Explore Your Own Backyard: Allentown Art Festival

Happy Weekend! Time for another installment of EXPLORING YOUR OWN BACKYARDexploreyourownbackyard

When I last left you in discussing my exploring adventures, I had taken a solo day trip to Corning, NY to visit the Museum of Glass there! As you may remember, I had the chance to make my own piece of glass fusing and was super excited to see the final result! Well, a friend that lives in town there was able to pick my piece up and send it to me! Unfortunately….THIS is what I saw when I opened the package….. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABroken in two! What a bummer. It was supposed to be a small curved, glass plate. My dad is going to try and glue it, so we’ll see if it’s salvageable!

This week’s Exploring Your Own Backyard adventures kept me a little closer to home, but they were still a lot of fun!

Last weekend was the 57th annual Allentown Arts Festival! Buffalo is festival city come summer time and I love getting out to see what’s being exhibited!

Since a lot of the festivals are right in my area I decided to walk down the area is was being held in! On my way, I passed by my favorite local co-op. They always have the best signs out front!

IMG_6349Before I got to the actual festival area, I was drawn into a local church that was transformed into a museum. The sign out front said they were having a preview exhibit of a Museum of Mystery exhibit that will be on display later this year. A good mystery always sounds interesting to me! And what I found inside was pretty cool! Lots of old artifacts from the days of witch hunting, vampire slaying, and high superstition of the supernatural.

IMG_6250This was an authentic vampire slaying kit! Can’t wait to see the full exhibit when it’s on display!

I finally made my way to the festival and was happy to see huge crowds of people in the streets patronizing all the local vendors. Gotta love community support! Here are a few of the booths that caught my eye…




IMG_6267[I wanted to buy ALL these bowls!! So cute!]





IMG_6257I didn’t buy anything this year, but I’ll share with you something my aunt bought one year at the festival and later gifted to me. Haha…it was pretty much the most awkward birthday present ever. FENCE FACE….

IMG_6269This weekend I’ll be trying some other fun things that are going on in my area including TWO outdoor yoga classes! One down by the waterfront and one right in the parkway in front of my house! I am totally loving having more time to really take advantage of my city and everything it has to offer. I encourage you to do the same! You never know what kind of experience you could have!

Last but not least, the winner’s of Fiber Love bar giveaway have been announced! Go check it out to see if it’s you!

What are you up to this weekend?

Are there any annual festivals or summer events you look forward to every year?

What’s the most random birthday present you’ve ever gotten?


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