Today was a lazy day at the Proulx house. I basically relaxed alll day long. Not that I needed to relax or anything (hey its Summer….not like I have anything to stress about :)), but all the same that’s what I did. I don’t like being unproductive but I guess we all have days like this sometimes.

Me and Ella had a chill day and took 3 long walks which she enjoyed immensely.


I rocked my new Jay Robb tank top….love the bedazzle-ness! LOL.


Breakfast was, you guessed it, ONO with softserve!


Don’t worry though I promise for the next few days I will not be having ONO and will mixing things up for my mornin’ meal. I think pancakes have been out of my life for far to long.

I got a lot of reading done today, both for summer reading and PLL. One of my mandatory books for Summer reading is First They Killed My Father, anyone ever read it? Its a really compelling story so far. The book is a memoir about a Cambodian girl living under the oppression and persecution of the dictatorial Khmer Rouge regime. I can already tell its gonna be a tear jerking by the end.

Lunch today was a rainbow of deliciousness.


 I think it covered the entire food group spectrum. Lentil-turkey stuffed pita with spinach and tomatoes, g-fruit, carrots w/ 1/4 cup of homemade humus (veryyy garlicky), and a big ol’ glass of milk.

All though the day was uneventful… eats were pretty fantastic! I made a snack today inspired by Allie’s breakfast. Not only was it unique and inventive, but totally delicious.

Carrot “Cake”


*two multigrain rice cakes

*one vanilla siggis yogurt or another vanilla greek yogurt

*one carrot, shredded

*2 tablespoons walnuts and raisins


Layer it up:

Spread a thick layer of vanilla siggis on top of each rice cake, top with carrot, raisins, and walnuts, and sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy your fresh “carrot cake”!


I had the cakes with a bowl of apple-cereal and oh so creamy almond milk. Love Blue Diamond Almond Breeze! It is the absolute best almond milk I have ever tried.

Dinner was a rush today and eaten on the go on the way to my softball game. We won though so I guess I fueled up right!

Little Miss Sunshine is on right now….so funny. But of course I love anything with Steve Carell in it!

sweeeet dreams,



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    I saw that Allie’s carrot cake sammie for bfast and was totally going to make it today too! Then I looked in the fridge and saw that we were out of carrots :( Oh well next time lol! Yours looks creative on rice cakes. I love making “carrot cake” on millet bread. Have you ever tried it?


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