WIAW: Honey-Dijon Daikon Radish Fries

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Half way through the week! YES. I am more than ready to head down that slope towards Friday. This weekend I am going to see Let It Be (a Beatles tribute show) with my parents for my dad’s birthday last month, so that is definitely giving me something to look forward too! With the lack of sun and brutal cold lately, you have to look extra hard for some things to smile about!

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Recipe Redux #17: Raw Vegan Red Velvet Truffles

Happy Valentine’s Day! Oh wait…that was last Saturday! Womp womp. Well unfortunately I wasn’t able to share this recipe with you on the big day but it’s still February after all and we can still all celebrate with lots of delicious chocolatey goodness. Am I right?

It’s that time of the month again….Recipe Redux! This month’s theme was…you guessed it…Valentine’s Day centric! Here it is in detail:

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WIAW: NO FAIL Cauliflower Crust Pizza

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Happy WIAW, friends! I am back to school after a (much needed) 2 day break. Though I am pretty jealous…all other colleges in the area have this WHOLE week off! I don’t know what’s up with my school. We start two and a half weeks earlier than everyone else, get less days off, and end later. WHAT GIVES?!

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WIAW: Sweet Potato Pancakes

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Happy WIAW! Today’s post combines two things I love: new products and pancakes. Pancakes being the more important of the two because PANCAKES. ;)

But all kidding aside, I do have a really cool company to introduce you to. Anti-Grain Flours!

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Sweat then Snack 4.0 [Peaches and Cream Mugcake]

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Happy Monday, friends! I have to kick-but things to share with you today that are sure to get your week started on the right foot. First, an energizing workout and second, an easy snack recipe that’s sugar free, gluten free, and easy to make! In fact, I promised you guys this recipe MONTHS ago, so it’s about time I follow through. :)

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