Recipe Redux #18: Mediterranean Salmon Burgers

Yesterday was International Happiness Day AND the first day of Spring! You really can’t top that.

Okay, I know I say this every month but seriously…HOW IS IT ALREADY TIME FOR RECIPE REDUX AGAIN!? Recipe Redux comes on the 21st of every month which means by the time we get to it, the month is mostly over. (read: MARCH is almost over) That means we’re well on our way to spring festivities, warmer temps, and hopefully some outdoor activity (if this knee starts to heel!).

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Forbidden Black Rice Mango Salad

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By posting this recipe I am entering a contest. I was not compensated for my time in any way. 

One of my all time favorite restaurants in Buffalo is a little hole in the wall place that has finally gained so notoriety after years of putting out AMAZING dishes. It’s even recently gotten a makeover and won a bunch of foodie awards! It’s so nice to see a place that I love being recognized for its epic deliciousness.

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Pumpkin Spice Protein Cookies [Nuzest Protein Giveaway!]

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Ever since I broke my ‘bean baking’ virginity with these Ginger Spiced Bean cookies, I have been scratching my head looking for an opportunity to do some more experimenting. The texture that beans give a baked good is like none other. Dense, slightly cakey, and so yummy. Ever since making those cookies, I’ve been dying to experience that texture heaven again!

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WIAW: Honey-Dijon Daikon Radish Fries

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Half way through the week! YES. I am more than ready to head down that slope towards Friday. This weekend I am going to see Let It Be (a Beatles tribute show) with my parents for my dad’s birthday last month, so that is definitely giving me something to look forward too! With the lack of sun and brutal cold lately, you have to look extra hard for some things to smile about!

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