Fingers Crossed

I have officially finished my first final! YES. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now I only have to wait till July to see how I did (grrreaaat). Well hopefully, fingers crossed, I did well. Just had a snack (Apricot Cashew Boomi Bar = love) and did Stephanie Viterino’s Six Round Cardio workout on excercise on Demand. I love this channel! It is so convenient and I love that it is free. For having so many workouts, you would think it would cost big bucks, but it is free with my monthly package. Have any of you used excercise TV? Is it available on demand for you?

Now onto what  everyone truly loves about my blog: FOOD!

Fingers Crossed

The wonderful carbs above were sent to me from French Meadow Bakery, an all natural bakery that prides itself on “top-quality all-natural ingredients to create innovative healthy bread products and sweet goods known for their great taste, texture, and functionality”. I have seen a few of their products in stores around me, but wasn’t ready to try out a new bread, that is until I heard the rave reviews French Meadow received on Eat n’  Groove from Whit and Court. I knew I had to try their healthy and unique breads. I was excited to find they had sent me a variety of products: kamut bread (the HEAVIEST most dense bread I have ever experienced, but still really good tasting), sprouted wheat tortillas (love these), and Sprouted Cinnamon Raisin bagels (haven’t tried them yet but they smell AMAZING).

I tried the Kamut bread yesterday, toasted smeared with fresh avocado and sprinkled with salt and pepper. With a serving size of two pieces (even though the slices are rather small) the bread is quite filling, partly because of its density. The bread toasted up very well and developed a nice crunch.

The tortillas were used with dinner tonight, to wrap up my homemade Lentil Joes (AKA sloppy joes). I just kind of through the recipe together, but it turned out really good. I cooked the lentils in chicken broth, then added cummin, garam masala, cilantro, dried oregano, chilli powder, a capful of balsamic vinegar, and salsa (once cooked). The tortillas were the perfect size and surprisingly durable and easy to wrap. They did not become soggy and held all of the lentils I made. So far both the bread and the tortillas have been really flavorful, and I am loving the ingredient lists for both. No added sugar, whole grain, and all natural ingredients are used in all of French Meadow’s products, which is absolutely wonderful. Can’t wait to try the bagels……breakfast tomorrow perhaps? Thanks again French Meadow for your generosity!

A little off topic: did anyone see the office tonight? So hilarious! Loved when Dwight was teaching the spin class at the end! Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed

definitely one of my favorite characters…..though I do love them all. LOL.

Well that’s all for me tonight!  I am off to wrap my mom’s Mother’s Day presents. I will fill you in after the opening of them (sorry, she reads the blog…..I don’t want to ruin the surprise;))



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