Ch-Ch-Ch CheeCha!

Exciting news! I’ve added a subscription tab to the blog….so now you can subscribe and will get alerts when a new post is published! Also, in the next few days I will be transferring the blog over to MY OWN DOMAIN! That’s right I am purchasing my own website and will hopefully be sponsored by one of the many blog sponsorship sites out there (i.e. Foodbuzz, BlogHer….hopefully something like that). I am really excited.

Yesterdays lunch featured a French Meadow Bakery Sprouted Tortilla! Just thought I’d show you how well they worked in the Panini maker:

Ch Ch Ch CheeCha!

turkey, feta, apples, spinach, dijon mustard=YUM!

So anyways, yesterday  I checked the mail around three o’clock and was greeted by a boat-load of packages. I got really excited (thinking they were all for me of course….wishful thinking Ch Ch Ch CheeCha! )….but as it turns out most were for my parents, one was our neighbor’s  (go figure), and one (thank god) was for me. I grabbed it , and judging by the weight, I had a pretty good idea of what it was. I was very happy that I had guessed right!

Ch Ch Ch CheeCha!

CheeCha Potato Puffs! The company sent me four unique, gluten free flavors to sample: original (have to have a starting point, right?), sea salt and vinegar  (fav. classic), luscious lime (tropical!), and salt and spiced pepper.  I decided it was a good time for a snack, so I dove right in. My first choice to sample was the salt and pepper flavored puffs. i opened the bag and was surprised to find the puffs very fragrant. They smelled gooood! Not only were they very light and airy, but the crunch is out of this world. For being puffed (just with hot air) instead of fried, in loads of suspicious ingredients  (as typical potato snacks are), the CheeCha’s were really very good. The salt and pepper taste was not overwhelming (I actually wish there was more of a pepper taste. I am a pepper girl. LOL), but there was definitely  enough flavor to make them very savory and satisfying for a salty snack. The ingredient lists and method for making these  unique snacks, are very health conscious and the company certainly expresses their desire to provide healthy options for families all over the world.

Ch Ch Ch CheeCha!

An excerpt from their site: “Our family business began in 1996 when the snack food industry was laden with high-fat, high-calorie choices.Although the healthy foods movement was slowly taking off, there were very limited options in packaged snacks, and most of the “healthy” options were more cardboard-inspired than crave-worthy. When one of our family members suffered a heart attack and was ordered to change his current eating habits, we knew it was time to fill the “good-AND -good-for-you” gap in the snack food market and create a craveable, crunchable, guiltless treat. CheeCha is part of the healthy snack food evolution and will continue to create quality snack foods for the health-conscious consumer.”

Their message is clear and their products are great! Here are the ingredients in the puffs I tried so far: potato flour, potato starch, sunflower oil, sea salt, sugar( adds only 1 gram of sugar…no big deal), spice, onion powder, garlic powder, vegetable oil, and THAT IS IT. With only 3 grams of fat per TWO cup serving, these would make a great, healthy snack for anyone who loves potato chips.

My parents liked them just as much as me, as you can probably tell:

Ch Ch Ch CheeCha!Ch Ch Ch CheeCha!Yes that would be an empty bag. LOL.

In addition the four flavors they sent me, they also sell Mediterranean Ginger (gluten free), Triple Cheese, Hickory Bacon, Blue Cheese, Mesquite BBQ, Crispy Dill Pickle, and Tomato Ketchup ( all with similar , short ingredient lists, and great nutritionals!). Thanks CheeCha for your samples and for your trail blazing snack products!

Oh and in case you were wondering, I tried the Cinnamon Raisin Bagels from French Meadow Bakery and they were fantastic! So sweet (even though they have no added sugar), with a great cinnamon flavor. Cinnamon Raisin bagels are my dad’s favorite and he tried one and loved it as well (so, they definitely pass the test). They also toasted up really well unlike some whole grain bagels I have had….definitely a plus in my book ( I love me some crunch!)

Well the wind is blowing really hard outside (Ella almost got blown away on our morning walk) , but I am braving the elements and trekking across the street to the local farmers market in search for some fresh herbs to plant in my new garden! Wish me luck!



  1. Lynn M. Hughes says

    Hey Kaila great job! I’m going to enjoy following you through your culinary adventures.

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