Dishin’ Up a Winner

Hey everyone! Just a quick check in for tonight…..I have the winner of my “re-do” giveaway! Ya ready:

Congratulations to~













Dishin’ Up a Winner


Dishin’ Up a Winner


Yay for Jessica! Just email me your shipping info and I will get your book out to you ASAP! Thanks to everyone who entered!

I also have a little link love for you on this mini post:

Millet Porridge from The Palate Peacemaker

Dishin’ Up a Winner


The History of Anorexia from A Taste of Confidence (this is so interesting!)

The Importance of Locking Your Knee at Bikram from Ella Linea

Tofu Bacon from Fresh Fruition ( I have got to get me some liquid smoke!)

Dishin’ Up a Winner


What does 100 calories of fruit really look like?

Top Bizarre Health Remedies

Blueberry Pie Pancakes from Chocolate Covered Katie (these look so amazingly doughy and delish!)

Dishin’ Up a Winner


PARSNIP FRIES from Food Mayhem! (made these tonight! where have they been all my life!?!?!)

Dishin’ Up a Winner

Oh an check out these funny searches people used to find my blog!

-Name something you’ve been bitten by

-Creepers (remember this post?!)

-Sweat running (pretty self explanatory!)

-Deer on the run (the deer story!!!)

-Funny line if a girl accuses you of stealing (referring to my days as a thief….LOL!)

-Kelp doughnuts (what the what!?!?!)

-Fruity Love Flakes (ooooookay?)

-I like soup (hey, me too!)

Some of these I understand…..but others? SO RANDOM! I love it though! It’s so fun to see how people got here!

What are some funny searches people have used to get to your blog (if ya have one!)?

Come across any cool new sites or news lately? Please share!



  1. says

    I opened all those links! I’m about to go check ‘em out. I’m excited for the bizarre health remedies!
    My number one search is oompa loompa. It was in one post!!

  2. says

    Thanks for the links Kaila! Those blueberry pancakes look freakin’ delicious ♥
    LOL those searches made me giggle! The one about the thief was funny ;)

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