Lend a {Healthy} Hand #73: Remembering Robin Williams

As I mentioned on Wednesday, I wanted to dedicate this week’s round up to Robin Williams. Not only was he one of my favorite actors, but he was a person who brought joy to millions, had a passion for supporting our troops, and was a true comedic genius. In my opinion, bringing happiness, laughter, and joy to others is one of the greatest acts of kindness you can do. With that said, Mr. Williams was certainly a #healthyhelper. Robin Williams was a man of charity, a man of empathy, and a reassuring presence for the rest of us that even in the darkest of days light can be found. In the end, even though he was unable to find his own piece, he was certainly able to make others happy.

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Five Things Friday

Your regularly scheduled Lend a {Healthy} Hand round up will be back next week, but this Friday I had a few things I needed to share with you all. So I thought it would be best to take part in one of the Friday link-ups that take place all over the blog world each week! All of this is pretty much totally random, but it’s all little tidbits I’ve been meaning to share. So an ‘all over the place’ post is exactly what was called for!

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Foods of the Moment: Bar Addict Edition

As you’re reading this, I am either in the midst of a long day at work or heading to see one of my all time favorite comics for one of his 4 shows in Buffalo this weekend! I am coming prepared with gifts and my best ‘biggest fan’ face ever. I am so pumped.

Hope you all are enjoying your weekend! These past few days have been non-stop, go-go-go, but it’s nice to be busy sometimes! Certainly keeps you occupied! Stay tuned for my next post for the EPIC pizza recipe I promised.

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Lend a {Healthy} Hand #72: Helper’s High

One of the central tenants behind the Lend a {Healthy} Hand movement is the fact that doing good for others makes you feel better in general as well!

This week I wanted to share one of the #healthyhelps I did because believe it or not, it completely made my week. I am a firm believer that there is no high like the rush endorphins you feel after knowing you’ve helped someone else. Helper’s high is a real thing, people. Wouldn’t it be amazing if more people used helping others as a way to feel alive rather than turning to drugs, risky behavior, over exercise, alcohol, or other vices? The world would truly be an incredible place.

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