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Happy Weekend, friends! I am currently shedding a tear as it is the last weekend of summer. What a bummer. But this semester does have some good stuff in store, so I can’t be too sad. And you all certainly shouldn’t be sad because two of you are winner’s of my Nakd bar giveaway! That’s right! The winner’s are announced so head on over there to see if you won!

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Explore Your Own Backyard: SUP Yoga

As much as I try to keep things light, fun, and positive here on the blog, sometimes ya just gotta be real and truthful about when things don’t go as expected or don’t meet the expectations you had for them. So this installment of Explore Your Own Backyard will be a bit different from the other ones as my experience this week with partaking in a new activity in my city was more negative. exploreyourownbackyard Last Wednesday I signed up to try something that had been on my bucket list for a few years now….SUP Yoga (Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga). Unfortunately the only thing I really got out of it was being able to cross it off said bucket list.

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Link Love: Spill It Sunday Edition

[The winner's of my Thunderbird giveaway have been announced! Head on over to see if you're one of them!]

How’s everyone’s weekend going? Enjoying any festivities from the 4th still? I had to work all weekend so I didn’t get to take part in many holiday activities, but I still was able to get out an enjoy the nice weather for a bit in between shifts! Got down to waterfront for some outdoor yoga too!

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Top 10 Reasons Hot Yoga Rocks!

[Inspired by a great class with a male instructor who not only was HOT(!) but very funny!]


1. It’s the only place where you can touch yourself for an hour in public without being judged.

2. Sitting in chairs is not only acceptable, but encouraged ;)

3. No one is watching you struggle through Half Moon pose, because they are too busy focused on not falling over themselves.

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Helloooo all! Hope the weekend is treating you well! I just wanted to pop in quickly with a picture filled post with some scenes from around my city as the final transition from WINTER to Spring takes place! I haven’t done a mostly wordless post in a while so I think it’s time for one! Plus, I of course had to announce the winner’s of my Blogiversary Bar Bonanza giveaway!

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