WIAW: Bananas and Peanut Butter [giveaway]

Arguably one of the best combos on earth, right? Well that’s what this post is all about today! We’re talking peanut butter and bananas in the form to two awesome products I have to share with you!

First up, a giveaway of some of my favorite nut butter on the planet….NUTTZO! You all know I’m a big fan and rarely does a day go buy that I’m not dipping something in that creamy goodness (my favorite is carrots!).

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What I {Baked} Wednesday: Recipe Redux #8

[I cannot say thank you enough for all the amazing comments and emails regarding yesterday's post. Everyday is still a struggle but getting support and encouragement like you all gave me makes everything a bit easier to get through. So THANK YOU...you all help me more than you know.]

WIAW is a little different this week as it happens to be the release date for this month’s Recipe Redux post!

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WIAW: Gluten-Free Mediterranean Tabouleh

Happy WIAW, everyone!

A few weeks ago I showed a picture of a quick and easy quinoa salad that I made! You all expressed a lot of interest in learning the recipe so I decided today would be the perfect day to share it with you all! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Gluten Free Mediterranean Tabouleh

by Healthy Helper

Keywords: side gluten-free soy-free vegetarian

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White Clam Sauce Pasta [Recipe Redux #7]

I have to admit, this month’s Recipe Redux theme had me stumped for a bit! With all the other months I’ve been almost immediately been able to think of or at least start brainstorming about a recipe to create and share with you. But this month…nothing! I definitely had to put my thinking cap on! Treasured Cookware – Share a story of classic cookware – and a healthy recipe to go with it. Some of us will be celebrating Mother’s Day next month (May 11,) but it’s more than once a year that many of us cook with a pan, a wooden spoon or another piece of cookware passed on to us from the kitchens of our favorite relatives. Let’s see what you can cook up with your treasured kitchen tool! Hmm…treasured cookware?! My family has a TON of recipes that we’ve passed down, but not a whole lot of special pots, pans, or cooking utensils! But then it hit me! The huge metal strainer that we took from my grandma’s kitchen after she passed away a few years ago! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My grandma was the classic italian grandma and she LOVED making her special sauce and pasta dishes. So having her strainer on hand whenever my family and I make pasta definitely brings about great memories of crowding around my grandma’s small kitchen table with a big plate of noodles and a big pot of sauce in front of us. So what better way to honor my grandmas memory and spotlight her special strainer than by sharing one of my family’s favorite pasta recipes? It truly is one of the most delicious pastas I’ve ever had and it’s an instant favorite of anyone who tries it! Without further ado….


Now I know what you’re thinking…clams?! But before you judge, hear me out. This dish is incredible! It’s so simple to make yet BURSTING with amazing flavor! So if you’re feeling a little adventurous and feel like veering away from your typical red sauce or meat sauce on pasta…..THIS IS FOR YOU!

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Freezer Foods: Greek Spiced Turkey Sliders

Some people do weekly food prep….

I do FREEZE prep!


Let me explain….

As much as I’d like to be totally on top of things and use the weekends to prep, chop, and cook a bunch of food for the week….I just don’t have the time or patience to do it! Plus I like being able to be spontaneous with my meals and snacks, so prepping food in advance in anticipation of what I might want would just be waaay to hard.

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