TMI Tuesday

Me? Posting on a Tuesday? What is this madness!

Haha! Well, I was tagged by the lovely Kelly to fill out this TMI survey so I of course had to post it on Tuesday for alliteration purposes. :)

So let’s get this overshare party started….

1: What are you wearing?

Ellie brand black leggings, a turquoise half-zip I got from Marshals, an old t-shirt from an event I volunteered at, and a thick headband….total grunge look. But cut me some slack…it’s finals week. 
2: Ever been in love?

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My Kind of Confessional

Seeing as I’m not a very religious person, I’ve never been to an actual ‘confession’. But being part of the blog world, I see these types of posts all the time and now and again I like participating in them! It’s sort of fun to admit to things and get them off your chest just for the heck of it. Aside from that, it always gives me the excuse to bust out in my best Usher impression. <-That can be confession #1…let’s be honest though, who doesn’t take up their hairbrush as a microphone and belt out “These are my confessiooooooons…” whenever you hear that word?

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Monday Musings

Hiya friends! 

T-minus TWO days until I load myself up on melatonin and jet off to the Philippines! With a twelve hour time difference, I am anticipating the jet lag is going to be pretty bad. So I’m hoping my excitement fueled adrenaline will keep me going until I can adjust.

Aside from the jet lag I am really looking forward to this trip! I can’t wait to share pictures and my daily adventures with you all while I’m there! Speaking of being away, I am still looking for guest posters for while I’m gone! Let me know if you’re interested!

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Truth is…

Harsh realities, snarky observations, random thoughts, and just an all out vent fest! We all need it every once in a while and my ‘once in a while’ is today.

Truth is…


[pretty sure I was almost asphyxiated by stench when I sent this tweet out!]

My two biggest gym pet peeves became buddies and decided to manifest themselves in the woman on the elliptical next to me in the gym earlier this week. Not only was she DOUSED in cheap perfume (cheap perfume+sweat=gag city), but she was talking on her cell phone…LOUDLY. People who use their cell phones obnoxiously in public are a nuisance as it is (not everyone wants to hear about how your bunion treatment is progressing or about how annoying your in-laws are!), but at the gym?! Seriously?! Not the place, people, not the place.

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