Updated: 8/29/2015

Features Posting Series: 


Body Image:

Redefining Compliments

Competition with Yourself: Is enough ever enough?

8 Ways to Empower Yourself and Others

What if?

Reasons to Love Your Body 

Move with Intention

The [REAL] Beauty Challenge 

50 Shades of Fit

Change Our Fitspiration

Looks can be Deceiving 

Sculpting is for Clay [NOT YOUR BODY!]

What the Numbers Don’t Tell You…

Fake it Till You Believe it

Self Love:

Don’t Limit Your World

4 Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back

66 Simple Ways To Make Yourself Feel Better

10 Years from Now

This is for you.

You Matter 

The Mental 80/20 Rule

Honor Your Inner Child

YOU are a Person

Body Love 

Body Lovin’

Love Letter to Yourself

In the Media:

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Why I Blog

Post Secret Live

Reframe Your Fitness

REAL Tiny Wins


America’s Obsession 

Don’t Just ‘Get Through’ the Holidays

Asinine Ads

In the Media: Health Trends 

Know Your Cocoa 

Wise Advertising

The Importance of Sweat

The Positives of Social Media

Food for Thought: 

The Importance of Challenging Your Beliefs

Heaven To Me

What if…

Just For Today…

5 Easy Ways to Calm Yourself Down

The Key to Carefree Workouts

Fight Fear

Easing an Anxious Mind

Ode to Athletes of the Past 

Tips for Embracing a New Day

LIVE…Don’t Just Do

What is Happiness?

Getting What You Want Out of Life 

REAL Inspiration

Make it Through Mantras

Men v. Women: The Fitness Double Standard 


Little Reminders

Personal Struggles

How I FINALLY Recovered From My Injury

What I Have

Getting What You Want Out of Life 

Support or Secrets?

Dream job?

A Day with Child Hope


Looking Ahead 

A Cliche Solution

Speaking Out 

A Little Surprise (VLOG!)


Not Just Healthy

Bad Pressure

Do you have Biophilia?

Where do you see yourself?

Injuries: Positives and Negatives

Things to Think About 

Breath to Your Bliss 

I am… 


The Skinny on Double Standards 

Exercise Anxiety 



I want to fail. 


Food Rules

Sweet Swaps: 10 Easy Ways to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet 

The Sweet Debate Over Stevia

It’s All In Your Stomach?

Food Observations

Common Sense Recipes

The Perfect Diet Doesn’t Exist

Dabbling with Detox

Nutrition Tips to Embrace and Ignore

Top Ten Foods for Healthy Skin

Do you know your food? Sneak Substitutes! 

Why Whole 30 is not for me…

Well Rounded Eating 

What Works for You?

The Air Diet 

Food Allergies: Truth or Trend?

Masking Issues with Macros

Too Much of a Good Thing

Intuitive or Forced?

Focus On Posting Series 

Corn Sugar?


3 Books You Must Read to Take Back Your Life

Drop Dead Healthy

Thursday’s with Tina 


Striking a Balance: Is it possible?

How the Five Pillars of Yoga Apply to Life 

Hold on to Your Karma 

It’s All in You 

What Yoga is Teaching me About Life

My Happy Place

From My Mat to My Mind

Top 5 Lists: 

Top 5 Back to College Essentials

Top 5 Thrive Market Products

Top 5 DIY Beauty & Personal Care Products

Top 5 Favorite Supplements

Top 5 Uses for Peanut Flour

Top 5 On the Go Snacks

Five Websites for Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Top 5 Favorite Teas

Top 5 Recent Podcasts

What’s App? [Current Favorite Apps]

Top 5 Trader Joe’s Staples

Top Free Blogging Tools

Five Health and Fitness YouTube Channels 

Top 5: Cereal and Nut Butter 


How to Make Friends at the Grocery Store

How to Make Friends at the Gym 

Hey…It’s okay! 

Top Ten Reason Why Hot Yoga Rocks

We’re Bloggers. We’re Weird.



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