be ‘made with whole grains’ or reduced fat peanut butter <—what the what?!)…but another entirely to make a list of PERFECTLY HEALTHY WHOLE FOODS and highlight why it’s important to limit these foods. It made me really upset actually.

[now we're stressing about healthy foods!!]

I agree that going overboard on anything can be a bad thing…whether that’s oreos or kale! But the message I felt the post conveyed was one of restriction and obsession. It mostly focused on how these foods have more calories/fat/carbs than comparable foods and how portions of them should be monitored.

The fact is, we NEED calories to survive. And calories coming from these foods are good for us! If we start monitoring every little thing that goes into our bodies, soon enough everything will seem to warrant restriction and stringent guidelines on how much or how little we should eat of it. It’s one thing to be mindful and another to start labeling foods as good and bad. It’s lists like these that instill guilt in people and create ‘fear foods’. I can just imagine an impressionable person reading a list like this and thinking to themselves “gosh, I love eating avocado/squash/insert healthy food here…but maybe I shouldn’t be eating as much as I am?”. Monitoring your squash intake should be the least of your worries, people! Honestly, with all the nutritionally deficient foods out there on the market, eating a whole food from the earth should not cause you any guilt or emotion in general…unless that emotion is utter delight (cause that’s how I feel while I’m eating kabocha! :) ).

Similar to attacks on fruit I’ve seen,  posts that start to nitpick at healthy foods lead people (who maybe have disordered tendencies as it is) to more disordered eating habits and poor relationships with food. Soon enough, everything will be off-limits. Anyone up for the air diet?! But wait, we mustn’t breathe too much! Wouldn’t want to overdo it!!!

[is this what we're moving towards?]

Okay, that last part was a little facetious. But you get my point. Strictly analyzing your consumption of healthy foods should be the least of your worries. I don’t necessarily mind lists that offer healthier alternatives or advocate ways you can ADD healthy foods to your diet, but ones that discuss removing, limiting, or watching consumption are not my favorite.


And now with all this serious talk about food…how about we show some actual food!! It is WIAW after all!!!


[pear with laughing cow and cinnamon]

IMG_2582[red cabbage and shredded chicken salad, tortillas with banana and peanut butter]  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[mac and cheese with kale, pea, mushrooms, and penne, roasted veggies, Japanese sweet potato and peanut butter]  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[seitan-kale saute salad, toast and corn muffins with feta]

IMG_2590[casher carrot fig Thunderbird Energetica bar]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[green pumpkin pie smoothie]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[ugly food prep from the weekend: curried eggplant and baked beans]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[sprouted lentil salad, crackers with peanut butter and banana]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA[seitan-feta kale chips, roasted veggies, roasted kabocha]


[homemade pesto with penne and roasted red peppers] IMG_2613[mint chocolate protein muffins with orange slices]

IMG_2621[sweet potato fries]

IMG_2622[kelp noodle mac and cheese with steamed veggies]

IMG_2592[enjoying some tortilla bubbles pre topping....one of my #strangebutgood habits]


 [garbanzo bean crust pizza, roasted kabocha]

How do you feel about labeling certain healthy foods as good or bad?

Do you find your eating habits being influenced when people suggest reducing or increasing intake of certain foods?


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