Fun Flavors

I was baking today! The temperature reached 97 degrees!…….even at 5 o’clock when I was heading to softball  practice (my coach is crazy for making us practice on such a hot and humid day…the news even warned that it was dangerous to do strenuous activity outside!). All the fabulous food finds (alliteration much? :)) I had today though, made up for it!

Here’s a little recap of my day in eats:

Breakfast was deliciously HUGE bowl of Bob’s Red Mill Apple n’ Cinnamon Grains hot breakfast cereal.

Fun Flavors Fun Flavors

I know, I know your all thinking how could you be eating something hot with temperatures above 90 outside? But I was craving a good, filling bowl of oats….and sometime you just gotta give into your cravings! Believe me…it was worth the sweat! LOL.

I had this bowl topped with a crispy, crunchy granny smith apple and some plain greek. Alongside, Siggi’s made an appearance and some veggie juice rounded out the meal.

Fun Flavors

Lunch was awesome too!

Fun Flavors

A turkey veggie pita with fresh guacamole (love), chilled steamed broc (really cool and refreshing), a ruby red grapefruit, and the new (to me) Coconut water.

Fun Flavors

I was a little hesitant to buy this…but after reading about its natural hydrating abilities, I thought it would be a perfect day to try it out. I was surprised by its sweet flavor and a little disappointed that it didnt taste more like coconut. I love coconut milk and I guess I was expecting something more along those flavor lines. But never fear, I didn’t let this superfood go to waste.

Ella was in need of some mayja hydration! The heat was exhausting her.

Fun Flavors

She loved the coconut water and just as I was about to give her the last half a bottle, an idea hit me! My mom had just bought some 100% pineapple juice the other day and I decided to combine the coconut water it! A little pina-colada action, if you will! Very delicious…and actually this mixture makes me want to buy lots more coconut water! Go figure?

At our weekly grocery trip, mi madre and I picked some new cereal that was on sale. Arrowhead Mills fruit-juice sweetened Spelt Flakes. I was in the mood for some flakey cereal and this stuff hit the spot for a snack today.

Fun Flavors

surious cureal

Apple topped with spelt flakes, Ezekiel nuggets, kamut puffs, mesquite and cinnamon, with almond milk. Talk about some serious cereal. Fun Flavors A new fav. fo sho!

Along with the cereal I had a Clif C bar.

Fun Flavors

These bars have found a new place in my heart. I used to complain they were mushy, but after storing them in the refrigerator they firm up, chill and become lovely little treats.

As I mentioned earlier this week, the kind people at Tofu Xpress sent me one of their handy-dandy tofu pressers to test out.

Fun Flavors

I went out and bought some tofu today and was so excited to get to pressing.

Fun Flavors

I read over the instructions on how to press the tofu and all were easy to follow. I cut a good size slab of tofu and placed it in the base of the presser, screwed on the top, and through it in the fridge until dinner time.

Fun Flavors Fun Flavors

I didn’t know what to expect when I came back about 3 hours after (you only actually have to press it for a minimum of 30 minutes) assembling it…..but I was very happy with what awaited me. I was so surprised how much water came out of the tofu I used (the company recommends firm or extra firm tofu).

Fun Flavors

check out all that liquid

I tried a piece of the tofu straight out of the presser and absolutely loved it…I could have eaten the whole thing plain!

Fun Flavors

The texture firmed up and became denser….almost making the tofu taste creamier. It gave the tofu, a really nice, more defined flavor and it reminded me of the texture tofu gets after baking it for upwards of 40 minutes (who wants to wait that long for some tofu?!?).

I made a Mexican black bean mash and topped it with the tofu, which I thinly sliced.

Fun Flavors Fun Flavors

So delicious! Filled with so many flavors and textures. I can’t wait to bake, marinade, grill, and saute this pressed tofu…..the possibilities are endless. In the back of the owners manual there are a bunch of recipes… I will definitely be trying those out as well.

All and all the Tofu Xpress is a fabulous product that I will definitely be using whenever I have tofu in the house.

As for packages, I received and awesome box of goodies from Swanson products!

Fun Flavors

You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for a review however because I am in the process of trying them. Let me explain:

Swanson sent me their unsweetened cocoa powder, goji berries, dried plums, and dried figs (my favorite dried fruit). I knew I had to try the cocoa powder ASAP….it was calling to me with all its chocolate-y goodness.

Fun Flavors

Fun Flavors

chocolate heaven

So I decided to make an extra special batch of overnight oats for the morning:

Fun Flavors Fun Flavors

Chocolate ONO! Yes! So excited for breakfast tomorrow. I plan on topping the ONO with the dried fruit they sent as well. So stay tuned for my review.

Well that’s all for me tonight….that was quite the post…..very long!

I am going to attempt to give myself a home mani/pedi…trying to save the 50 bucks it would cost! Yikes!

Have a goodnight all!



Fun Flavors

Maranatha, you continue to amaze me. Get some!


  1. says

    I want that sunflower butter!!!

    That tofu press looks awesome! I am so sick of getting out the towels, paper towels, and recipe books to lay on it!

  2. says

    I’ve had a block of that tofu sitting in my fridge for a few days, and I’m scored to figure out what to do with it!! I’ve never made tofu myself before, but your post made me think I could do it!!! haha I’ll have to try an easy tofu recipe :) Also, I want to try that sunflower butter!!! YUM!

    • says

      omg definitely use that tofu up! I love it, its so versatile. an easy recipe i always use for tofu is stirfrying it with veggies, seasame oil, soy sauce, ginger, garlic, and red pepper flakes. serve over brown rice or soba noodles and you got your self one heck of a meal. Oh but make sure you stir fry the tofu seperate from the veggies (like do one before the other) because if you do the tofu on its own it will develope this really good crispy layer on the outside!!!! so goooood! …….now i want some tofu….LOL

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