Done and Done

AP World History AP English….done and done. As of 11:20 this morning I am officially done with AP exams for the year. YES! As I said after finishing my first AP exam last week, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, but this time all of its gone! I was so stressed over my AP World exam (we had to know all of history from the beginning of time!), but now I can breeeeath (at least until regents exams :)). 

Yesterday in between softball practice and studying (of course), I received some Heart Thrives in the mail from The Healthy Baking Company! I was very excited about these heart shaped treats…not only because of the great flavors I received but because of the great reviews I have heard about them, especially from Ali over at LiveLaughEat.

Chocolate, Cranberry, Lemon Poppy Seed, and Apricot

So far I have tried the chocolate, the lemon poppy seed, and the apricot (my mom sampled this one) . All were very good, chewy and very doughy (like a cross between a scone and a muffin). They taste like desert but have awesome nutrionals. Although the serving size is only one heart (two come in a pack), their wholesome ingredients like oats, natural fruit juices, seeds, natural sweeteners, and fresh fruit, make them pretty satisfying and a great addition to a snack. The chocolate had just the right amount of sweetness and was actually very chocolatey, considering the only chocolate addition came from chocolate chips.

choco yum

My mom said the apricot was delicious as well, she usually doesnt like apricots, but quite enjoyed this thrive. My absolute favorite so far though is, hands down, LEMON POPPY SEED! It tasted just like the lemon poppy seeds muffins i used to get in elementary school. So good, perfectly lemony, and the poppy seeds add a great texture (all about the texture babaaay).

FAVORITE! I highly recommend!

Heres some of the info that came with Thrives (they are super healthy, super delicious, and come highly recommended by medical professionals as well as me, LOL):

 Heart Thrives are a delicious, VEGAN and NON-GMO energy bar. Made with oats, soy and dried fruits, each Heart Thrive supplies 30% daily PROTEIN, FIBER and CALCIUM.  

Heart Thrives are made from ingredients with a low glycemic index that metabolize slowly providing sustained energy for hours.  




Pretty Great, huh?

If you are interested in getting some of these sweet snacks, The Healthy Baking Company has generously offered to send six free Heart Thrives to first time buyers that mention my blog in the comment section of the order form. Good Deal! Thanks Thrive for your great offer!

After a day of sweet snacks… I moved on to some CRUNCH! Raw Crunch that is. OMG! These “handmade, uncooked, unprocessed, energy bars” are amazing.

 Has anyone ever had so deceiving sweet and salty bars by Nature Valley, they seem healthy but are loaded with sugar and no name ingredients, well these babies are a thousand times better and combine that grrreat sweet and salty combo! With ingredients like organic sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, natural dried fruit, macadamia nuts, flax seeds, and sea salt, all lightly sweetened with raw honey (only making these bars have 5 grams of sugar :)), these bars are belly rockin’. They all raw and all natural, food in its most pure form and purely delicious.

The company sent me their four flavors: blueberry, goji berry, cranberry, and chocolate. I tried the blueberry tonight after dinner for a snack and boy do these bars live up to their name. They are amazingly crunchy and the texture from the seeds and the nuts to the fruit is so good. definitely a new favorite! I will be ordering more of these when I run out…they are that good. Thanks so much Raw Crunch for your a-maz-ing products!

Yesterday, I stocked up on some herbs  for my garden.

I bought rosemary, silver thyme, lemon thyme (smells just like fresh squeezed lemon…isn’t nature amazing), sweet basil, cilantro, and oregano. Can’t wait for them to grow so I can have fresh herbs everyday. All of them need full sun so I will have to find a spot where the Buffalo sun shines all day (that shouldnt be too hard ;)).

Well I am off to finish up The Office and 30 Rock (such good episodes this week)  as well as catch on all the movies I started and didn’t finish this week (just started watching the Silence of the Lamb series for the first time…super creepy but really suspenseful.

Have a restful, rejuvenating night!


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